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  1. MasterDracer

    In Progress Sea bandit Hideouts Visual glitch

    This bug is still there and isn't fixed. Also happens in some towns like Lageta, Amprella, many Bandit hideouts etc. @MArdA TaleWorlds appearently since last patch but I'm not sure about that 100 percent. I'm on ps5 too. Hope this info helps a bit. Regards
  2. MasterDracer

    In Progress Sieges

    It's not because of the settings, the settings don't matter. The problem is in the game, because of the AI. You only have to increase the rate of casualties and reduce the wounded rate, also decrease the retreat chance slightly, then it would be fixed.
    What is the battle size option set to?
  3. MasterDracer

    Need More Info Game keeps resetting options

    Hello, I wanted to share that apparently after the last update the game keeps resetting the settings, sometimes it just resets the brightness. Every time I leave or close the game and play again the next day. I'm playing on Playstation 4 Pro. Hope this bug gets fixed soon.
  4. MasterDracer

    Bannerlord is really just a broken game.

    Warband was a finished game, bannerlord isn't. It should be still in beta in my opinion.
  5. MasterDracer

    In Progress Smithing, last created weapon should also save the part sizes

    I dont know if this is a bug but when you smithing and clicking on last created weapons, it also should save the sizes of weapon parts. It is tedious to redo the size every time. İf you leave the city, you need to do all sizes. If you dont exit city it only remembers all sizes but not the blades...
  6. MasterDracer

    Destruction of Factions

    Game is broken and they dont mind new ideas like this unfortunately for some reason..It has been asked often enough, but still nothing has happened.
  7. MasterDracer

    Lower/decrease the Squad / Army costs

    If you have about a total of 1k troops, the soldier costs are incredibly high, so high that you make high losses every day. reduce the cost of troops, squads, garrisons. The costs are ridicolous.
  8. MasterDracer

    In Progress Sieges

    Also happens on ps4, the sieges are getting infinite, they retreat and get mostly wounded troops and attack again like nothing happened. The only solution for this is to auto resolve/simulate.
  9. MasterDracer

    Resolved Auto deploy/formation in sieges/battles is broken since last patches

    How to Reproduce: Pressing on auto formation before a battle. Scene Name (if related): while defending and attacking in any towns. Summary: I play on ps4. Game Version is 1.11, this issue didn't existed before the patches, everytime you press on auto formation (auto deploy troops before siege...
  10. MasterDracer

    In Progress Crashing Everytime I open Siege

    Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
    This is what I meant with my thread, so im not the only one who has this issue. Good to know ^^
  11. MasterDracer

    Option to turn off death by old age for console

    I agree with you, there's a skill which prevents you just one time from dying from old age if you didn't know, this could be useful while waiting for such a feature.
  12. MasterDracer

    Resolved No possibility to let go your companion if he is member of your family

    Nope. They will be deleted from the game.
    This is very unfortunate, the team really should change this.
  13. MasterDracer

    Resolved Prison Limit numbers going crazy

    the cheats were added in the patch too?
    Wait, cheats are coming to consoles, or PC only?
  14. MasterDracer

    Need More Info since latest patch, cant click "ready" in army battle

    Thanks for getting back to me, but I'm not playing your game anymore.
    The recent patch screwed up the game play so bad that its not fun anymore.

    This issue is minor to how you have ruined sieges. I recently played defense to the AI with equivalent force sizes. The AI attacked, was defeated, and suffered 4 deaths! Then the AI attacked again and again for over two hours, and eventually won the siege with an initial force size the same as the defenders. This has changed the dynamics of the whole game to the point that its not worth playing. Why would you change something that was working, where the attacker needed at least a 2 to 1 force size advantage to win a siege? It's illogical to me. I'll come back in a year or so to see if this game is worth playing. Bye.
    I also have the problem since the latest patch, the battles have become endless because the enemy is only wounded even if you kill thousands of them. But you have to keep in mind that it is not the intention of the developers to deliberately destroy things that work. If they bring an patch some codes can destroy or "damage" existing and working codes. The game will always get fixes until everything works fine, that's why the forums here existing, to report such things. If you can't understand these things then come back in a year.
  15. MasterDracer

    In Progress [1.1.0 beta]Army takes over my siege and then does nothing

    @uçanbiblo The additional information might be useful for the team, I'm not sure if you've read it, apparently many have the problem.
  16. MasterDracer

    Resolved Crash when pressing on auto formation

    What was the time you spent playing the game until the crash happens?
    Are you crashing everytime? On the same spot? Are you still experiencing this issue with v1.1.1?
    I had it about every 2-3 sieges, I noticed that it only happens during sieges, when I besiege someone or they besiege me and I press on autoformation before the battle. It always happens in the same place after I press the button and after a crash I can trigger it again by pressing it again in this siege. There was another error that caused crash and that was after I press attack, this was similar to the other except that it happens when pressing attack, during sieges, but not all. The only way around this was to simulate the combat. I hope I could be helpful!
  17. MasterDracer

    Resolved Conversation crash

    Were you able to see the crash uploader tool? If you can upload your crash to us we can check it out. Please don't forget to copy the Crash ID and write it here so that we can find it.
    More info about the crash uploader tool can be found here.
    I don't play on PC. I'm playing on the playstation 4 Pro, the error code is ce-34878-0. It only happens after a few hours of playing time and always comes when I talk to anyone, for example often after battles. The game seems to freeze just before conversations because it can't seem to load the characters or conversation properly and crashes. After a restart of the game I can easily have conversations until a few hours pass again, only then it crashes again when I talk to someone. After restarting the game, I can easily have conversations until another few hours pass, only then it crashes again, when I have a conversation.
  18. MasterDracer

    Resolved Crash after loading into battle

    Summary: my fief got besieged from big army, I ambushed them and pressed on attack after that, the game loads but before the battle loads, the game crashes in the end of the loading screen. The fief was Rhotae. I'm on playstation 4 Pro. How to Reproduce: Pressing on attack while siege. Loading...
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