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  1. aLiaXXXanger

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    Having a maximum amount of damage a weapon can block would bring some issues, like the player not being able to determine if they can block the incoming attack or not, thus turning it into a gamble, which is undesirable.
    However, not being able to block with a dagger as much or as well as with other, let`s say more conventional weapons, makes sense, we`ll bring this up.
    Maybe sometging like that:
  2. aLiaXXXanger

    Can you fix Multiplayer already?

    Captain mode have never been in a worse state than this. Looking back, it's been one step after another leading up to this. It's not only how the first many patches destroyed the gameplay, with no fix from TW for years. It's also the constant nerfing and removal of key things in the mode, that changed the gameplay entirely.
    That's true
    Now the meta is scatter and do your thing, get kills. There is no strategic obligations anymore, it have turned into an arcade. I told you so...
    Well, not everything is so bad now, bro:xf-eek::xf-wink:.
    The fundamentals of this game are so great that even after a lot of failed attempts to "develop" them, the Game is still wonderful and tbh - the best in its genre.
    However, the developers' systematic mistreatment of the potential of this amazing game (and thus the feelings, suggestions and hopes of its gaming community) and, in particular, their fatal mistake with the ranked system (which immediately reduced to dust a huge part of the MP) led to the departure of a large number of experienced players who know a lot about Tactics. And the dominance of not enough experienced players leads to simplification of battles.
    But even now, if a sufficiently experienced/intelligent team is formed, you can still enjoy the beauty and power of Tactics.
  3. aLiaXXXanger

    Can you fix Multiplayer already?

    I'm a huge fan of this game, in particular the Multiplayer version of it (6,336 hours on record) over 95% of which is from Multiplayer. The ranked system you implemented back in patch 1.7.2 (around the time that NIN3 left the company) simply DOES NOT WORK. We haven't been able to play on the standard matchmaking system in over a year now. How can you change this? REMOVE THE RANKED SYSTEM and REVERT TO OLD MATCHMAKING SYSTEM..... It is the community that is keeping the Multiplayer scene alive, through discord and private servers to host ranked pickup matches for skirmish, various mods in the form of persistent empires, CRPG, Full invasion etc. If you want any sort of future in this game's community you need to fix your matchmaking system, that doesn't work. you cannot find a game currently of either skirmish or captain 6v6 when you search for it. Please fix your **** matchmaking system, for the sake of the community and game's future
    Very true, bro
  4. aLiaXXXanger

    You need to start giving more money for TDM/Siege. No one plays ranked anymore

    Not disregarding the remaining MP devs and the work they have planned, but I don't expect any groundbreaking patches given the departure of Callum, Mexxico and other key TW employees over the last year. The last official MP update (Volume 5) was released over two years ago. Here's to the modders and all the work they do - cheers!
    I think that if TW's problem is in the competencies of the company's personnel, then the state of the MP was largely affected by the departure of @NIN3
  5. aLiaXXXanger

    You need to start giving more money for TDM/Siege. No one plays ranked anymore

    The introduced rating system literally broke the main modes of the MP.
    As a result: a catastrophic drop in the base of the gaming community, negative reviews about the game and the company as a whole, shortfall in income (current and prospective in particular), incredible damage to the company's image.
    And this situation persists for a long time, despite the fact that it obviously takes very little effort to fix it - just roll back the emergency changes.
    What is it: masochism, sabotage, loss of competence or extreme degree of dementia...
    The game was in EA stage, and then out of nowhere BAM, the game was released!
    what's wrong with you TW???
  6. aLiaXXXanger

    3 years later... We told you so

    Its funny how we're arguing the same stuff as 2 years ago when the game released, talk about a stagnant game. PE, cRPG and other mods are the only future this game has. I still enjoy playing siege but at some point I want to play ranked aaand ranked it's completely dead
    Those who asked for a rating in vanilla MP modes probably wanted something other than an empty queue... but they forgot to tell TW about this proviso)
  7. aLiaXXXanger

    Why is there no Taleworlds Oceanic servers?

    Oh boy, you're about to enter a world of pain
    ahah, exactly
  8. aLiaXXXanger

    Make captain/skirm mode great again (console)

    Well, however when you write that:
    I like how everyone is arguing that the games dead. PC players really think they know it all 😜

    Game blew up on Xbox and has a good player base now. And in came the broken multiplayer modes.

    There’s plenty of players searching for captain mode. It only takes 30-46 seconds to find a 2v2,3v3. But the game doesn’t give it time to make a 6v6 anymore.
    If they can’t do a 6v6, it should be switched to 3v3.

