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  1. Key Redefining

    Balor said:
    Heh, looks like this version will need quite a bit of beta-testing...
    And Armagan don't wanna post patches for some reason :sad:. It'll take me an other 4 hours to d/l it again, and I have only 8 hours of dialup time left. *sigh*.

    And I thought my DSL plan was bad, at least I have unlimited downloading over unlimited hours! ::taunts you::
  2. Key Redefining

    Also, minor bug:

    When you first speak to the trainer, he's supposed to say your name, as it stands now he it just leaves a blank like Well then, __________ you're good enough to fight champions.

    Where it's supposed to reveal the character's name, I'm not sure if this is the case with all name functions, but it's the only one I've run into so far.

    And this isn't a bug, but highly amusing: Throwing rocks at people. Haha.
  3. Key Redefining

    It appears that I'm the first to bring this up here, but in the new version it is seemingly impossible to reconfigue the game's default keys. Whenever you click on something to change, it switches to a 'mousebutton 5' or 'mousebutton 6' and refuses to accept anything else. Just a heads up.
  4. About the next version...

    If there's one command I would like to see in game, it would be an order for your men to switch to ranged weapons if they have them on their person.
  5. Warrider damage should go both ways.

    I actually like this idea quite a bit.
  6. Some small suggestions.

    1. Take All I'm not sure if it would be worth the effort to code into the game, but I'm a rather lazy sort of fellow and I would potentially like to see, if it isn't too much trouble, some sort of retrieval button on the inventory screen. Basically, it'll grab every item from the post-battle...
  7. Quest system.

    I'd like to see more missions, random or otherwise. In fact, I'd like to see a combination of both; more random missions and more plot missions. If you recall the ancient RPG Daggerfall, I would like to see a system where you can put off some of the more plot-related missions for an indefinite period allowing you the freedom to carry on whatever sidequests or random missions you feel like doing beforehand. Or afterward, or anything at all.
  8. Great Game.

    I too come from SA, and am so glad that I found this gem of a game through the forums there. I even registered long before I even hit the level six limit in the game as it reminded me a good deal of the old Sierra game, Conqueror 1086 AD. Well, with three notable exceptions:

    1. This game is modern and refreshing.

    2. Regardless of its beta status, this game actually works and has less bugs than the Sierra one.

    3. It's infinitely more fun, and has more to do in it - the promise of even more content and refinement is just icing on the cake.

    Really, I'd like to thank you and your wife so much for your work on this project. I haven't had this much fun in ages.
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