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  1. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Another suggestion I'd like to give, would be the implementation into the engine of the game for firearms combat. Not to turn the core singleplayer game into Counter Strike Bannerlord, but it would give modders a wider array of tools for a wide variety of mod ideas, expanding them to modern combat scenarios and beyond, convincingly.
  2. any plans for vc to being developed for Bannerlord

    sentinel329 said:
    It seems to me that a Bannerlord-Viking Conquest mod would be an excellent candidate for a Kickstarter campaign.

    Hell yes.
  3. Battle of Aescendum

    Wildcard! said:
    apostrophe said:
    CeltiberoCaesar said:
    Hi apostrophe,

    Could you share your savegame and rgl_log? It seems your savegame was corrupted when you quicksave while in the camp...

    Here you go.


    could you maybe explain to me how you fixed this thanks!

    I don't have a solution for it yet.
    Which is good, Mount and Blade is too freaking time consuming for my own good. But still, I have to see this campaign through.
    I'll keep you posted CeltiberoCaesar comes up with something.
  4. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    heh, another use for cattle, sounds good.
  5. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    kalarhan said:
    it would be nicer to have a economy that always keeps you on your toes. Not matter if you are a lord or a great king. Too much money tends to make the game too easy at later stages.

    Rome Total War comes to mind. After a certain income threshold, tens of thousands of denarii per turn, a modifier takes place: governors (generals posted in cities) may acquire a corrupt trait, and if posted still, the trait worsens. Remedy? Take them to the field. Or pray for your empire to collapse lol
  6. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Still no new forum set for the upcoming game? Come on, what's going on.
    My two cents:

    On the new game, I hope there's a revamp for trade mechanics. To me, if the game allows the player to play a trader, and feel as one, the game, mechanically should set this up. Make the world map bring commerce values up as the player invests skill points into trade. Effectively, if I'm playing a dedicated trader, I'd like the game to resemble more a Tycoon game, than Mount and Blade.

    "If you want to play a Tycoon game, go play it, don't play Mount and Blade" you may retort. It's not that; I'm proposing here for the game to go the extra mile. If my character a dumb tough warrior has 0 trade, roleplay-wise any sort of barter beyond buying his own bread would be out of question, realisticly speaking. The opposite, if I'm a charismatic caravan leader, I'll look to the world as a weave of profit flows, and investment decisions will come clear, just as they are presented.

    Playing Viking Conquest and having a little bit of trade ambition, aside from my own volition I felt I was doing it for the novelty. Buying cotton in X Town, sell it in Y town, the sort of data I have to write down and the game doesn't care if I do or don't.

    Also, I vote for random supply and demand of items across the game world. Like this, the character's knowledge, ruled by invested skills, separated from the player's knowledge, acquired reading tips on the internet or replaying the game, will reign, rewarding the trade wise character in his particular playthrough.

    The same roleplay overhaul should go to tactics and leadership. Skilled commanders should be able to see the battle from high above, emulating the Total War games, using it to their advantage, and promoting the player's choices. Also, similar to the trade suggestions I did, politics should be more acessible and shown in the screen, according to maybe Charisma or Leadership. A politically savvy person sees relations between individuals and parties clearly, keeping up to date, being able to analyze and act on intuitively; this should be conveyed in the game. See Crusader Kings 2, for a acclaimed example.
  7. Is Viking Conquest good?

    Go running for it.
    Incredible in every aspect, at least singleplayer campaign wise.

    But do save often.
  8. Find out which villages like me more

    You may donate cattle to them.
  9. -- Official Unofficial 'Ask Questions About Warband Singleplayer Here' Thread --

    jacobhinds said:
    Nope, it's pure sandbox after that.

    Bummer =/ Viking Conquest entirely spoiled me.
    Thank you.
  10. -- Official Unofficial 'Ask Questions About Warband Singleplayer Here' Thread --

    does this game have a storyline like Viking Conquest? Is there anything after the merchant of Vulga's plot against the corrupt captain?
  11. Battle of Aescendum

    CeltiberoCaesar said:
    Hi apostrophe,

    Could you share your savegame and rgl_log? It seems your savegame was corrupted when you quicksave while in the camp...

