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  1. Custom Settlements 0.675 Bug Report Thread

    after some manual skimming of various threads (search function? what search function?) I found the info about this "torch"-thing. Changed as adviced, and no CTDs since. Must have been coincidence that always it crashed there was as well the torch as my "too fast clicking" :wink:
    I didn't suspect that error, I thought that was removed from the regular files.

    What´s become unbearable: This "autosort" rubbish. Every time I open the inventory my functional sorting is gone. Any way to avoid it?
    Sorry, no.

    Question: Do the stats of the to-be-named Steward have an effect on prosperity/loyalty/productivity (trade aso)?
    That was planned for later so as of now: No, no effects.
  2. Custom Settlements 0.675 Download & Description & Discussion

    DuncanIdaho said:
    another phenomenon is somewhat irritating: The Weapon Smith, Horse Mearchant and Armourer in this mod do have rather imbalanced stuff: either it´s crap, or goes straight the "heavy line". Things like "Hardened Light Leather" armour for example I never got to see in quite some hours of playing - but loads of battered tunics or heavy lamelled(?) or elaborate armour, a spirited steppe horse turned up once, but heavy/Champion Warhorses/Chargers in dozens. The Bows sometime go straight from "bent huntingbow" to Warbows and their like, swords and polearms the same. Is that meant this way?
    The wares they have is totally random, this is unchanged from native. There champion horses are rarer than spirited ones and these are rarer than heavy.

    In my game I only noticed that the new items appeared more often but that is the result of the number of items added in the mod.
  3. Custom Settlements 0.675 Bug Report Thread

    -Waffen: So´n Schiet, in native geht das - ein Schwert, ein Streitkolben und ein Schild. So muss ich zwei verschiedene Waffentypen skillen.....kostet Zeit, sowas.....
    Wickedshot hat auch nie rausgefunden warum das so ist. Persönlich habe ich in meiner Siedlung in der Kiste entweder die stumpfen oder die scharfen Waffen meiner Helden, je nach dem, ob ich auf Gefangene oder Blut aus bin.

    -Waffenschmied: Passiert wirklich nur, wenn ich den zweiten Klick zu schnell mache - das aber jederzeit reproduzierbar!
    Wenn ich dazu komme schau ich es mir an. Leider war bei mir in letzter Zeit viel los (inklusive Samstagsarbeit), da bin ich zu nix gekommen.

    -Mehr Banditen: Hatte diese Ebene des cheatens noch nicht angerührt - aber jetzt gefunden. Sind allerdings immer noch Grüppchen von 4-8 Mann. Ich will ja Gegner für meine Mädels, keine Opfer :wink:
    Einfach etwas warten, die Banditen schließen sich zu größeren Gruppen zusammen. Und wenn du sie noch ein bisschen in Ruhe lässt haben sie auch eine Chance in der Stufe zu steigen. :smile:
  4. Custom Settlements 0.675 Download & Description & Discussion

    DuncanIdaho said:
    Appoint a Lord: Had a Steward for my homebase, and a Lord for the new one - but had expected to be able to build up the new one like my homebase. No chance for that?!? What is the benefit, if I can´t create my next e2/m2-settlement to keep all those bandits, swadians aso down?
    Sorry, for now it is not possible to order the upgrade of settlements other than your own.
    Wickedshot originally planned to implement the option to move resources (wood, stone, money) to your vassals. This should have triggered the upgrade (when they have enough).
  5. Custom Settlements 0.675 Bug Report Thread

    -Rawer looses always the second weapon (blunt) I give to her. Is that a known bug?
    It is a known problem with no knows solution. Somehow the heroes can't wear two weapons of the same type. You can equip them with a polearm and a onehanded weapon (for example) but not with two onehanded weapons. You also can't give them to quivers of the same type (2 bodkin for example), two different quivers (bodkin and khergit) is possible.

    -Clicking the weaponsmith in custow in dialogue option too fast the second time crashes the game. Any solution?
    Never had that problem.

    -Had read about the possibility to spawn more bandits, but don´t find that option. Where is it hidden?
    You can activate the mod cheats in the camp menu.
    You can then use the cheats in the settlement menu.

