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  1. Argentinian_Juan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    Tomorrow we will have 1.6.3?
  2. Argentinian_Juan

    This update absolutely sucks

    TW should launch the custom servers
  3. Argentinian_Juan

    Open Letter to Taleworlds - Mod Custom Servers

    Completely agree bro, I hope TaleWorlds will open custom servers
  4. Argentinian_Juan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    With the next patch, we'll be adding these changes to the prison break mission which should address some of your concerns:
    • The ability to tell the prisoner to stay or follow.
    • The removal of polearms from the prison guards.

    Well, if you know all the old ones by heart then walking around and visiting villages one by one is probably the best time waster :grin:. You could compare the code in the settlements.xml (SandBox module) and/or custom_battle_scenes.xml (CustomBattle module for custom battles) between the old and the new version (via some online tool) to see which settlements on the campaign map had their scene file name changed and then visit them in-game.

    Or you could have some CM noob check it out for you and paste the list below for 1.5.10 (1.6.0 didn't have any new ones). The new town and castle scenes were already specified in the patch notes.
    • Lochana (empire_village_o)
    • Epinosa (empire_village_m)
    • Syratos (empire_village_k)
    • Masangara (empire_village_z)
    • Crios (empire_village_t)
    • Nortanisa (empire_village_v)
    • Elvania (empire_village_u)
    • Gamardan (empire_village_s)
    • Carphenion (empire_village_l)
    • Leblenion (empire_village_y)
    • Canoros (empire_village_r)
    • Glavstrom (sturgia_village_d)
    • Alebat (sturgia_village_c)
    • Deir Hawa (aserai_village_d)
    • Uqba (aserai_village_k)
    • Abba (aserai_village_m)
    • Hunab (aserai_village_g)
    • Arromanc (vlandia_village_j)
    • Ebereth (battania_village_m)
    • Bog Beth (battania_village_g)
    • Khimli (khuzait_village_e)
    • Dinar (khuzait_village_d)
    • Nutyuk (khuzait_village_f)
    P.S. in the future we'll try to add these to the patch notes as well.
    And when will they add the maps by region?
  5. Argentinian_Juan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    In 1.6.1 we will have the region map system that I have been waiting for so long?
  6. Argentinian_Juan

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    I am very sorry to see that the game progressed rather little, I hope that in a few months it will be different, but heck, more than a year has passed ... more than a damn year. I remember repeating a few weeks after they released the game "oh you see, in 5 months the game will improve a lot". Words were blown away by the wind and my desire to play the game was taken away by TaleWorlds
  7. Argentinian_Juan

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    I wasn't expecting anything from TaleWorlds and I was still disappointed
  8. Argentinian_Juan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.9

    @mexxico Do you know if in 1.6 they will add the battle system by regions?
  9. Argentinian_Juan

    Someone pulled off COOP!!!!!

    Bueno, por lo que he escuchado ...

    El autor de la modificación es el mismo que usó activos robados en una de sus modificaciones (relacionado con Juego de tronos)
    30.50 $ Por una "¡Espada única y un caballo!" en Patreon.

    No quiero hablar mal de los modders rusos, pero ya sé hacia dónde se dirige todo este "Bannerlord Online".
    Are we already judging only with the content we see? This man spent 11 months developing the SOLO mod, making it overnight Bannerlord's most played mod, not to mention the future features that were announced on Discord of the mod. I'm not saying this guy is a saint, just maybe the mod is the best online that we'll have for Bannerlord. I wouldn't be surprised if some stupid people throw **** just out of jealousy at someone who has created a revolutionary product like this mod.
  10. Argentinian_Juan

    ***Community Feedback ROADMAP - What Taleworlds still needs to fix!***

    Meh, another good post that will be ignored by TW. I'm tired of seeing posts like this one that are later ignored
  11. Argentinian_Juan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    It hurts to wake up every day and search the Citadel for TaleWorlds for "1.5.8" and not "1.5.9" soon
  12. Argentinian_Juan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    De México "Sobre otra cosa, 1.5.9 no pudo pasar a beta debido a un error de textura en 1.5.8 todavía no pude arreglar lo que escuché. Está bloqueando todos los procesos".
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh okay
  13. Argentinian_Juan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    Something tells me that the delay of 1.5.9 is due to the new region battle system
  14. Argentinian_Juan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    Lately the updates oscillate the wait of a month, so I would say that we are less than a week from receiving it
  15. Argentinian_Juan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    Their fights aren't going to make the game better ... For God's sake we have so many beautiful games to play while we wait for the game and mods to develop, it seems like a lot of people here are living off the Bannerlord news. Let's see, I get excited when I see good news about the game (such as the future implementation of the map system in regions) but heck, get to fight for it.
  16. Argentinian_Juan

