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  1. REUSE Specification: Time to Replace OSP?

    Maybe at least, people can say "if you use my stuff in your mod, you must document licensing using REUSE." If people use content that I create, I would personally require this. Added a new poll option.
  2. A few simple Mod ideas

    I think I have seen an already created mod that does this. I'll try to find it when I have time

    A quick tweak you can do is to edit the sp_kingdoms.xml and make sure that all factions are at peace at the start of the campaign instead of the default wars. This does not stop the wars from happening but there is a delay.

    Personally I like how a small history forms by the time you can become a vassal, but I understand you
    Diplomacy mod for Warband along with a few others by default made towns and castles uncaptureable by any other faction until the player becomes a mercenary or a lord. However, I think giving the player manual control over this is far better.
  3. Which Armor Mod is Pixelated Apollo using in this YT video?

    It's over an hour long and he is wearing a bunch of stuff all over the video. No idea what armor you are referring to.
  4. A few simple Mod ideas

    One that I really want to see is a toggle to disable towns and castles from changing enemy hands. This way, you can play your early game as a trader or tournament mercenary, and you don't have to worry about the map getting messed up by the time you are ready to join the faction warfare.
  5. [Linux] How to Load and Save Scenes in the Map Editor

    Bannerlord works wonderfully on Linux when you use Steam Proton. All you have to do is: Navigate to "steam" > "settings" > "Steam Play" check right click "Enable steam play for supported titles" right the game in your library click "Properties..." go to the "Compability" menu click "Force the...
  6. REUSE Specification: Time to Replace OSP?

    AFAIK most Bannerlord source code on github already details the author's licensing. I don't see any need to impose anything further, and I don't follow how this approach would improve crediting for scenes and 3d assets distributed via Nexus etc. Within modding teams, 3d assets can be worked on modified/varied by multiple artists and may have been created from 2d designs by other artists.
    All that matters is who owns the copyright and what it is licensed under. The copyright notice can include the names of multiple people.

    Yeah it seems unnecessary. Most OSPs are released as a gift to the community and crediting is just common courtesy. Its a social system that has worked for years with very few hiccups. Turning it into a formal system is just signalling to new Modders that they aren't to be trusted. It's like when dutch people charge you money for drinking tea at their house.

    The one OSP I've seen that would benefit from a system like this was Polished Landscapes because the author used it as part of his portfolio (and went on to do the foliage for total war) so he didn't want people misusing it, but even that was never really violated.
    Perhaps this system doesn't need to be officially endorsed by Taleworlds, but I still recommend that people use it. If people don't care about issues arising that will cause others to not give them credit, that is their decision.
  7. REUSE Specification: Time to Replace OSP?

    As I wrote at the Modding Discord: You are basically suggesting that TW should not enforce some rather lax OSP but something more complicated, restricting people to use a specific software/webpage (as to force everyone who wants to create an OSP to register there). Is that correct?
    You are not correct. REUSE is not a website that people register their projects on. It is a set of guidelines that describe how you apply licenses to a project made by the Free Software Foundation Europe. Its used by many open source projects, including the Linux kernel, curl, and KDE. Its not something you have to pay for or apply to use for your project like you are suggesting. In my experiance, it makes it a lot easier to handle licensing because you don't have to think much about how you do it, and it makes it easier for other people to understand how things are licensed at a glance.

    I'll explain it again here so you can see how simple it is.

    For text files, you only have to add a simple header comment to each file:

    SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2022-2023 Daniel Valcour <fosssweeper@gmail.com>
    SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later

    If the file is a binary file such as a .dds or .brf file for a Warband mod, you create a text file that shares the same name but with the .license extension like I did here for spritesheet.png:


    You also have to keep complete copies of all license used throughout your project in a folder called LICENSES in the toplevel directory of your project:


    Finally there needs to be a folder in the toplevel directory called .reuse that has a file in it called dep5 that contains information about how the project is licensed:


    You are not required to use the REUSE helper tool, but it can make this process even easier because it does most of the work for you. All you have to do with it is run the command `reuse init` and then answer the questions it asks you, and then it sets up your entire project for you to start with including the LICENSES and .reuse folder. You can use the command `reuse download identifier` with the SPDX identifier of any license and it will download and add it to the licenses folder. List of all identifiers can be found here:

    You can run the command `reuse lint` and the REUSE tool will run over all the files in your project and then verify that everything is licensed correctly. If it finds anything that does not follow REUSE compliance, it gives you a detailed explanation as to what you are missing.
  8. REUSE Specification: Time to Replace OSP?

    Back in the day when I made Warband mods, I often copied content from other people's open source resource packages to use them in my projects. I also created packages for other people to use in their own mods to help them implement things like decapitation and shield bashing. Most of these...
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