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  1. Need More Info xbox on PC not launching

    I literally went EVERYWHERE and deleted things, even the registry.
    With that log, I would try to find those .dll files and see if you are having conflicts with onedrive, permission, or antivirus.
  2. Need More Info xbox on PC not launching

    It turns out there was a file stuck in my Onedrive. I don't use my Onedrive. I even deleted the app. It was a pain, but I removed the file and I was able to open it.
    I think for some reason the game was trying to load the file from Onedrive and couldn't get to it, so it just froze.
  3. Need More Info xbox on PC not launching

    Summary:when I lauch game from xbox app on PC the game goes to the PLAY/COntinue screen and either button does not start game. It hangs and never launches. I connot end task in task manager either. I have reinstalled a couple times and even deleted EVERYTHING before reinstalling. How to...
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