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  1. Resolved problem with blunt arrows

    Blunt damage should be on same lvl damage as pierce arrows have. Because other kind weapon are the same certainly
    Actually not. You can test with 1h swords vs maces
  2. All dark skinned persons have been wiped from the game after around 100 years.

    Simple fact is minorities are HEAVILY underrepresented in this game.
    It's a fantasy world based on medieval Europe and the Middle East. Of course there would be more white people than black people. Is this somehow insulting you?
  3. All dark skinned persons have been wiped from the game after around 100 years.

    Yeah, of course, if there are 1 person in 100 million who looks different, that must be the norm. Amazing logic.
    Calradia is a fantasy world
  4. Removal of death and snowflakization of Bannerlord

    I suspect you don't enjoy seeing how many deaths you have?
    Exactly! I enjoy the gameplay. The fun part about the game is not the stats, you know.

    I would assume you are on of those fellas who rather not have deaths visible as you single-handedly carry a six man team to defeat.
    Man, I am a Warband veteran. I play Bannerlord since beta. I may not be the best player in MP but I play good enough to not be a burden. And my 1000+ hours experience in the game tells me that the ones ranting about someone playing too bad are actually not that good at all. If a guy votekicks instead of playing, he will play bad. And after all, it's a goddamn game. Why is everyone here taking game stats so serious? The kids in school care less about their grades than you all do about your death count.
  5. Hired blades and other tavern mercenaries

    The problem is that they usually come in small numbers
  6. Removal of death and snowflakization of Bannerlord

    Your argument doesn’t make any sense. You should explain in a longer format because I am failing to see the nuance and distinction of your point.
    The death count rant does not make any sense. Death count removal does not affect gameplay. Death count removal does not prevent one's ability to enjoy the game. Ranting about the death count removal is a typical man-child behavior and a quintessention of snowflakization
  7. How is everyone's morale these days?

    This is such a wholesome and kind thing to ask.
    Pretty high.
    Base: 50
    Food: 15
    Recent events: 15
    Upcoming events: 20
  8. Removal of death and snowflakization of Bannerlord

    I love the fact that a guy ranting over stats in a freaking computer game is talking about snowflakization. Get a life please
  9. Multiplayer Should be free to play or less than 10 euro.

    That could be a good idea actually. I'd play MP with many friends but it is just not worth it for them to buy the game for the mp alone
  10. Smithing selling nerf

    I don't understand why they went with this weird "stamina" system rather than the much more logical "it takes time", which amounts to exactly the same thing but in a much more natural way...
    Well, I'd love it to be like that but will everyone?
  11. Orion closes dissatisfaction survey -- proving the fragility and inability of the developer team

    Aside from everything already said, you don't seem to understand the basic idea of explaining changes to the community, especially when they are drastic. Taleworlds always goes about how they love their community blablablabla but when it comes to decisions like this, they don't explain it. While they are perfectly capable of doing it for unit balance changes, as NIN did recently.
    how is removing a death counter drastic?
  12. Orion closes dissatisfaction survey -- proving the fragility and inability of the developer team

    No it isn't. New players being new players and thus dying more often is not something i have seen anyone be attacked for because simply, they are new.

    No one is toxic about anything related to deaths in the low level, taleworlds is just using mental gymnastics on this just like they did when they put crush through on all 2handed weapons
    Maybe you weren't paying attention to the game chats. There is constant ranting about someone not being good enough and votes as frequently as possible to kick the worst performing player. About the crush through, they quickly fixed the issue because it DID make the game worse. As of death count, I see no real reason how is it harming the game. And believe me, if they put it back, it would be the last reason for people to move from Warband MP to Bannerlord MP
  13. Orion closes dissatisfaction survey -- proving the fragility and inability of the developer team

    Plenty of tests done during peak time EU hours (since EU is the most populated) and comparing them from game to game.
    Warband is more popular in the multiplayer. Also it has a higher ratio of people playing multiplayer compared to singleplayer then bannerlord.
    Ok, I will believe you on that. But it can be for several reasons - all the MP mods (take NW alone, it is unique experience), the custom servers, established communities, etc. If there are currently more players in Warband MP, I doubt it is because people moved back from Bannerlord. Those players most likely never even moved to it at the first place.