    Anyone arguing that the game is dead, is brain dead.
    you should also know that during the glory days of those whose brains you call dead, the search for a 6v6 game took literally 5-10 seconds with continuous play and at least 20 new messages appeared on this forum every day.
    Guys (@GENERAL-M @Holykilzer), believe me, the veterans of this game were inspired by it no less than you are now. They were ready to wipe out anyone who would dare to say what they are saying now themselves... they themselves are forgetting something now: those who are sure that this game is already dead must observe funeral etiquette - you should only say good things or be silent.
    My advice to you, guys, is to ignore those old grumblers and keep enjoying the Game.
  9. aLiaXXXanger

    What's the plan for multiplayer?

    If the need to get a hand out of the flame at least after three months of waiting can be called a fix (I mean the rollback of the emergency patch that destroyed the skirmish and captain modes due to the terrible rating system), then yes, I think that "Taleworlds should make an effort to fix the multiplayer".
  10. aLiaXXXanger

    Resolved GRAFİK HATASI

    Have you tried verifying the game files?
    i did it again now and the problem is gone, thanks
  11. aLiaXXXanger

    Resolved GRAFİK HATASI

    Have you tried verifying the game files?
    of course, the first thing
  12. aLiaXXXanger

    Will players return to the Captain game mode, on full release date?

    For a meaningful answer to this question, you need to know what will change in the full release.
  13. aLiaXXXanger

    Not to be rude but its this game ready for "Full Release"?

    Idk, but lately the game is only moving away from its completeness with each new patch ... alas
  14. aLiaXXXanger

    Resolved GRAFİK HATASI

    I have the same after 1.8.0.
  15. aLiaXXXanger

    so is this game dead now?

    The strange thing is that TW has not yet done what, perhaps, any reasonable video game developer would have done right away - they have not rolled back emergency failed code that make their product unplayable.
    Indeed, in 1.7.2 there are no good innovations that could raise doubts about the lack of alternatives to an immediate "rollback" of the patch with a critical error in the rating system and a bunch of other terrible changes: lags, crashes, stuttering, gameplay clipping (depriving the ability to climb rocks, an invisible "leash" for the captain), a returned imbalance (the power of the rabble with their "kevlar robes", the weakness of the aserai against the sturgis, cavalry inefficiency, etc.), etc.
    I do not believe that everyone in TW suddenly went crazy and threw away the results of their many years of work in order to facilitate the porting of the game to the console. Rather, the reason for such a reaction (inaction) may lie in the infection of the TW team with covid. @Duh_TaleWorlds got sick the other day, and @Callum is still in the process of fighting this infection. @Dejan also disappeared somewhere.
    If the cause of our suffering is your covid, then we will pray for your speedy recovery and look forward to the resumption of your creativity.

    Well, if you cheated on yourself and, for the sake of "easy console money", decided to turn your complex, deep, detailed, atmospheric game into a casual trinket, then take courage and let us know - at least it will be honest.
    But actually in this case: "A wise man can change his mind; a fool - never." Immanuel Kant ☝️
  16. aLiaXXXanger

    1.7.2 killed Captain

    The potential of MP BL is really huge.
    But only when team members understand and feel each other do we get such a level of tactical interaction that allows us to reveal all the tactical potential inherent in the MP BL. This allows us to demonstrate the beauty and incredible effectiveness of the complex use by the team of different classes of units. We get the most exciting games, and, at the same time, admiration from BL and fanatical devotion to him.

    This is perhaps the main reason for the popularity of parties with friends in BL (as well as in any other MPgame).

    But now, with the introduction of random team formation, we've lost that difficult yet most fun form of multiplayer interaction. Matches have turned into a boring infantry rush confrontation or an even bigger nightmare caused by the inept and inconsistent use of units from other classes. This is just painful to watch.

    And most tragically, for this reason, we no longer have such interesting in-game conversations.

    It hurts to realize that the best multiplayer in the world is becoming like a primitive one-time slasher without team and social interaction.
  17. aLiaXXXanger

    New troll inside. Сomplaint against troll.

    TerribleRave throws every round, running away from his team and teamkilling teammates and their troops. He polls random teammates every match. He also plays all day so there's no avoiding him.

    Idk where to report players, but this guy ruins the game.
    besides, he is a terrible communication troll
  18. aLiaXXXanger

    TW needs to reset the ranks after they've fixed this trashfire of an update

    We will restore your statistics. Your new match statistics will be merged with the ones you had at the time of the reset so no progression will be lost.
    it's really good and fair
  19. aLiaXXXanger

    Revert to 1.7.1 update, focus on crashes and custom servers

    I think it's time TW faces reality and accepts that Bannerlord MP is not an esport. I get it, we paid 50 USD for the game but TW can only let interns work on MP. That's fine but clearly the vision and ideas for Bannerlord MP are not achievable for whoever is working on it. So instead of trying until 2026 to get a working ranked system (and a perfectly balanced game) why not focus on the most pressing issues that are relevant for the current players? FPS stutters, custom servers, and most importantly; crashes.
    agree with this
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