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  1. Is the game in a good state atm?

    Okay, thanks for the opinions everyone. guess I'll just wait
  2. Is the game in a good state atm?

    Hey. I've been taking a break from the game for a few months now because it had alot of issues. I last played it at ~ April. Do you think the game is in a good state for me & other players to come back? Or should I wait it out a bit more?
  3. should there be a cultural variety of armor and weapons in the game?

    The Chinese factions are there. Its just way off the map on the east and you cannot see them.
    modern problems require modern solutions
  4. [Dev responds] No patch for 2 days

    I don't remember Warband being "deep" with features. Maybe because I haven't played it for so long, but if you're saying Warband has more features than Bannerlord you're delusional. The only thing I'd say that Warband does better than Bannerlord is the kingdom diplomacy (which isn't even in bannerlord yet, and I'm sure when it eventually will be it'll become even better than Warband's), and how the endgame plays out much better. But, they'll make it work out the same way they made the kingdom steamrolling issue disappear even though it was game breaking. These changes will just come over time and I'll have to accept that. I disagree with people who think that because Warband have NPCs teaching you poems that nobody cared about and only did it because it's necessary then it means it has more features that Bannerlord. I played Native Warband for atleast 1 year before I started touching mods, and alot of the stuff that I wished was in the game back then has made it to Bannerlord. In my opinion, the only thing I'm somewhat disappointed about in Bannerlord is that the AI is still pretty dumb. I really hoped that it'd been much smarter but I think it's getting worked on.

    My point was, they should focus on fixing or adding new and improved features instead of balancing these simple things that take up time. Ofcourse progress is progress, but I feel like it's more important to focus on the big
    onding to include us into the development even if they don't have such an obligation at all, for example after no man's sky's disastrous ''full'' release devs disappeared for three months without responding nor announcing a damn thing and vast majority of people who bought or planning to buy the game
    I didn't know this. In all the EA games I've been apart of the dev team has been very active on the forums and responding to players, which is why I thought it was standard. I'll appreciate that more and stop taking it for granted.
  5. [Dev responds] No patch for 2 days

    Now people started to complain because there wasn't a patch during weekend and daily patches aren't big?? This is just ridiculous in another level, LMAO!!..
    On the other hand soon nobody will be left who is taking this forum seriously...
    Hahaha it might've gone across as complaining but that wasn't my intention at all. in addition, this whole lockdown thing got me lost on time since we're all in our homes all day.
  6. 12GB update problem.

    For each update? They're always like 1-3GB for me.
  7. [Dev responds] No patch for 2 days

    For 3-4 days I worked on lords to have better tier troops. It will be at beta branch 2-3 days later.

    Here is latest situation after developments, as you see tier1 / tier2 troops are generally 25%+20% = 45% of all troops. It was 45%+25% = 70% before. Also now NPC lords will be visiting settlements & recruting more to fill their party size (more compared current version). Previously they were going enemy lands more frequently with less men (using 60-70% of their party size in average with additions this ratio will be 70-80%). Also if they have lots of wounded troops they now go settlement and rest more. Armies will care their food more. Sally out exploit (if you lay siege with neutral army thing) will be gone. You will not be able to change troops of villagers / caravans / militias with donate troops option. NPC lords will make better economical management, if they are rich they will recruit more and increase party / garrison sizes (this was already at game but developed). All these improvements will be at beta branch soon (2-3 days).


    Also decreased lords escaping probability by 25% / 50% (from mobile party / from settlement). This will be later decreased more when replacement heroes are added to game. Currently it is risky to reduce very much because replacements are not added and some clans only have 1-2 lords. This addition (slightly decreased escaping probability) will be at beta too 2-3 days later.

    Also you will be able to hire a caravan including better troops with 50% expensive initial cost and daily wage. However party size will stay at 30. Later new perks will be added giving +5 size to player caravans. I tested latest situation in lots of different save games and still caravans are very good value and travel with very low risk in most cases. I think we lost lots of time discussing this 30 thing. It was something needed and minor compared to other issues. People overreacted it before testing / playing enough.
    Wow, amazing job. Glad this is getting worked on. In my experience with caravans after the patch, they were still a good investment and I was generating 700-1000 denars per day off it. It didn't get attacked as much as I expected, and I was able to eventually profit. I don't know about other people but that was my situation so I didn't really understand what the fuss was about.

    I'm happy that the devs are reading feedback even though the initial post came across as bashing. Keep up the great work, I can't wait to test out these new changes to the AI Lord.
  8. [Dev responds] No patch for 2 days

    Really complaining about 2 days no patch? Serious?
    Not really complaining I was just curious. Still enjoying the game & supporting the team.
  9. [Dev responds] No patch for 2 days

    It looks like they’ve removed the patch notes threads that had been pinned before, maybe they’re preparing for a new update soon.
    They didn't remove the thread they just unpinned it. Not sure why
  10. [Dev responds] No patch for 2 days

    There's a patch coming out right now, 1.1.2. I'm pretty sure it's going to be disappointing.
    How'd you know? Is there a website that shows when patches come out?
  11. [Dev responds] No patch for 2 days

    I hope they've taken into consideration what everyone said and they're working on something rather than changing values and balancing. In my opinion, I think they should focus on finishing all the perks first, and then maybe add a way that prevents all lords from having 75% of their army...
  12. Here's what the Singleplayer need