    The Latest Major Patch Announcements - TaleWorlds Communication

    Given that this project would require many dozens of maps; each much larger then existing battle maps it has probably been in development for quite a long time. I wouldn't be surprised if this is part of the reason people have felt there has been a new content draught lately.

    The scale of this update is actually mind boggling... effectively they have just created a whole new game world and added it into the game.

    I'd also like to point out that DLSS is actually an amazing update that is highly underrated. Not many games have this functionality yet; I'm very surprised but overjoyed that Bannerlord got it so quickly.
    Completely agree
  17. Argentinian_Juan

    The Latest Major Patch Announcements - TaleWorlds Communication

    Yes, agreed. For sure.

    The whole point of this thread was just me basically saying " Woah! where did this come from? I thought this was many months away ? Why didn't TW tell us the battle terrain system would be released soon?"

    I thought that knowing this was coming a bit earlier might have helped the general morale of the community.

    But having seen a lot of the stubborn negativity here in this thread... I think maybe I was wrong about that. Which is sad.
    I think debating that will not change if the update is released more or less close to this date. Personally, I think it is a good idea that TW didn't say anything about a certain development, because let's face it, in this community, if they announce something, there will always be negative comments from many people. Also, we know how they work in TW, if they announce something very big, like the region map system, we know perfectly well that it is not a job of a couple of weeks, so it would take time to make all the maps. And since they announced it until they finished it would take a long time and people would continue with their toxic comments. I am more of politics, of: "if they have something almost finished, show it"
  18. Argentinian_Juan

    The Latest Major Patch Announcements - TaleWorlds Communication

    I completely disagree with this comment. Hand designed maps will always be better 1-to-1 then random ones. The reason procedural maps are better is only if the hand-designed ones are lacking in quantity. This does not appear to be the case with what Taleworlds are proposing.

    Taleworlds have taken a very ambitious task of making enough maps that each area of the game world can have it's own map. In addition within these maps there will be multiple deployment points where battles can start. A map is not just a map in this case; it is a large area with multiple places a battle map can be placed. In effect what we are seeing is the entire Calradian map as a series of battle maps. Presumably you could put them all together; clean up the edges and in effects have the entire world as one scene (obviously not going to happen but just as as a theory).

    This gives a player far more agency over picking terrain. Not only allowing a player to choose the terrain of their battle; but also allowing them to remember and utilise terrain features in the future. A player will be able to actually remember the in-game terrain around their castles and towns and where is best for them to tackle difficult enemies. It's an extremely interesting concept which Rome 1 (the superior rome total war) used to great effect.

    Finally let us use an analogy. Which game has the better map; Skyrim or Redguard? Redguard had 1000x more map content because it was all procedurally generated - yet I don't imagine you will find many who would have preferred that over the stunning creation we all played through. It just seems strange to me that this forum complains about Taleworlds not adding enough content; then TW announce a huge content patch and people disregard it as being too much work....
    It's true
  19. Argentinian_Juan

    Development Update #7: Multiplayer Duel Mode and Battle Terrain System

    The new battle system is really beautiful and I'm very excited about it, so I have a few questions to ask. Will the new region battle system come in the next update? And will the battles in the regions be on a hugely large map or on many small but diverse maps?
    I also have a doubt and it is if this new regional system is almost finished or if it is something recent, my intuition says that it is practically finished, heck, it would be horrible to know that they just started with this system, which would mean that it will take months to have it complete . I hope it is almost finished or finished
  20. Argentinian_Juan

    How does the new battle scene thing work mentioned in update 7 video

    Looking at the maps of the regions in detail, I realized that within the regions seen, there will be several maps
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