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  1. Sleekphantom

    Multiplayer mode is dead now. Let's pray for it. Goodbye my friend

    Just popping in to say hi to Younes and Krex. Also to laugh about the fact that I was muted in-game (with no admin message or statement telling me so or for how long).

    May be to do with the fact I was calling out some Turkish players for being mentally lacking. Carry on with your progressive argument.
  2. Sleekphantom

    Rank 1 Gamer Thoughts on Bannerlord PvP

    The biggest travesty is that TW got away with millions and literally gave us the equivalent of curry diarrhea in return.
  3. Sleekphantom

    [WRL]Division C - Week 5

    MF vs LG is a default win for MF as LG couldn't muster enough.
  4. Sleekphantom

    Sleek Forum, thoughts?

    Very Sleek indeed.
  5. Sleekphantom

    Khmelnytsky Uprising - a new event series!

    Even though I missed the actual event itself I am happy to see those screenshots of the glorious Crabats! Hopefully I can attend the next event (hopefully not too long away!) and join my fellow Crabats in combat  :party:
  6. Sleekphantom

    [J7L] Javby 7 League - Main Discussion Thread

    So, we just tried an hour of Javby for the first time. Honestly, I've never seen something so positively stupid in warband. The first five minutes was just a massive club fest in the middle.

    Looking forward to most likely getting stomped harder than the All Blacks against.. Well, most teams, really!  :party:
  7. Sleekphantom

    [Event Series]Space Normans - 9th April 2017.

    jepekula said:
    ****, cant attend this one either.
    Anyway, I summon Ubbe of the Örninn to bring as much Arnarin as he can!
    If he can participate, that is. If not, I guess Sigurdr needs to step up.

    Shame, would have been nice to see you again, on a mod that is more friendly and inviting!  :party:
  8. Sleekphantom

    [Event Series]Space Romans - 2nd April 2017.

    Glad to have you on our team Joub, see you by our shoulders!  :party:
  9. Sleekphantom

    [BFL]Bear Force League

    Not true! The most populated servers are generally New Sith Wars, or the 501stCTL, which are both EU.

    It does also depend on the time of day.
  10. Sleekphantom

    [BFL]Bear Force League

    Seán Mormont (TPS) said:
    Making me want to get Bearforce now

    Do it. Give in to temptation..  :wink:
  11. Sleekphantom

    501st Clone Troopers Legion

    According to my calculations we can beat the top groups in about 10 more training matches!

    Needless to say, my mathematical skills are terrible.
  12. Sleekphantom

    501st Clone Troopers Legion

    I have to admit that the match versus Korwinboys was a lot of fun, regardless of the score. Thanks to you guys!  :party:
  13. Sleekphantom

    501st Clone Troopers Legion


    Started from the bottom, now we here.
  14. Sleekphantom

    The Normans

    Normans best. :grin:
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