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  1. Resolved Clan is no longer giving birth

    I have read that the entire clan has a general limit around 60 but have not been confirmed. I'm in the third generation with 52 and have had 3 couples all marry at 18. Both spouses 18. They managed to get to 32 sitting in cities doing nothing but trying to have more kids got zero till my king died then almost instantly got 1 more pregnancy, my hopes went up but a few years later still stuck at 52. Over 100 hours on a playthrough in the hopes of making a fully customizable army only to get stuck at 52 has totally killed the game for me.
    Anyone make it to anything higher or have news to give me hope? I play on xbox.
    Seems my issue was the same as yours. I believe the around 60 max clan numbers is true even tho not confirmed, it makes the most sense for this situation. I have not let my king die yet to get the same results, but since you mentioned a birth came later after he died, makes sense also. I also tried creating a large family to try and create a custom army too. This situation has killed and taken the fun out of the game for me also.

    I think that once you become a ruler, you should be able to alter or create your own troops. It would make us chill out on trying to grow large families to fill that role. Also be something worth putting hours into the game to become a ruler with more control on what you can do...
  2. Create custom or alter troop lines once you become a ruler.

    I am sure this has been said a thousand times but just to add my suggestion. I think once you become a ruler, you should be able to create or alter troops within your culture. I think this would add more to the end game. And even solve issues that you feel your culture lacks. I dont see why it...
  3. Resolved Clan is no longer giving birth

    Every child born is decreasing the chance for another child for parents. Are there any married NPC's that does not have any child?
    The 7 young spouses/wives i mentioned before have no children at all. The oldest marriage i have out of the 7 is about 14 years. This wife is the oldest of the 7 at age 34. Only 2 wives out of the 7, are now in two year old marriages since i sat in the town for those two years. While sitting in the town for 2 years none of the 7 have gave birth. I used the "wait for some time" feature while doing this. So i guess you could say it has been 14 years since any one has had children.

    Early game, i would get children quick. Weirdly i dont think i got less than 3. I'd change the wives and husbands all to virile perk (idk if spelled right.) At times some wives had up to 5 children. I have about 63 family members. My clan was a baby making machine. Then it just stopped happening completely. Wives with no children are not giving birth.

    The only NPCs im seeing give birth now are just others clans in the feed.

    I was making children as my routine to make sure each role i provided them with would always be filled. I usually didnt bother with trying to have children after the wife was 35, as i thought that was the cut off age.

    I have sat at my town many times. Especially when i would smelt weapons, wait for more bandit hideouts to appear, or wait for some one to arrive to my party. So any of those times waiting should have triggered a baby. I am pretty positive it has came to a halt.

    My only proof is that i sat in a town for 2 years straight and no babies from those 7 wives. Which i found odd. It caught my attention because my routine seemed to no longer work.

    I figured maybe a recent update may have messed up my game or added a bug. But during my research, i found other gamers claiming that once they had 40 to 60 clan members, they noticed they were not getting births anymore (on a reddit thread). I assume they just started over, or just moved on as it has not been brought up in this forum.

    I can provide names, ages, and how long the wives have been married that have no children if that helps anything.
  4. Resolved Clan is no longer giving birth

    Your spouse should be younger than 45 years. How old is she? There is no hard limit on birth numbers.
    I have many under 45. Maybe about 6 or 7 right now. They are under 35. I have read on reddit that a few people believe they have ran into this issue with high clan numbers. Seems between 40 to 60ish clan members. Thank you for the reply.

    After replying, I did another sit through for a year. No luck. I never had any issues before. I had as many as 5 kids with some. Def feel there is a bug or something. Let me know what else I can do to help. The longest marriage that hasnt gotten preg, is from 1161. I am in year 1175. Shes 34.

    I messaged you the reddit link for the same claim, not sure if helps but maybe more proof.
  5. Resolved Clan is no longer giving birth

    Summary: I am on day 7612. So I have been through the process of having children for my clan many times. Mostly just changing the virile perk. I have about 63 clan member, family. I have been trying to create a family to replace soldiers my army lacks, sturgian. The wives are archers on horse...
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