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  1. King Yngvar

    What happened to Co-op?

    Well, just think about this. With Coop I would convince my friends to buy the game , and they would convince their friends to buy the game and so on... so they can play together.
    This way , I`m playing the game, my friend is not that interested .... but he would be for coop :smile: .

    It can be made easily from my point of view. when I want to engage in a battle , if my friend is not in a mission , to be able to invite him and start the battle together if he accepts. Nothing complicated.

    Thank you.

    Exactly. This is the simple solution to the "timescale problem" people keep talking about.
  2. King Yngvar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.2

    How long does it take to make this patch stable?
  3. King Yngvar

    Working past midnight

    I agree. Give them credit when credit is due. I'm really looking forward to 1.4.3 (1.5.0?).

    1.4.2 isn't even ready yet.
  4. King Yngvar

    [Poll] Remove Streets of Syllianon or Create Map Preference System

    More important than map preference is faction preference.
  5. King Yngvar

    Features and New Faction

    Come on, you can't just mention a completely new faction and not tell us what you had in mind.

    I just find 3 empire factions a bit redundant. German perhaps but could be too similar to Vlandia.
  6. King Yngvar

    Features and New Faction

    For representing Asian factions. I'd rather see the map expanded east. To make them sufficiently distinct, one inspired by India, one by Khmer/Sukhothai, one by China and finally a Japanese inspired faction on an island furthest to the east. Also add Nords, split Swadian lands into two factions, make it only two empire factions, east and west and give the northern empire lands to a completely new faction.
  7. King Yngvar

    Will you lose all hope if the next patch isnt HUGELY oriented towards MP ?

    Unless MP will include some form of co-op campaign I don't see the point of them focusing on MP at the moment. More features for the campaign and better battle AI is where they should be focusing.
  8. King Yngvar

    Custom Troops

    Yes, that would be awesone!
    The train-your-own-troops-feature could be tied to different skills and perks.
    Leadership for example unlocks tiers in the tree.
    You start of with tier 0 that converts peasants to "followers"

    T1 is unlocked by maybe rank 15 in Leadership. Units there have a small budget in terms of equipment and weight. You can choose between some t1 gear you have in your stash or inventory.
    Combining it with smithing would be awesome, so it is even more customized.
    A unit upgrade then would require peasants and the specific raw material, while at the same time granting some smithing-xp.

    Please no. Linking it to those mmorpg like perks would be a bad idea.
  9. King Yngvar

    Code of conduct?

    You do realize that a thing such as code of conduct will be a leeway for a censorship? Just look at that certain incident (happened a few months ago), which banned players for allegedly "cheating". You can enforce that code of conduct in your official servers, but leave the private and community servers alone. I'm sure all the authoritarian countries would gladly accept you as a media minister: pretending to care about the well-being of citizens, but trying to censor them (and all organizations that are even slightly critical of them) in reality. Why do you care about people saying what they want on their own private server, that they almost certainly paid for?

    Muting people is also an option, instead of forcing them to adhere to guidelines.

    TaleWorlds should have never marketed this game towards mainstream audiences: now we will have bunch of moral watchdogs (one watchdog for every player!) , watching over the shoulders of players and reporting them, then being banned, because they don't like what people say. The internet was never a pretty place.

    Warband didn't need such a drastic measures, why would Bannerlord need it? Unless the players are specifically directing personal attacks at you (private information and all that), then I don't see the uproar. If they do, then you should report that to the law enforcement, not the comissars moderators.

    I know this is a controversial and strong opinion, but I won't change it, unless someone can convince me to do so.

  10. King Yngvar

    Code of conduct?

    Sure, that works when there's one troll. Or two. Or five, or maybe even ten. Then over time more of them keep coming, and they stay since they are not getting banned and can do as they please. Meanwhile many of the non toxic players get tired of having to constantly deal with that and move somewhere else. What are you going to do then, mute half the population in a team based game? Does not seem very practical to me as a long term solution. And I don't see how the game benefits from letting the trolls run rampant. Keep in mind that we are not talking about the occasional swear word here, no one cares about that. As @Greedalicious was saying, we are talking about true scum that comes here with the sole purpose of spamming and making everyone's experience worse.

    Edit: to clarify, I am not against the mute per se. I just think it won't be enough long term.

    If someone teamkills me I feel that a simple "**** you" in chat is appropriate. According to you however, the aggrieved party should be banned due to sensitivity to words while the offender should suffer no consequence.
  11. King Yngvar

    Code of conduct?

    I like this a lot. You would think it's common sense, but apparently it escapes some people.

    I don't get this "hurt your sensitivity" attitude. Would you feel the same way if you are out and about buying groceries and someones randomly starts yelling slurs at you? What if they do it to your family? Or your children? Would you really tell them that they need to grow a thick skin and let the random person keep doing their thing?

    That would be a personal insult and require a response. Random chat in a video game online is not and with a mute it is quite simple to deal with.
  12. King Yngvar

    Code of conduct?

    If you're offended by written words, just mute those who hurt your sensitivities. I'm more annoyed by intentional team killing.
  13. King Yngvar

    corona? :(

    Just another reason why countries with big pockets should nationalize the pharmaceutical industry.
  14. King Yngvar

    Better Blood effect suggestions.

    No blood should splash out with cuts and arrows against metal armor as they wouldn't cause any bleeding.
  15. King Yngvar

    No blonde hair colour

    Turning up graphic settings seems to have helped some to fix the issue of my character having gray hair.
  16. King Yngvar

    Armour. Why it doesn't work and how to make it work

    Arrow damage could also be made a separate damage category, particularly weak against metal armor.
  17. King Yngvar

    So they took Mexxico down

    I don't know who this "Mexxico" is but anything has to be better than this:

    The game leans more on the action RPG side, with just elements of strategy sprinkled in here and there. The video in the OP is great, and I think that it is awesome that people are making these types of mods and that the game supports them, even at this early stage, but I think that something along those lines would be too complex to use as a player and draw the game out too much, ultimately detracting from the fast-paced action and gameplay.
  18. King Yngvar

    Spear Thrust While Blocking with Shield on Foot

    Shields could simply be made to protect the area where they are at regardless of whether right click is pressed or not. Of course, they shouldn't protect more than where they are at either.
  19. King Yngvar

    New interesting factions

    I'm guessing the Africans would have to be placed south of the Aserai, expanding the map. They could be a lowly armored faction with no real advantages, easy pickings for the Aserai to stomp out in played battles at least. I don't see any reason to put in Native American inspired factions though. They have no place on the map and would require an extra continent added along with navies like in Viking Conquest. In any case, they too would be lowly armored in addition to using less effective weapons and having no cavalry.
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