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  1. Very difficult to recruit lords

    Yep, talk with fiefless clans and 20 relationship is enough to be friends and get the dialog option. Recruiting fiefless clans when clan leader only has 20K money or so is pretty easy.

    What I usually do: I start building relationship with clans I want to recruit in the future. Then I join a neighbor kingdom and help it to conquer the fiefs I want for myself, and ensure that I am getting all fiefs from my “friendly clans”. After some time, I become king keeping all my settlements, and I talk with the clan leaders and recruit them without problems and without having to pay much/any money.
    Good strat! thanks for sharing
  2. Very difficult to recruit lords

    Go after clans with no fiefs only, the relations aren't going to help enough, they need to be poor and feifless.
    The "I'm happy with my liege" is something they say when the amount they would want to chance sides is just way too much more them what you have.
    That makes sense. Just hired my first lord following your advice :smile:
  3. Very difficult to recruit lords

    Does anyone also have this issue? In 1.5.10, I find it super difficult to recruit lords. They are all happy with their leige. I raised relation with one lord to 43, which is higher than his relationship with his king. He still wouldn't consider joining me. I can only run my growing kingdom...
  4. Corruption, is there a way to lower it?

    It's still in beta. You right click on steam and look for the beta option. Then there's a dropdown list of all the versions. 1.5.10 is not at the bottom of the list as it should tho. It's near 1.5.1 I think.
    Gotcha! that's why i missed it. I did check the dropdown list. Thank you mate!
  5. Corruption, is there a way to lower it?

    Pretty sure the corruption penalty steers from low loyalty and/or security. Try raising them up.
    That makes sense. Thanks!
  6. Corruption, is there a way to lower it?

    They're back in 1.5.10 beta. The bug was that the thugs don't spawn after you load the save.

    Can't speak for the corruption because I don't remember doing anything in particular about them. I usually just assign a culture-appropriate governor and build economic buildings.
    I can only upgrade to 1.5.9. How did you get 1.5.10 ??
  7. Corruption, is there a way to lower it?

    I am paying half of my town's income to corruption. Does anyone know if there is a way to lower it? It seems like all the thugs have been removed from the town. I tried to find and fight them in water front and back street. They are no longer here in 1.5.9
  8. Lucon joined my party - interesting bug lol

    Any mods? Still it's quite interesting ?
    No mods at all. Pure vanilla ~

    You might want to report this bug in Support while you still have the relevant save files. If you want to get rid of him, you can shoot him with an arrow when you're in battle. If you have death enabled, he might die from it.
    I will do that. Thanks for the advice man. I turned off death unfortunately
  9. Lucon joined my party - interesting bug lol

    I am playing a Khuzait character on 1.5.9. I joined the nothern empire to help it survive. After a big battle with sturgia, Lucon, the northern emperor, has a blue exclamation mark on his army. I naturally clicked it. Then a weird dialog popped up. He says "Join me, then", or something like...
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