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  1. TeMPaHGamin

    Looking for a clan to join

    hi if any groups are recruiting please message me or add me on steam bradofstoke
  2. TeMPaHGamin

    12th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment (RECRUITING EU/NA)

    hi id like to join cant find either of you guys on steam
  3. TeMPaHGamin

    Post here if you are looking for a regiment or members.

    hi im looking for a confederate line regiment
  4. TeMPaHGamin

    The Helvetii Tribe (EU/NA)

    You guys still active/recruiting ?
  5. TeMPaHGamin

    House Lannister [EU/RP Clan] *Recruiting* [Nexus Clan]

    Ingame name: Brad
    Your new In-Game Name (Brad_Lannister):
    Age: 16
    Do you have a working microphone/TS3?: yes
    Steam ID: bradofstoke
    Current Residency: England
    Any relevant PW experience: yes
    What part of the Lannisters do you wish to join? (Footmen or Archers, if other please state): Footmen
    Do you swear fealty to Lord Tywin of Lannister and promise to uphold his rule?: yes i swear.

    and yes i do know your on the nexus forums now but i cannot post on the recruitement thread even when im signed in it just wont let me so can you process this one please.
  6. TeMPaHGamin

    im new to vikingr

  7. TeMPaHGamin

    im new to vikingr

    i was actually interested in what you had to say haha
    thanks for the help guys i went with Sigurðr Hávarðsson in the end and il be playing this mod ALOT to get to know the veterans to see if i can get into a clan
  8. TeMPaHGamin

    im new to vikingr

    ok thanks il go with Steinn Hávarðsson
  9. TeMPaHGamin

    im new to vikingr

    could someone help me with making a name ? a full name
  10. TeMPaHGamin

    im new to vikingr

    so would Hávarðsson be an ok name i like the sound of it ?
  11. TeMPaHGamin

    im new to vikingr

    its very complicated to figure out a full name could you chose me a normal name for a viking in that time period.
    thanks for your help
  12. TeMPaHGamin

    im new to vikingr

    thanks for your help,
    after reading those threads and trying to undertstand the way names are built would this name be ok
  13. TeMPaHGamin

    =The Legion=

    Age: 15

    Skill Level (1-10): 7

    Specialty: Melee combat

    Previous Clans (Any Game): 51st regiment, XVII Legion, 14th NYSM, 91st regiment, 58th Foot

    Weapon of Choice: Battle Axe

    Country: England

    Desired Job and Why: Legionnaire Infantry because i like to be in the middle of the action ;P

    Anything else to add?: nope
  14. TeMPaHGamin


    is anyone recruiting i have quite abit of experience on native
  15. TeMPaHGamin

    im new to vikingr

    Hi i recently downloaded vikingr after taking a break from warband for a few months. now i want to start playing vikingr alot more and try to join a clan what should i do to get me started ? people have suggested getting an authentic name ? thanks
  16. TeMPaHGamin

    Active Clans

    Aborson, ive joined the XVI if you want to join il show you the link
  17. TeMPaHGamin


    hi guys im looking for an active clan to play in that take part in events thanks
  18. TeMPaHGamin

    roman mod and events

    hi guys, im looking for a clan/legion that are in a roman period mod and are active taking part in events alot thanks
  19. TeMPaHGamin

    Active Clans

    how do i apply to join ?
  20. TeMPaHGamin

    Active Clans

    yes i do wish to join i was in the XVII before mng died so im looking for a good legion that takes part in events

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