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  1. Patch Notes v1.1.2

    So I'm expected to just start over for the......10th time?

    U really need to find a way to make saves carry over.
  2. This last xbox update messed up combat badly

    And inside of combat, I'm seeing both armies just stand and stare at each other a lot of times. No engagement or firing arrows, they just stand there. Usually I have to go and attack until I get myself killed, then the ai engages, and then the enemy wins even if I have hundreds more troops.
  3. Completely kill off main factions

    I vaguely remember a dev responding that they were working on faction destruction and the possibility of new factions appearing, so at last there might be light at the end of the (for some odd reason, very long) tunnel.
    I would love that. Seems like I'm just gonna need to step away from the game for a bit and let it mature before spending 100s more hours just to restart every patch drop.
  4. Massive jaggedy grey blue blop on my overworld

    I really wish I could post a picture, but there's this massive jagged Grey blob on my overworld right now. I'm on X/S and on the latest patch. My game is crashing more than ever and now this big a$$ blob. Why do I keep playing and starting over 😞. I'm gonna have to treat this game like total war...
  5. Patch Notes v1.1.1

    I never even had any of these crashed but now my game is crashing all the time. So I have to start over again. This is so frustrating man!
  6. Completely kill off main factions

    Choppy Choppy, stab stab
    So just behead them all? That's about what I'm doing now
  7. Completely kill off main factions

    Is this possible? Caladog has no holdings but is now just roaming around and raiding all of my little towns and killing villagers (very rude, these used to be his people!). Execute them all? Or what.
  8. Battles too easy

    Yeah im finding that enemies just stand on hilltops now and I can sweep through them with my calvalry.
  9. Charge command not working properly

    At first I thought it was just for infantry and just for the charge command. But seems like almost all the commands might be messed up except follow me
  10. Patch Notes v1.1.0

    You have 20+ units? Need 20 for it to show.
    Thank you for this info. No I did not have 20+ units. I have 17 now so I will try again after I get a few more recruits. I have confirmed the infantry charge command is bugged. It happened on my friends game as well after I told him to test that. Engage command works.
  11. Patch Notes v1.1.0

    On xbox X/S, pre battle deployment is still broken 😓 I've only attacked bandits and forest bandits so far, but the battle starts right up. No deployment screen.

    Also, I told my infantry to charge and they just stood there. Archers and cav charged tho.
  12. Patch Notes v1.1.0

  13. Patch Notes v1.1.0

    Holding out hope for the weekend 🤞
    Same dude. Please please please be ready by the weekend!
  14. Patch Notes v1.1.0

    Another day of waiting :sad:
  15. Patch Notes v1.1.0

    Thanks for the kind words. We don't like this situation either. But I do understand the reason behind the anger and the tone of the comments.
    Please know that we are working as hard as we can to publish the patch as soon as possible.
    I just bought and downloaded napoleonic wars and viking expansion on steam. Wish they were on the X|S, but thisll do for now. Good luck with the bug squishing!!!
  16. Patch Notes v1.1.0

    This issue is also under investigation at the moment. I can confirm we are aware of this issue.

    Thanks for pizza and redbulls! We are working hard to push the patch to your hands as soon as possible. We can't give any ETA's because the patching process is not entirely in our control due to platforms and how they work. And also there is always a chance of something going wrong even if we do everything by the book.
    Yeah, I know Microsoft is a pain in the arse for how strict they are about patches and updates. Just know we are all rooting for you guys and all the anger is there because we love this game so much!
  17. How long until my save is fixed?

    Maybe this was all a ploy by them to get the community more active on their forums lmao
    well it's definitely working! The moderators must have been getting bored :grin:
  18. Xbox series X Issue

    Of the platforms listed for the roll back only the last gen Xbox One was having crash issues. No issues with the update on the current gen Series X/S consoles. Until the revert at least.
    mostly no issues on x|s but i did have the bug where there was no Order of Battle / set up phase when I attacked bandits. Threw me straight into the fight.
  19. Xbox series X Issue

    lol look at all of us that created accounts just to find out whats going on.
  20. Game being reverted to previous version

    I guess I should be happy that developers are releasing games to second class console players at all but they really need to stop trying to support old gen consoles ASAP. Game was fine on Series X and now those saves are corrupted.
    It was mostly fine on series X. I did have that bug where there was no Battle Order and attacks started immediately without the set up phase. Still, just hotfix it! My wife is gone all weekend! I just want to play but can't do that until the update is live again!
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