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  1. Abuzut

    GIVE THE MAJORITY OF PLAYERS WHAT THEY WANT: Fix Single-Player before doing anything else with multiplayer

    @FallGeneral what the hell did you smoke before posting this? Mp gets like 1 update every once in a decade and, there is like a combined total of 4 interns working on it
  2. Abuzut

    Why Is This Forum Section So Toxic?

    I save up all my toxicity and anger towards taleworlds and bannerlord players
  3. Abuzut

    Skirmish Players vs Captains Players

    all captain players suck at general combat skills and thats a fact
    based redpilled, competitive bot killers debunked epic bannerlord lore
  4. Abuzut

    Rambo-Cav in captain mode

    i played captains mode like 2 times (with some friends) and I kept doing this with cav and its funny as hell because the mechanical skills of an average captains player is equivalent to a bot. You can get like a million kills like this lol. Based strategy
  5. Abuzut

    Post your dream teams

    forgot to mention @chowski
  6. Abuzut

    Post your dream teams

    Infantry / shCOCK Inf (4): Nub Puppies, OE Vorn, Yoshie, Daemon
    Archers (2): Nub Puppies, OE Vorn, Yoshie, Daemon
    Cavalry (2): Nub Puppies, OE Vorn, Yoshie, Daemon
  7. Abuzut

    is the forum broken for anyone else?

    I appreciate talewords for this
  8. Abuzut

    Need More Info Game Crashes for players in pickups, organized matches, clan matches

    is saying "game ****" constructive criticism, thanks
  9. Abuzut

    SKIRMISH MODE: Throwing spears should be one use only or moved to heavy inf.

    I always liked throwing weapons and hated the 1.5 patch a while ago that nerfed accuracy. Remember when throwing axes were a thing on Vlandia and Sturgia heavy inf? Heavy inf with throwing weapons forces enemy inf to have more awareness when fighting. It also used to be a lot easier to dismount a cav then use a throwing weapon but again because of the accuracy nerf it is a lot harder (the stand up animation for dismounted cav should be increased a lot). You play cav more melon, why complain about inf stuff? I like throwing wepons but maybe not spamming throwing weapons.
    you...dont realize... throwing weapons were the reason why the game is dead... do you?
  10. Abuzut

    Random earrape static noise happening on servers

    its a joke pls mods dont kill me
  11. Abuzut

    Random earrape static noise happening on servers

    thats what you get for playing bannerlord smooth brain
  12. Abuzut

    Stop LES IS MOREx from hosting any future tournaments.

    I could put some funny les moments down here but if I did I would probably get banned lol
  13. Abuzut

    [WBMM] [NA] Map Pool Suggestion and Discussion

    nevermind the game is dead lmfao. i wasted money paying for the servers
  14. Abuzut

    [WBMM] [NA] Map Pool Suggestion and Discussion

    Norn town removed Tannenberg added
  15. Abuzut

    [WBMM] [NA] Map Pool Suggestion and Discussion

    I will let this thread be for another day or two. As far as I can see, you guys make good arguments about why Nord town should be removed. I will remove Nord Town and the top voted map alongside (probs dreicksdorf) and add the 2 most voted maps to the pool. If anyone has an argument to make about why a certain map from the list above should be included, please say so.
  16. Abuzut

    [WBMM] [NA] Map Pool Suggestion and Discussion

    Is the NA community interested in critiquing a mixed map ive been working on
    ? ofc
  17. Abuzut

    [WBMM] [NA] Map Pool Suggestion and Discussion

    I made the polls in straw.io because I am a non-forum user and don't know how to do 2 polls at the same time. Excuse my boomer
  18. Abuzut

    [WBMM] [NA] Map Pool Suggestion and Discussion

    Map Pool Discussion For North American Region As many of you fellow bladers are aware, Warband Matchmaking for North America has been live again for a couple of months. It gets a consistent population every day since its release. I would like to thank all of you guys for keeping my servers...
  19. Abuzut

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    Turk doesn't mean Turkish person lmfao
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