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    SP - General Bannerlord's Gameplay Has Gone Backwards In Multiple Areas From Warband

    You're not wrong- I've ran into many situations where allied armies are bouncing back and forth between cities in the heartland and ignoring the frontier wars, or not bringing their army to join me in attacking an easy target nearby, and I'd love to tell them to go where the FIGHT IS- but I'm trying to cut Taleworlds some slack since this is obviously a big and complex project.

    If the strategic AI improves significantly, then in theory we shouldn't need to explicitly tell the AI to do something obvious because in most cases they'll do it themselves. This is of course assuming the AI improves significantly.
    Understandable, and of course I didnt mean you were wrong to put it there in the post, as im sure TW themselves would claim it is almost exactly the same feature!!!

    and haha nice joke there on the second paragraph :grin: ai improves significantly :grin: but i guess we can hope, though i bet the chances of lightning hitting me are better
    1. They are afraid that too many command options would confuse casual players.
    2. They are also afraid the player will become OP through more powerful options, since Taleworlds can't (or can't be assed to) match that with corresponding AI improvements.
    3. It's not in their "vision", i.e. the plan someone made that they need to follow regardless of player feedback.
    I also think 4. is because they admitted they cant do it cuz their engine or coders arent capable enough. pretty sure i read somewhere that mexxico said it would be too difficult to implement, so aggressive/defensive was better choice...easier choice. thats all bannerlord decisions seems to be now, easier choices.
  2. Twezie

    What happened to "building a criminal empire"?

    You might be ...
    Thanks for the tips. But yeah wont jump the gun yet as you said, heres hoping theyll implement it.

    For sure their lack of transparency is annoying, and the fact that it seems the only transparency there is, is not done by a community manager but some random dev
  3. Twezie

    What happened to "building a criminal empire"?

    i did not know they sold that many copies... cant believe it, hundreds of millions of dollars... and then armagan and his dev pals went to bahamas and left the office in charge of 2 interns. at least 90% of casuals on steam are happy. fking ridiculous

    is false marketing illegal and can i get a refund with that reason from steam even after 100hrs of playing?
  4. Twezie

    The command interface is obsolete, downright silly and needs a total overhaul.

    i think theres a mod where you can shout orders like infantry hold position or cavalry charge etc.

    but i am not opposed to a pause system, even though i think that it being real time is more realistic, and also i think the focus should be on everything but this, no offense :grin:
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    SP - General Bannerlord's Gameplay Has Gone Backwards In Multiple Areas From Warband

    You'd think that I would be glad to have the "strategic command dialogue" lesser version implemented in bannerlord, but...

    having the ability to tell vassals to be offensive or defensive is so far removed from the ability to tell them to attack or defend a position that its almost criminal to even put them in the same category.

    The feature in warband was incredibly useful, but i fail to see how "be defensive" is going to help with any number of possible defensive issues you might be having in a kingdom

    I just dont understand how its impossible to implement a feature to tell the ai to "go here" and then attack or defend once you get there.

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    Well look at 7 Days to Die. The thing that makes that game so successful is that it's been in development for years, if not decades at this point. There's nothing wrong about playing game that gets ever evolved, as long as it is fully playable in it's actual version. On the contrary, it's a good thing.

    People need to stop thinking about games the same way as during time when they have been released on CDs. Especially games that are not been produced by big commercial companies with shareholders that expect return on their investments by the date X.

    As long TW can support themselves, their employees and their families from sales, they can take as much time as they want developing the game further as far as I am concerned.
    except they dont plan to develop it like 7 days to die. didnt they say its almost feature complete? mostly bugfixing now and QOL then 1.0 then dlc sales

    EDIT: also
    Bannerlord already have more content then Warband, what are you talking about?
    ye but its also missing alot of warband features.

    if u make a sequel, you'd think its an improvement upon the previous game, not just different. if you make a new car with very cool lights and seats, but dont build the wheels again, its gonna be ****
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    ***Community Feedback ROADMAP - What Taleworlds still needs to fix!***

    Because TW reckons that they have plenty enough Belligerent drunks to experience on the forums.
    lmao true
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    SP Native Freelancer Mod - Being a Regular Soldier

    Ah i see, thanks for the clarification! also the kg exploit fix sounds good.
  10. Twezie

    SP Native Freelancer Mod - Being a Regular Soldier

    Cool update man, I have not tried this yet as I also havent played in a long time, but this mod looks to be the one to get me playing again.

    On the Caravan Guard career path a suggestion(I havent tried it of course so ignore me if this works differently):
    -"He will pay all the fee in your daily wage + your extra fee as well."- part sounds unrealistic to me, and personally I would imagine this would work better through a set fee, like 300 denars a day etc, so your party cant be 60 elite soldiers (men are expensive, merchants cant pay for that many men's salaries) This would also mean that if you think you can defend the caravan with only 5 men, you can do this, and will reap the higher rewards if you succeed as your expenses are low, or be safer and get 30 men and have less reward. Another way to do it is limit the size of the guarding party that the caravan leader is willing to pay for but personally I think that would be a bad system.

    Just a thought. Anyway great work, hope to see more additions like this :smile:
  11. Twezie

    Simple Question: Spear Bracing?

    Chill man its a huge workload to insert the exact same feature from multi to single. HUGE. Be patient. 2-3 years hopefully, but could take up to 5 would be my guess.
  12. Twezie

    SP Native Freelancer Mod - Being a Regular Soldier

    This mod should be a part of the game
    Someone give this guy a job at taleworks
    a god among men
  13. Twezie

    The 2016 Demo was better than the current game

    See the following:

    we were (at least i was) referring to the source saying "they arent sure will be implemented". since "there are quests that use criminal activities like smuggling and alleys continue to be discussed. "- seems to me quite positive on the possibility of implementation
  14. Twezie

    ***Community Feedback ROADMAP - What Taleworlds still needs to fix!***

    While i agree with previous posts that mods should be expanding on the base game i think we all pretty much understand the reality. No offense to Duh or any other developer since this sh**show is not their fault but we can all agree at this point that atleast we can have a decent battle generator game where modders will pickup the pace and add all the kingdom management and roleplaying aspects we all desire to see.

    I just really hope that TW will help the modders or the very least will not create any kind of roadblocks.
    plenty of roadblocks there now, big issues with the major mods since tw hasnt fixed their ****.

    so lame that warband features like most importantly telling lords to go attack some place or defend etc is not even going to make it in. wtf how is that so difficult i just dont get it.
  15. Twezie

    The 2016 Demo was better than the current game

    You guys are forgetting the gang mechanics which they've now said they aren't sure will even be implemented... See 15:30 in OP's video.
    They said that? That literally the thing I wanted to see the most. Fk
  16. Twezie

    ***Community Feedback ROADMAP - What Taleworlds still needs to fix!***

    Agree on pretty much everything OP lists. Great job! Hope Duh or other dev gets around to covering each of the mentioned things, especially the part about the modders desperate request to be heard. If that doesn't get looked at, even the people who think "at least mods will fix it if devs wont" are going to be wrong.

    What an incredible game this would be with the whole list implemented, but I guess everyone knows there is no hope for that. You'd think that features that were used to market the game would be in the game, but EA games and games overall these days are constantly bending the rules of what is acceptable. Sad times.
  17. Twezie

    Smithing and selling javelins

    Midnightwolf is exactly right. Also the fact that a mere smith could fund an army of 1000 elite soldiers does not really sound very realistic to me. Its strange to still see that this (smithing exploit) is an issue, I've been gone for months and still the same ridiculous things plague this game. What a dissappointment.
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