    Besides that, I´m quite happy with this mod, giving the chance to build up from scratch - compliment for that!
    Danke, viel Spass noch mit der Mod.
  6. Compilation of 82 little tweaks to the text files to change your gameplay(links)

    CommonUsername said:
    I know this may not be a good place, but i have to ask if i can tweak something to add more arrows in my quiver, i would use some mod or program, but I currently have no internet. Which is why I am currently on a tablet
    The number of arrows in a quiver can be changed in the file item_kinds1.txt with whatever text editor you want. Search for the item, the number of arrows ist the third last number (marked bold below)
    itm_arrows Arrows Arrows 3  arrow 0  flying_missile 2305843009213693952  quiver 3458764513820540928  65541 2147483648 72 4398046511112 3.000000 160 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 95 30 257 0

    itm_khergit_arrows Khergit_Arrows Khergit_Arrows 3  arrow_b 0  flying_missile 2305843009213693952  quiver_b 3458764513820540928  65541 1610612736 410 4398046511112 3.500000 30 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 95 30 259 0

    itm_barbed_arrows Barbed_Arrows Barbed_Arrows 3  barbed_arrow 0  flying_missile 2305843009213693952  quiver_d 3458764513820540928  65541 1610612736 124 4398046511112 3.000000 70 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 95 30 258 0

    itm_bodkin_arrows Bodkin_Arrows Bodkin_Arrows 3  piercing_arrow 0  flying_missile 2305843009213693952  quiver_c 3458764513820540928  65541 1610612736 350 4398046511112 3.000000 50 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 91 29 259 0
    There are also tools to do this.
  7. Need help tweaking Kick [E]

    As far as I can see there is no range included. What is included is the duration of the sequence (marked below in red) but I don't know what happens when you change that. If you want to try it do not forget to make a copy of the original file.
    kick_left_leg 256 50331681  1
      0.700000 kick_rightleg 12 33 2 0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
  8. Some noob questions

    Cantafford said:
    A'igh thanks by the way what are iron, wheat, salt, wine, etc for? Can I actually create, craft items from them or what? I've never used them but for a quest in which I was to deliver some wheat to some dude.
    No crafting, you can trade with them and sometimes you get to deliver wheat or bear or so but that's it.
  9. Magic Mod: Curtain of Fire. Help me get it released! See first post.

    luckylancer said:
    ı downloaded and ınstalled mod but ı cant play. it said 'unable to open file:CommonRes/human_anim.brf' when loading game.
    Did you use M&B version 0.960?
    It does not work with newer versions or M&B Warband.
  10. Some noob questions

    1. No idea what happens here, possibly a bug.
    2. You also need to defeat all mobile parties of that kingdom - lords, peasants, trade caravans. Peasants and trade caravans disband after they reach their destination so they are not a big problem.
  11. Some noob questions

    Cantafford said:
    A'igh thanks one more question. I've taken a city and request it to be given to me as a thief but the king said I already have enough stuff on his realm. I've got a castle and two villages. So my question is: what's the minimum ammount I must give away so I can own a city? Can I own a castle a village and a city? Or only a castle and a city? Or am I able to hold a city as long as I have a castle? Please name which is correct :razz:
    How the king determines who to give a fief is a bit complex, the exact mathematics (and how to change it are described here.
    But the main influences are your renown (the more the better) and the number of fiefs (the more the worse) you have. Your relation with the king is only a minor influence.

    As there are random influences you could just save your game and reload, it could also happen that the king refuses and then gives you the fief anyway.
  12. Anfänger Tutorial (in Deutsch) - modifiziert (outdated)

    Vikinger1977 said:
    In den Ordner hatte ich schon reingeschaut und er kam mir auch soweit logisch vor das er das sein könnte. Problem ist hier ein Beispiel das es nicht wohl ein XY koordinate wie in Morghs Editor ist vielleicht auch doch. Nur kann ich die Zahlen nicht zuordnen was für was steht. Die Roten Zahlen sind wohl die Werte die man verändern kann.

