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  1. Elite unit caps

    Gross suggestion, make the ai better, leave the player alone.
  2. Add Ways to Lose Renown - Limit the Number of Tier 5 and 6 Clans

    Agree, maybe they could just lock high clan tiers behind fief ownership and titles ie clan 6 is faction heads, and tier 5 has to hold a town.
  3. For the love of god, make clan parties NOT donate troops to garrisons

    This is another issue in the game, because currently the game uses the tactic skill of the army leader only, for simulated battles, the tactic skill of the army members have no effect, causing good party leaders be captured, because someone with a tactic skill under 200, has created an army.

    Armies should be limited by tactic skill.
    That would be awful, I would never be able to lead an army. I don't think I've ever gotten it to 150, there is no obvious way to grind it other than autoresolving battles that will wipe out half your army.
  4. Cavalry AI needs to improve a lot

    Not even sure it's an ai issue, spears suck in the game and most cav have spears so they suck as a consequence. And many like catphracts have very short one handed weapon that literally can't reach any enemies if you are mounted. Using some custom troop mods I gave my cav bill hooks and other swingable polearms and they perform okay.
    So imo cav needs increased charge damage(as it's currently nonexistent) and there needs to be a full spears and Lance rework.
  5. Small Request for Sturgia

    Why are you arguing with me about it? All I said is that kyle needs to work on his reading skills...
    He is arguing because you don't understand my point which is that sturgia has less villages so less recruits. I did not suggest the op wanted less villages. You my friend are illiterate
  6. Make spears great again

    Get the rbm mod, it isn't perfect but spears perform great on it.
  7. Small Request for Sturgia

    Sturgeon towns mostly have 2 villages, they are on top of the weakest combat faction, the weakest economically as well. To your point though less villages means less recruitment
  8. About Smithing

    Their smithing system is the worst in gaming history. They should remove the refining system entirely. Stamina should be removed or made to replenish anywhere, and you should be able to buy smithing Materials, then someone with an iq higher than room temperature should rebalance the economy such that workshops that moves thousands of pounds of raw materials are more profitable that like 2 crafted swords.
  9. My first post but why isn't there any severed limbs?

    Because you donthave the dismemberment mod downloaded
  10. Disorganized State?

    I understand why they did it. Battles pause the campaign map time, it's a way to "simulate" the time the battle took so you can't fight 50 parties in a cheesy one on one manner
  11. Build defensive siege engines

    Are you sure? I've never been able to control what is built when defending a settlement I own.
    There are some perks that start the settlement with some things in place, not sure if you can replace those, but I've never not been able to build unless the settlement wasn't mine.
    I defended vostrum a few days ago, I was the only party there and it let me build what I wanted though it wasn't my fief.
  12. Build defensive siege engines

    To control what is built it either has to be your settlement, or the owner of the settle has to not be there.
  13. Economy Changes with 1.8 and onwards

    The idea that the equipment economy should be a separate issue is exactly why the bannerlord economy makes no sense. It is patently absurd that a few two handed swords or a noble longbow cost enough to fund your army for a year. Price of all goods and passive incomes needs to go up significantly and price of all weapons and armor need to drop significantly.
  14. Why is the battle AI so poor in comparison to Warband?

    I had quite a few times where they would set up on a hill and rather annoyingly pepper my retinue with arrows and try to pull back when I got close to them. Other times they would just flat out charged as would your infantry if you were using a mod that used a battle cam system. The thing is though, the AI was still functional. Was it bare bones? Yes, but it worked well enough and didn't break the immersion or frustrate you due to HORRIBLE friendly AI.
    If you want to see something frustrating hop in Bannerlord, get a retinue of 200 elite troops, die and watch how fast they fall even if they manage to pull ahead of the enemies in kills before you do so. I have used mods like "Warbandlord" to make elite unites worth a damn by overhauling the rather **** armor system and rebalancing health values closer to vanilla Warband. You will lose dozens of troops within a minute of going down, even if they don't route. No idea why, they just...die. It is kind of absurd.
    Oh I don't deny that bannerlord ai is terrible, I have seen the same thing. Winning by 2 to 1 margin, I go down and then all the dying units are mine.
  15. Warfighting Styles

    The best strategy is recruit clans, looks for clans with no settlements and buy them off. Once you have about 20 you don't need to participate. The ai will conquer the world for you.
  16. The tactical way: beyond the melee cluster

    If you use the engage command they March in formation though they still do dumb stuff in, shield wall turns its back on archers so it can chase one guy on a horse
  17. Remove Tournament Armor

    Doesn't bother me, tournament's are easy let the ai have its cheats.
  18. The game needs diplomacy

    I think not aggression pact and time limits on truces would be good. But I think alliances would break the game. Vlandia and khuzait team up and it's game over.
  19. Field battle complaints

    Ai is terrible, unless you or the ai can win the battle on your own or you are in command of an army don't bother helping.
  20. Equipment Costs & Troop Upgrade Costs make no sense

    Use banner kings mod, it's Economy makes sense. Devs show no interest in fixing it.
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