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  1. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Apologies for the double post but trying to go to the last page of the thread where my post is gives me a bad gateway so no way to edit the previous post.

    Upon further testing it looks like it only happens if you choose 20 as your starting age. 30, 40 and 50 don't have this issue.
  2. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Anyone else getting bloated female characters even without touching the weight and build sliders?

  3. Mod to make wife milkable?

    It's a meme that's going around, there's also a Steam thread for Stardew valley and I think I've seen something related to the sims as well.

  4. Can we please have perks implemented?

    Agree with OP. Please indicate which perks are implemented and which are placeholders.

    You are one of the most toxic blind fans of the game (in the sense that you defend the indefensible with blind eyes) and now you are waking up, well, better late then never, maybe by mistake you will also realize that most of what you see as trolling, was actually not...hahahhaha so much fun reading all of you starting to open your eyes:smile:))

    No one is "waking up" just now that the refactor is done and the updates are coming again there's feedback to give instead of just trolling your "TW BAD" crowd. Even people like MostBlunted from your camp have switched from trolling to reasoned constructive feedback. Maybe you should get with the times.
  5. Marriage - please make it less "random"

    Agreed, the courting system is very uninspired and should be more organic.
  6. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.0

    One of my companion died in battle and he is now listed as dead on the encyclopedia. Thing is, he took his gear with him to the afterlife, he had decent gear which makes me wonder if I should ever give my companions top tier gear. I think your fallen companion's gear should go to your character's inventory.

    I'm not sure if perma death as working for MC and lords, I might test this out later.

    Why would his gear go to your inventory? It would get lumped in with the rest of the battlefield loot to be divided into spoils for the victorious.
  7. Anyone noticed Sturgia's armors changed?

    Oh yeah, it's not even just the padding. A "shelf" as someone put it would actually be a weak point in the armor as it wouldn't deflect blows as well.
  8. Something is rotten in Calradia

    They should work for months until they have a **** load of stuff to do and release it all at once so the player wont get tired, the game will feel way more dynamic because of the amount of things to do and they will have more time to work on more stuff.
    The best we have now is celebrating at the end of a fight, which is nice, but, its like a the tiniest grain of salt

    Have you been paying attention to the forums the past few months they were doing the refactor? I think if they did this there are a few people who would stroke out.
  9. Anyone noticed Sturgia's armors changed?

    It is a thing for sure.
  10. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.3

    I actually had the first crash in what feels like a couple of months earlier this week entering a castle an army I was in had just captured.
  11. Something is rotten in Calradia

    I'd rather them focus on getting the rebellions and crime syndicates out tbh
  12. Anyone noticed Sturgia's armors changed?

    to quote myself:


    Oh I know, I was just pointing out the hypocrisy of citing the historical accuracy of armor on women while purposefully ignoring the historical accuracy of them rarely being on the field. Personally I miss my sword sisters of WB, I always enjoyed going around with an all female band trouncing lords. But if you are going to argue historical accuracy of one part don't discount the accuracy of the other.
  13. Something is rotten in Calradia

    I would like feasts for the RP factor but I'm not going to sue TW if they don't make the final cut.
  14. Anyone noticed Sturgia's armors changed?

    But if they keep it realistic, incels and "real gamers" would whine and cry and rage, and people would make videos about the end of gaming due to feminism and sjw's refusing gamers the boobs that they should get

    But if they kept it realistic you'd find women leading armies to a minimum if at all and you'd have the other camp screaming about misogyny and sexism.
  15. Something is rotten in Calradia

    I have never said its a great game. Im just saying its not as bad as some people keep posting again and again, while saying untruthful things.
    Didn't you know? You're either with them or against them. There is no middle ground.
  16. I simply don't want to play the game and that's sad.

    A lot of veterans chiming in with similar views.

    I've been playing M&B since 2009 before Warband was even a thing. It's not that I don't recognize the game needs work, it's that I recognize that the whole point of EA is to do that work on a game and therefore I judge it based on where the devs say they want to go with it and the progress I see being made. The refactor was a big undertaking so yes, I can forgive a certain lack of obvious improvement with the understanding that the real improvement is the ability to make future changes. Now that they are done with the refactor, I fully expect to resume seeing obvious improvements on a somewhat regular basis. And we already got one of those a couple of weeks ago, with another big patch stated to be on the way. We still have 7 to 8 months before we reach a year of it being out in EA. That's plenty of time to add and tweak additional features. Even then, while most of the dissidents here seem to have decided the year is a deadline, it's not. If they decide it needs more work they will continue to add to it after then.
  17. I simply don't want to play the game and that's sad.

    Yeah, I mean if it's still in the same state with no new features next spring I'll be upset. But finishing the game isn't going to happen overnight like some people seem to expect so I can give them the benefit of the doubt for now.
  18. Had i known development was going to be this slow for the single-player experience, i wouldn't have bought Bannerlord.

    As long as we are in EA, features can be added; after that, its another story; I quoted you as duels is pretty possible, in the quest spy among us, you actually duel the NPC you pick out. So its just up to TW to add the event option somewhere.

    If this is a feature complete game, I'm pretty sure nobody will buy it at release. Steams scores will be killed, doom. but it's not feature complete; and referring to posts of a developer who is not perfect English, and drawing conclusions from it, is ... sad. The result will be no other employees will join the board and updates will come through the normal (slow and vague) channels.

    And then we'll have even more posting of how little communication we are getting with absolutely no cognizance of the role they played in it.
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