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  1. Scene editor constant crashes on map testing

    I'm trying to make scene for bannerlord, and my latest problem is that I get this error code when i try to test map as mounted player: C:\Develop\MB3\Source\Engine\Rlg\rglgraphics_command_list_d3dllcpp:486 I've learned to move the scnobj of my map into the first map available in custom game...
  2. Just give up and start over at this point

    Imo it's been an over complicated process in every respect as far as I can tell. Again, just my personal opinion, stop patching this clunky patchwork so much. Get it in good working order and make patches more infrequent, being that each patch brings more technical problems, not to mention a game shouldn't keep changing every patch, i.e the World of Warcraft model.
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