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  1. AngryPanCake

    Recent Crash

    Not much to go on, so it's just a guess. One of the parameters, likely Kingdom, was broke by one of the mods. If you have a mod that alters kingdoms in someway or even overrides any of the Helpers.FactionHelper.CanPlayerOfferVassalage, then you should start there. Make a post/comment on the mod's website asking the author to assist you.

    Thanks for the reply.
    The mods I'm using that may alter kingdoms are: Diplomacy and Allegiance Overhaul. I wonder if it's one of these!
  2. AngryPanCake

    Recent Crash

    Hello, Since my game is modded, I can not post this in the crash report. So I was hoping maybe some players can help me with this recent crash report: Running beta 1.2.4 Exception information Type: System.NullReferenceException Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object...
  3. AngryPanCake

    Prison Breaks still moronic, makes me stop playing.

    I did notice more than just the usual 2 that attack you at a time lately.
    Taking on more than 2-3 well armored guards at a time is very challenging.

    My technique is to stand right by a doorway, I always use the short sword, which is less likely to snag walls/door frames. The guards with their longer swords, or axes/maces that need swinging rooms more often than not hit the door frame. I try to stab strainght into the opponent or slash/swing downward with my short sword, it is less likely to hit the top of the doorway!

    I lost every duel in the open, but give me a doorway and I can take 2-3 opponents at a time. If I'm in the middle of a hallway and the guards come at me, I always retreat to the closest doorway!
  4. AngryPanCake

    I do have to say, I will miss this feeling...

    Yeah, one thing that made me consider this is that in another game, Battania took Hubyar and set up shop. More power to them!

    What are the clan icons depicted in the screenshot? Are the ones that are not native to the Western Empire, independent/rebel clans that joined your kingdom? what Mod is that?
  5. AngryPanCake

    More than one companion going into settlements

    Yeah, companions in your party (and maybe army?) are all found in the town scene now, rather than them staying in the tavern. I thought that companions always stayed in the tavern, so I suggested to visit the tavern when you enter the town so that you could ask your bodyguard to gather them all in a reasonably quick time. But apparently they are in random places in the town, so if you want your bodyguard to gather your companions to attack an alley, it takes like 3 minutes.

    You are right, the companions are disseminated accross town with one of them following you around. You can ask that one to gather the rest of them and like you said within a short amount of time, they gather around you. When taking over alleys, the fray allows them to earn experience and seems to help level them up.

    That was a great addition to vanilla, very happy to discover this feature!
  6. AngryPanCake

    More than one companion going into settlements

    EDIT: I just tested it and it's apparently not a thing (anymore?). I vaguely remember all companions staying in the tavern, but apparently that's not true (now?) our companions are out and about in the town.

    Companions out and about in the town in Vanilla?
  7. AngryPanCake

    More than one companion going into settlements

    I think it was ‘followers,

    Not familiar with that one, I'll look it up.
    Thank you.
  8. AngryPanCake

    More than one companion going into settlements

    Can’t you just ask the companion who is following you to gather everyone? I thought that works in Vanilla. They are all in the settlement. They just aren’t all following you.

    I did not realize it was in vanilla!
    It seemed to me they were represented with green crown icons spread out in the town, but I did not see the green crowns anymore so I didn't know it was part of vanilla.
    Thank you, I'll interact with the companion and ask to gather the rest then.
  9. AngryPanCake

    More than one companion going into settlements

    Hello everyone, This might not be the right place to ask about mods, if so please move the post to the appropriate subforum. This being said, I was wondering if any of you know what mod allowed the player to take more than just one character into the settlement? I was experimenting with...
  10. AngryPanCake

    What are Traits for?

    They affect many things. A generous trader would not be smart. Not sure however. Not tested.
    A daring captain might charge without orders.
    A wanderer with mercy/honor will complain when you raid or attack villagers. You gain honor by doing village quest where they give you stuff. Like the quest to move their cattle to a settlement.
    A calculating commander will not charge at once. He will send in his archers and have them use up all their arrows before attacking. Provoke the enemy cavelry to follow you back to the line and he might charge.
    I avoid all with devious. Making a wanderer with devious trait a clan leader is more likely to move to another kingdom.
    A cruel commander might not help you in battle, Others will stay closer to you on the campaign map.
    A commander with valor is more likely to fight in battles with low odds. We have all seen an army of 300 attack a 500 size army to repeal a siege.
    Thanks for the extra info.
  11. AngryPanCake

    What are Traits for?

    I see, thanks for the info.
  12. AngryPanCake

    What are Traits for?

    Hello, Nobles, companions, wanderers and I think even notables/gang leaders have traits. What do they actually do or how do they affect your game and/or your character? It looks like depending on your score for these 5 basic "attributes" (not sure how to call them), you get different traits...
  13. AngryPanCake

    Complete lack of customization options

    The cynic in me:
    You've already paid for the game and whatever one says, complains, *****es...etc, they got their money!
    Unfortunately it's the same for most if not every game out there.
    Sorry if this is not very constructive, but "it is what it is" like they say.
  14. AngryPanCake

    "Failed to pay your troops" message

    Thanks for the reply.
    Buying/selling, saving, reloading...all did not make any difference.
    I am using mods and have been trying to figure out if one of them is causing this.
  15. AngryPanCake

    "Failed to pay your troops" message

    I am using v1.1.2 right now and I am getting the message in title above very frequently! I have over 3M in the bank, but still the game thinks I can not pay my troops and is causing me to lose Moral. Also, my companions come up and say I should pay the troops and get pissed, so I also lose...
  16. AngryPanCake

    Need mod

    Need a mod that allows you to order a troop to attack a specific enemy formation.

    I tried RTS command system and so far it's fantastic...very reminiscent of Total War battles!
  17. AngryPanCake

    Anyway to stop the Game Shark cheat codes.

    I think I tried it, but did not seem to work (probably did not configure it right!). I kept receiving the relation penalty despite installing the mod.
  18. AngryPanCake

    Anyway to stop the Game Shark cheat codes.

    presuming you are on pc (and yes, this doesn't answer your request for a mod. but it is what we have)

    alt ~
    config.cheat.mode 1
    campaign.kill_hero <name goes here>
    config.cheat.mode 0
    alt ~

    go back to playing.

    I see, thanks a lot.

    PS: I did find a bunch of "execution" mods, but most of them have not been in development for a great while. A couple were recently updated, but not sure how they will work out!
  19. AngryPanCake

    Anyway to stop the Game Shark cheat codes.

    Is there a Mod that limits/configures the relationship hit when you execute a lord?
  20. AngryPanCake

    Patch Notes v1.1.3


    Are you guys working on improving the sorting feature in the Party screen?
    That was a great addition, but it is obviously very insufficient. The minimum needed is to sort with with 2 variables such as Tier and Type...etc.
    Current feature only allows one variable at a time. If you sort by Type, the units in each type are not sorted according to tier.
    Thank you.
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