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  1. 1.0.8 Patch & Performance Issue

    when talking about performance you need to add details like: type of battle (field, raiding a village, siege defense, siege attack, etc); your PC config; game config; and so on.

    Sieges, as a example, can have worse performance because all that pathfinding and siege equipment.

    Also if you can track your PC performance numbers (CPU usage, RAM, disc, GPU and GPU memory, temperatures, etc) by using the resources monitor (or any other utility). I personally keep them on my second monitor while playing, so I can keep a eye on performance after patches. This way it is easier to change the game options and see the effect (not just the FPS generic number).
    Thanks, Normally if I was looking for a fix that I couldn't figure out I would post specs, but I was mostly looking to see if others were experiencing the same to narrow down the possible issues when I begin to troubleshoot.

    For others with the issue it seems to be an issue with shadows. I fought the same battle over and over and from time to time a big shadow would appear for a couple seconds and then disappear. When this large shadow was present my FPS would drop to under 10. Turning off shadows seems to have fixed the problem for the time being.
  2. 1.0.8 Patch & Performance Issue

    Did anyone else have a huge performance loss after 1.0.8 dropped? I went from having 600 troop battles at 60+ frames per second, to now not being over 20 fps with 300 troops in a battle.
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