    ("town_1","Sargoth",  icon_town|pf_town, no_menu, pt_none, fac_neutral,0,ai_bhvr_hold,0,(-17.6, 79.7),[], 170),

    Für was steht denn jeder dieser Werte also die Bedeutung?
    Wenn du dir den Anfang der Datei anschaust findest du eine (manchmal nicht sehr hilfreiche) Feldbeschreibung
    #  1) Party id: used for referencing parties in other files.
    #    The prefix p_ is automatically added before each party id.
    #  2) Party name.
    #  3) Party flags. See header_parties.py for a list of available flags
    #  4) Menu. ID of the menu to use when this party is met. The value 0 uses the default party encounter system.
    #  5) Party-template. ID of the party template this party belongs to. Use pt_none as the default value.
    #  6) Faction.
    #  7) Personality. See header_parties.py for an explanation of personality flags.
    #  8 ) Ai-behavior
    #  9) Ai-target party
    # 10) Initial coordinates.
    # 11) List of stacks. Each stack record is a triple that contains the following fields:
    #  11.1) Troop-id.
    #  11.2) Number of troops in this stack.
    #  11.3) Member flags. Use pmf_is_prisoner to note that this member is a prisoner.
    # 12) Party direction in degrees [optional]
    Für Ortschaften sind hier eigentlich nur die Koordinaten (-17.6, 79.7) und die Blickrichtung (170) interessant.
  13. Magic Mod: Curtain of Fire. Help me get it released! See first post.

    Austin_Warren said:
    where is this mod i cant find it anywhere
    Perhaps by using the link one and two posts above yours?
  14. SP Fantasy Ak Elâ [White Tree] 0.1 Beta

    михаель said:
    I have a problem with start a fashion. in the beginning everything is normal, the menu opened, game started. After the video when there is the first loading stops on, INI file Processing, after jumps out a mistake, Unable to open failes: CommomRes/ani_walk_sideways.brf, what to do??
    See above
    Kazzan said:
    It's not for Warband, it's for the original M&B.
  15. Compilation of 82 little tweaks to the text files to change your gameplay(links)

    celestialdebut said:
    block of text
    The tweak only works before the script was activated (when you rebelled), after that the name is saved in the save game file.
    After that there are only two ways that the name could be changed:
    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Some mods (not native) allow you to activate the script again, for example you can overwrite the faction name with your character name in Custom Settlement.
    So sorry, that is not applicable in your case.
    [*]The faction name is saved in your save game files, it might be possible to edit it there.
    First make a copy of your original file and then search the file for every occurrence of your faction name and replace it with something you like. The replacement text should be the same length as the original text as I don't know what happens when the file is shorter.
  16. Hit a wall in Prophesy of Pendor

    1. It might be wise to ask these questions in the Prophesy of Pendor board or at least in the Wabrand boards, not in M&B boards.
    2. To become marshal the king has to start a vote. In my experience this happens when the former marshal looses a fight. So if you helped him in his fight you hindered your own progress. :smile:

    I don't know enough about PoP to advise on troops.
  17. New map has cause interesting oddity.

    So far I have found no effect of troops having a faction, I guess it was something that either was never implemented or was removed sometime. Instead all is ruled by faction the leader belongs to.
  18. Possible to be anything more than a rebel with a cause?

    You could try the nexus link (on the download page) but I don't know if it is any faster.
  19. Possible to be anything more than a rebel with a cause?

    sprintingwolf76 said:
    Already looked into it, and from what I can tell, the download itself is busted. Numerous download attempts and still cannot find an extractor that treats it like the archive file the forums says it is. I even downloaded and installed the extractor the moderator recommended in his forums.
    Was the download complete?
    Compare the file size of your downloaded file with the one stated on the download page (127.43MB), if they do not fit the download was interrupted.

    I had this problem several times with downloads but I have no idea what you can do beside trying again or using another download link (if these exist).
  20. New map has cause interesting oddity.

    It looks like there is an error in the file parties.txt, it defines settlement names and troop or reinforcement composition.
    Do you have the troop editor? It can also be used to look at or edit that file.
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