    Here you go.
  12. Battle of Aescendum

    Looks like it. Tonight I'll annex the file. Thank you.
  13. Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    Celticfury3 said:
    2 things, are we almost there with 2.025 :ohdear:

    and numero dos, what was the inspiration behind the new character models in this game? Im just curious because I liked the ones from the previous game and especially Brytenwalda, but these just seem so...... ugly. And also pertaining to character models their physique also seems to not make alot of sense, they are so upper body strength oriented they look like they have been skipping leg day their whole lives. I ofc dont play this wonderful game and DLC for looks so its really a minor complaint/curiosity, but i was just curious if anyone knew or an admin could tell me the thinking behind the decisions with the character models. Thanks :wink:

    Now that you pointed it, There is an distinct buffiness in some guys. But it's usually the ones armed mail armor. So I suppose it's due to the armor, on top of clothing, on top of the beef that gives the bigness. After all, these are elite dudes, profissional asskickers, with uppertorso potency.
  14. Battle of Aescendum

    Hello all. I'm at the battle of Aescendum part. I died, reloaded my game, and now there isn't a "I'm ready for the battle" line with Alfred. Does it have to do with the quicksave I did while in the Aescendum camp? Anyone  been through this before? I really hope there's a way out, I don't want...
  15. The Last Kingdom, mod for Medieval 2 Total War

    krisvk said:
    Ooh, thank you for making me a aware of this! I had forgotten a lot of the M2TW mods.

  16. Storage in Viking Conquest

    What happens if you lose the fort? The items remain stashed?
  17. unfair starting conditions

    kalarhan said:
    apostrophe said:
    Yes, I bought Warband and the DLCs a month ago

    then you have nothing to worry about concerning autosaves killing you off  :wink:

    No, because I save at every moment, and I believe there's an autosave before battles.

    But still, there is permadeath at plot moments.
    The rebel leader raid in Friese, Doccinga coast defense; the battle with Olvir at Ulf's place; the berserk fight at Ulf's place; Aesculum west seax vs danmark battle
    , I died in all these situations, which meant the "you fall on the ground wounded and hope someone remembers your name" screen, reload the game, start obligatory dialogue with everyone involved and then try the fight part again.

    This is not game-breaking, but it is awfully frustrating, and work wonders to break the flow of an othewise fluid and down to earth game. Is it beyond Mount and Blade engine to reload a fight lost? Black Hawk Dawn comes to mind. A RPG blew you up out of friggin nowhere and you've been at it for 10 minutes? Reload, and open yer eyes kid, you'll find and shoot that guy sooner or later!

    actually, I get furious mad at this. Here we have a game that is harsh, but fair, to the player, giving him a phetora of elements to play with, keeping in sight the prizes you'll have for striving on and on, growth at every effort you put at it.

    And here comes a plot battle. You try a hit at a wrong moment, your character is struck and you fall, bloodied. "Ok, stumble 7 times, stand up 8" as you have, being taken prisoner dozens of time, running scared from petty bandit patrols, having to gather once again a party and valiantly trudging on, showing those bandits you're worth your mettle.

    Then comes the crow screen, hit ok, cue menu screen and music. What the ****. Really.
  18. unfair starting conditions

    kalarhan said:
    apostrophe said:
    I'm playing Ironman-like,

    unless you are playing a very old save that is not a concern. You can't start storyline with ironman since at least RE (1 year ago).

    Yes, I bought Warband and the DLCs a month ago, in the Steam sale, and have been playing it since. My experience is with the game at its most fresh.
  19. unfair starting conditions

    kraggrim said:
    I don't think there's a way around that for story stuff. They'd need to implement branching storylines for the possibility of capture in every story event. Would add massive complexity.

    Unless you were just released and then try again with no NPCs acknowledging that you'd already tried.

    That's mightly elegant, and a top mark design-wise in an RPG. And equally complicated to produce, as you know.

    I was thinking simply of respawning. No risk of losing (dear) progress nor time.
    I'm playing Ironman-like, with only one save slot, but to die and throw my character in the trash? Well, screw you, sir.
  20. unfair starting conditions

    But do save every so often. You never know when you'll be in a plot sensitive fight, which if you die, you really die, and if you didn't save recently...  :dead:
    **** Doccinga shore defense battle taught me that

    This is one of the few gripes I have with the mod, the game surely is epic and wishes to convoy that with important encounters, but this "you die you die" at the most sensitive moments is a hugh turn off. In no other moment of the game you really die, you are taken prisoner!

    I'm at the Aesculum(correct?) battle, as West Seax, and I've died two times, after the second or third dane wave. I'm playing with 300 pop, so I suppose the battle wil rage for quite a number of waves. Having died twice means having to talk to Aethereld once more, listening to his battle speech once more... I'm trying again tonight (and that's right, a third time listening to the his speech) and I'm just going to chill in the back. It's cowardly, but I really don't have the patience
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