    You missed my whole point bro, the multiplayer devs have NOT communicated anything about the removal of death. We are still without an official response from the devs on why it was removed for several months by now since it was done.
    Isn't that obvious?
  14. Orion closes dissatisfaction survey -- proving the fragility and inability of the developer team

    We're talking exclusively MP, not SP. The MP in warband is more alive then the MP in bannerlord.
    Can you prove this? I play MP sometimes and hadn't had difficulties finding games for while now.
    Yeah bro, quote the dev that said that ????
    The fact that a dev said that doesn't make this point invalid.
  15. Orion closes dissatisfaction survey -- proving the fragility and inability of the developer team

    Companies should respect their customers opinions enough to hear them out at the very least. Players want death count, overwhelmingly so, and it was removed and any dissent to that is seemingly not being considered. Customer gets upset that the product he purchased no longer as good to him in its current state. Everything he said that is quoted is perfectly reasonable.

    Since when did I have to personally make a game to call a game crap and lacking?
    There's like 25k people who play the game right now and enjoy it while you whine and want all the devs dismissed. So this is not an opinion that should be respected or responded. Firing people by vote on a forum is the most stupid idea anyone can ever come up with. The fact that some people, even if they are the majority (which I doubt because most of the people playing any game don't use the forums for it and just like, enjoy it) want the death counter back is not enough to actually bring it back. The game is not worse since there's no death counter. It just makes it harder for noobs and tryharders alike to blame other people for their defeat.
  16. Orion closes dissatisfaction survey -- proving the fragility and inability of the developer team

    Recently I had a poll up on whether members of the development team should be dismissed due to their incompetence. About half of the community voted yes. Orion shut down the thread, threatening "don't do this again". Pretty sad response... We should be able to have open discussion on the site.
    May I ask who are you to judge developers' competence? Maybe you've made some cool mod? Are you even a programmer? What you did is not an for open discussion, it is s***posting.

    Warband is more popular...
    Warband: https://steamdb.info/app/48700/graphs/
    Bannerlord: https://steamdb.info/app/261550/graphs/
    Check your data before claiming such nonsense.

    There's a reason we haven't gotten the death counter back. The team is not only deaf to the community, but is incredibly stupid. The studio would be more successful if it followed what the player base wants.
    The death counter was a reason for toxic behaviour from the likes of you that discouraged less experienced players from playing at all. It's totally normal not to have death counter in a game that is not easy to master.

    Cheers Orion. Hope you can give a better response to this one than a vague threat and an inability to respond to the complains of the community!
    I see no reasons for anyone on the team to respect your very important crucial for the game opinion and respond your whining.
  17. Smithing selling nerf

    It should be nerfed more. The problem with weapon prices is that they do not reflect the materials they are worth. Right now I can use 1 wood and 2 fine steel to get a weapon worth 10k. Meanwhile I can get the said resources from 1 pugio, worth about 250. Now, the difficulty is to balance parts so that weapon stats correlate the materials. I believe that at some point we'll achieve this.
    Alternative solution - make smithing take time and remove the smithing stamina so that you can't craft dozens of complex weapons in a fraction of an in-game second. But it will be most likely annoying for most of the players.
  18. Resolved [e1.6.4] Village needs draught animals - required animal is not defined correctly

    I had this thing too on 1.6.4 stable. Turned out they needed mules in my case.
  19. Question: TaleWorlds, Will Some New Taverns Ever Be Added ?

    It'd be nice to have more taverns but since personally I almost never visit them (only if I have the Inn and Out quest) I don't really think it should be a priority. I guess we'll get more scenes in the future as we already get more castles, towns, villages. And we're going to have more battlefields when they finally implement that sector mechanic. I guess we shouldn't wait for new tavern scenes until after that.
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