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    Can you fix Multiplayer already?

    Just garbage do us all a favour and just close multiplayer why keep unstable waste of time dead servers running when no one's playing what a waste of a beautiful game can't believe this sht thanks tw for nothing sell the company to a better game dev please it's the only way to revive this dead beat title....

    I have never played "online"

    In either way. Mostly because hearing different voices gives me panic attacks.
    Once at a work they used headphones. I had those on 5 min then ear plugs in.

    But this game. The thought of online gives me lot´s of questions.
    Seeing some threads it seems really organized.

    Do you lads have a video recomendation so i can see how it really is?
    Don't know what platform your refering too but the whole Xbox scene is dead like desert dead not even a mouse just installing warband to see if still active proberly is...

    Is there still any MP dev checking?

    Dead dead just dead might re download warband in 3 years for nostilaga purposes but for this yuck why dose this forum exist 🤣

    6 easy and urgent fixes, that will bring more players to MP

    Yeah of course I also want that, but take "fixing crashes" if it were possible they would've do it during summer 2020

    I said this before: a 30-50 player server in NA TDM, very few players by any standard, but it is NOT dead
    Dead bruh 🤣 it's peak was like the first week of game pass. 175+ players But the servers and connections were unforgivable/buggy such wasted potential. All we can do now is enjoy what we have
    Those same 30 or 50 guys, still play and know that the game is more stable, rarely crash in TDM
    Yea but who wants to play the same 3 maps over and over. Games multiplayer needs a whole revamp.

    6 easy and urgent fixes, that will bring more players to MP

    Dead dead dead asf occasionally a 30 man match every night same regular dudes not much too it now....

    Things I would like to see
    More custom weapons and armour
    More maps
    Adjust or replace current server system

    End of an era die with the shield 😩

    Future plans for modes or dlc or mods

    Try to join a server EU tdm ...with every server being empty right now (xbox platform) the game just freezes on the loading screen X3 the bad micro update is guilty

    Patch Notes v1.1.1

    Update has caused following issues

    Player save files
    In photo shoot mode game crashes/freezes
    Captain and skirmish is launching 2v2s

    Patch Notes v1.1.1

    Hey the update has broken captain and skirmish again back to 2v2 launching

    Future plans for modes or dlc or mods

    As a player of the community. I see major improvements all round. Here's a quick poll for future plans.... All platforms ideas drop your own.. You can vote 3 times

    Bannerlord Online (Content Ideas)

    A battle royal type mode would be kool not too complicated.... Just weapons laying around make it a 64 players lobby. Players all spawn in or drop from a caravan 😂? Need to make is as simplistic as possible so less bugs lurking 👍

    What about monthly events or season events earn more gold. Lots of ideas to imply👍

    Resolved Xbox Live Pass Crash after load savegame

    Bro. How long? You're being so damn vague that I'm about to just uninstall this game right now and be done with Taleworlds. When can I play the save that YOU GUYS broke that I put tons of hours into?
    As long as it takes.. relax brother ride forth see if you can flush out your feelings. All players are just as frustrated as you.. but we will fight to our last save
    Good morning, thank you for providing a resolution to this. I was pretty scared of losing my progress in the game.

    I'm a console player and wanted to be sure, will this be fixed in Xbox One Series S as well? Or should I create another conversation?

    Thank you kindly!

    If you read the post it clearly says for the current Xbox platforms...so that would be a yes 😂

    Patch Notes v1.1.0

    I’m having this same problem for Xbox One.
    Try launching through cloud for now seemed to work for the other guy

    Patch Notes v1.1.0

    Could you give us more details.
    Reporting from console Xbox s/X. One player says he starts the game up after update on load up screen it just goes straight to dashboard.

    Gamertag : Dark1NATE

    Patch Notes v1.1.0

    Fantastic news👍

    Make captain/skirm mode great again (console)

    They've already had time, and TW got more than 500k from selling the game. MP was a promised feature, it should have been finished when the game released. It should have at least been stable a couple of weeks after early access at the bare minimum.

    Modders have done things in hours that still have not been implemented after years, like a basic in-game admin menu. It took them a year after early access to add invisible barriers to a couple of the skirmish maps, something a mapper can do in ten minutes if they're working slowly.

    I'm convinced that the "MP dev team" is a single person who has MP issues at the bottom of his priority list. There is no other explanation.
    Yes agreed best thing to do would be to sell the company to a bigger game industry but keep the bl foundation

    could no connect to server

    Who's in charge of servers surely he/she doesn't know??? 😭

    Guys save multiplayer for xbox?

    So they get bl early access and moan from day one...Dont think they understand the game industry. Can someone come tear this guy limb from limb. I'm already limbs full

    Resolved WARBAND - No multiplayer servers? (XBOX)

    Right now ther is 110+ players in Xbox customs mode 19 servers are up looks good so far👍

    Make captain/skirm mode great again (console)

    While this person is a troll, this person also has the ability to speak facts.
    What we know

    The Devs are aware of the problems
    Canned messages won't be read by the team
    It's only just been fully realised (console new)
    Bug fixes create new bugs
    Pc players have modd community... (Mod fix)
    Threads will be taken seriously after 50 poll votes

    Forgot the other stuff but it's in a thread somewhere about taking threads seriously..
    Dont give up the fight it will take time unless you got 500k to fund tw let's go

    Guys save multiplayer for xbox?

    The console pc wars 2010 - 2023

    "Yes I was ther to witness it all. It all started with a tub of butter ..Boys turned into men, farmers working overtime for generous lords. Feasts were present. Fast forward men turned into manhunters, farmers turned looters with lords, feast were replaced with executions. Can we all just get along and support each other smh if you want to Shame console so bad how bout we settle this in the arena chump I will tear you limb from limb
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