    1. Banners randomly sticking up on the battlefield as troop dies (that would first require banners amirite boys)
    2. Swords piercing the dirt at different angles
    3. Make the large battles leave a temporary spot on the map, let us venture and explore fields of dead people, maybe add quests, events (and ****ing crows eating the deads) and encounters in them, how cool would it be to like live long enough to have a son leading an army, and as the war against whichever faction snowballed the best decided it was time for you to disapear under hordes of 10k armies have your son die in a battle, and finding that one battle on the map, just to see bandits and other plebs looting his body before you cut them up and have them beg for life while your retinue is sharpening the execution axe
    4. Way more options do play as a thug and establish an underworld empire
    Definitely cool feature but it isn't something SP needs at the moment. I hope they do stuff like this once SP is more fleshed out though
  13. What is the cheapest build you need to play it 1080p 1000 men

    I want to buy a PC to play it. I was playing it through a GeForce now, but I want to use mods. What is the absolute cheapest build I can do to play it 1080p with 1000 men no meter graphics
    Whatever build you end up with its a must to get 16GB+ RAM. No matter what specs you have if you've got 8GB ram or lower you will suffer, atleast as the current state of the game. You can also try getting a SSD but I heard bannerlord destroys your SSD
  14. Combat AI is still broken in my game

    e1.2.0 on Challenging difficulty - I'm still able to spam left click after a block to kill pretty much everyone. Only a few of the t5+ units manage to block, with even those not being consistent.
    There is now the occasional block before a fight starts with most units, but once enemies start swinging, they revert back to their suicidal tendencies from the previous patch.

    Starting a new game yields the same results.
    Temporary fix, use the Enhanced Mission Change AI mod
  15. Decent mods that'll improve gameplay for you, including the old AI combat.

    If you're like me, then you like to play Bannerlord how the devs intended without unnecessary mods which tweak stats and values. However, with the current state of the game, some mods are absolutely needed if you want to be able to play the game. I'll be showing you the mods I'm using that makes...
  16. Poor game performance

    When I first got the game it ran terrible, now lately it runs a bit better with performance updates and some tweaking but it's still no way near smooth on my PC I manage to play some pretty demanding games like witcher 3 and they run fine so I am unsure why this runs so poorly.

    I have

    8gb RAM
    AMD Radeon R200 Series
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400 CPU 2.71GHz
    No SSD

    I play on medium graphics with shadows, bloom, grass and blur disabled and very low sound channels

    If my game is poor because of my equipment please let me know and perhaps suggest what I could upgrade to if it's the game itself would be nice to know.

    Thank you
    This game demands alot of RAM for some reason and it's unplayable if you have 8gb RAM for some people. If you have 16gb you should be good other than that you'll be suffering.

    Check out this guide, it's really helpful and with some setlaunch options + following that guide + performance patches, I generally have no FPS drop or stutters unless it's the beginning of a big battle.
  17. New economy changes are very good for the long-term health of the game, disregard the criticism.

    I just wanted to express my support for the recent economy changes, specifically the changes regarding the previously overpowered caravans. Many people will complain because they have grown accustomed to easy money through caravans and some specific workshops.

    What people have to understand is that these passive sources of income were never meant to allow you to breeze through the rest of the game, they are only meant to cover your party upkeep costs. After that, if you want to afford something else, say some of the most expensive pieces of equipment in the game, then you need other sources of income, such as loot from lords or perhaps acquiring fiefs and collecting tax.

    These additional non-passive sources of income are meant to go straight into your pocket after the daily upkeep/income changes. And then two things can happen:
    1) Your enterprises (caravans and workshops) are doing well, with no hiccups.
    2) One or more of your caravans could've been defeated by bandits, or maybe one or more of your workshops could've been taken over by a faction your faction is currently at war with.
    If 2) happens, then you need to re-invest into said enterprises with the money you've been gathering from elsewhere. But if 1) happens, then you can safely purchase that new piece of equipment you've been saving up for.

    Not everything is meant to be risk-free, every playthrough is not meant to be identical, earning money is not meant to be garantueed. You need to plan ahead, you need to save money, and you need to be prepared for multiple eventualities, and not just dead set on the fact that you'll always continue amassing wealth.

    - But the most broken form of income was from defeating enemy lords!
    Yes, this has been mentioned to be on TW's radar and will be fixed.
    - But I don't know what to do now!
    Lower the difficulty.
    - The game is supposed to be about fun! Not about grinding!
    Hard is fun, easy is boring.

    Edit: I'd like to make a suggestion regarding when Caravans are caught and destroyed.
    Instead of having to purchase a new one, instead make it so that the Caravan and whoever was leading it, is out of commission for a week or two, and then after that starts working again, during this week or two you'll still be paying their wages, but atleast you won't have to spend 18k on a new caravan. I think that'd be a good middle-ground here.
  18. The 4 main reasons why I'm gonna stop playing

    3) Escaping prisoners. I don't like the idea to behead every character in the game, so I always try to throw them in the dungeons, but most of the time they have already escaped before I reach one.
    Pretty sure if you have to garisson prisoners can escape easily.
  19. Patch Notes e1.1.1 & Beta Hotfix

    All changes mentioned above.
    Someone please tell me what they mean by this? What changes are they talking about
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