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  1. All the tier lists are wrong, and here's why

    Because there's currently no meaningful downside to going with 100% Tier 6 units in your army. If you manage all the training, there should definitely be a payoff - but the only downside (higher wages) is meaningless in most cases. I'm not saying this has to change by the way.

    There is also the downside of the extra investment of time and attention it takes to get and maintain a near max tier army.
  2. All the tier lists are wrong, and here's why

    So many players are just obsessed in general with max rank units, both in how strong they and in getting them as quickly as possible (hence complaints about xp nerfs to looters), that the value of mid ranked units is completely lost.
  3. Freely choose each troop

    It may not be much of a challenge, but it sure would be fun.

    Depends on how many of the looters have rocks...
  4. Add settlement patrols

    Towns, and perhaps castles, should automatically pull mounted units from their garrison to form a party that will patrol around the primary settlement and between that settlement's bound villages to hunt down bandits, protect villager parties, and enemy parties attempting to raid villages...
  5. Ransom back your soldiers

    Ransom Brokers are brokers after all, not just ransom buyers. It would make sense that you should be able to talk to them to pay soldiers' ransom in exchange for them joining your party. The available troops could be some combination randomly generated troops (including bandits and minor clan troops) and troops that have been ransomed recently. That said, the availability of these troops ought to be kind of limited in quantity, since you'd expect that since these brokers are 100% ethical, their families would be given priority on ransom buy outs, so wouldn't be available to any random lord/party leader that walks into the tavern.

    We can just pretend this is also how AI lords get their respawn armies which somehow always come with a few high level troops.
  6. Unit/Troop Tree Viewer

    At very least we should be able to rotate their model in the encyclopedia to get a better look at their loadout, though it would still be better if it just told us.
  7. we are Early Access players.

    Remember the coup attempt that happened in Turkey a few years ago? That's not the kind of thing you bring up in an interview about your game.

    In my experience, both in working on games and being part of other early access launches, I haven't seen anything to be concerned about so far. Would more communication or a roadmap be nice? Sure, but I don't mind that they'd rather they spend their resources (attention/budget/etc.) working on the game and with their families than working on the forums where half the topics are people complaining and accusing them of being liars or money grubbers.

    We've seen more individual updates in just over a month of early access than many early access games see in over a year. The way the forums are now, you'd think they hadn't released any updates since launch.
  8. we are Early Access players.

    Feature complete? Can i get trait please? Some perks that work? Maybe a handful of 5 minute repetative quest. Im tired of seeing the same five lines of dialog. Pretty sure ive rescued the locals duaghter 100 times. She refuses to stop running away. As far as i can see ONE feature is complete. Combat.

    I didn't say this game was feature complete, just that even when a game is feature complete, it's nowhere near done. There is also a difference between unimplemented perks and a missing character perk system, or a low variety of repeatable quests and not having any repeatable quests at all, or a missing faction and a faction that is undertuned.

    But hey, **** me for trying to keep things positive, right?
  9. we are Early Access players.

    Main quest lmfao pahahaha aaaaaah good one, good one.
    I'm sure I'll complete once or twice... eventually.
  10. we are Early Access players.

    And lots of people here forget (or weren't there when) we have been promised a near complete EA. Fanboys don't seem to understand the source of the negative feedback. They still carry the same tune nevertheless, "It's EA! ehehehehe". Thank you, we know.

    Link? IIRC, the EA was released sooner than they would have liked (in terms of completeness) due to events in Turkey (and globally) setting back their production setting.

    Plus "near complete" can mean different things to different people. It's not like there is no MP available, or the main quest is missing from the SP campaign. Just because a game is feature complete doesn't mean it still doesn't have a lot of work left to be done on it.
  11. we are Early Access players.

    Thanks for reminding us it's Early Access, I nearly forgot.
    A lot of people seem to forget this fact when they post here.
  12. how to get lords to support a policy?

    Do lords change their opinion on different policies depending if they benefit from them or not? I feel like they should.
  13. Destructible trees

    I just mean the saplings that are barely taller than a mounted horseman whose trunk is only a few centimeters thick, not the full grown trees.
  14. Too many noble trees are just heavy cav

    Sturgians are Kievan Rus, not Scandinavians. The Druzhinik are fine.

    And absolutely do not touch the brigand/horse raider branch. They are unique, fun to use, and one of the few strengths of the Sturgian troop lines.

    Aserai are not Arab-based, they're North African-based. Their troops are fine.

    It seems like you think there's a problem with having a lot of noble lines being heavy cavalry and are trying to shoehorn a solution to it. I don't think there's a problem at all and your proposed solutions would actually create one.

    Kievan Rus has was founded by scandinavian conquers/settlers that mixed with local slavs and mixed with their culture over time. It would make sense that while they have adopted Druzhinik into their regular army, their leaders would still prefer the nordic style of fighting, at least for now.

    Still, if you like brigand line, then the tier 5 druzhiniks don't have to replace them. Having a noble huskarl line makes having 2 tier 5 shield infantry types kinda redundant anyways.

    The first 8 words of the dev blog section describing the Aserai are: "The Aserai are based on the Arab tribes"

    You don't think 4 out of 6 of the tier 6 troop lines leading to functionally the same unit is kinda boring and makes the factions a bit too similar?
  15. Add a world map overlay that shows village and settlement info

    1. is shown
    2. can be seen a the central town.
    3. would be the most direct path.
    4. yes should be implemented.

    1. When you mouse over the village, there is no button to see what all villages produces at once that I know of
    2. When you mouse over the town/castle, there is no button to see settlement links at once that I know of
    3. Which town a village sends it's villagers to isn't always obvious just from looking at the map

    It's not that this information isn't available from the world map, it's that there no convenient way to see all of it at a glance.
  16. Destructible trees

    If I come in on a charging horse swinging a massive battle axe and hit a sapling tree, I should be wrecking that tree, not bouncing the axe off it.
  17. Add a world map overlay that shows village and settlement info

    Maybe add it to the extra info that pops up when 'alt' is pressed. Info should include: What the village produces (and if they are currently razed or not) Linked settlements (maybe in the form of province borders?) Villager routes (not necessarily the exact pathing, but which town each...
  18. Freely choose each troop

    Yeah, I decided to try it out for the first time to compare similar troops from different factions, but I couldn't actually do that when I all I had was the sliders.
  19. No relation bonus for rescuing prisoners from enemy parties?

    I get that you don't want to encourage players to let allied lords lose a battle they could have helped out in, in order to get a large relation bonus for rescuing afterwards (and maybe some free troops), but they should at least acknowledge that you freed them. Maybe if the lord was able to be...
  20. Considering buying but have questions.

    Just a note about affecting big battles directly, with the right build you can still disproportionately affect the battle by targeting dangerous units like high end cav, lords, and disrupting the archer line with cav charges, instead of just carving through low end infantry, which is what the rest of the army is for.

    I think killing the lords also affects how the enemy party fights, e.g. forcing the infantry to charge into the open when they should be holding position on a wooded hill.

    Also, in the really big battles, you'll have command over your party, or if you are in an army, one section of the army you are in (e.g. all the infantry, one flank of cavalry, etc).
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