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  1. [SP] - Freelancer - Askerlik Modu

    Merhabalar. Ben 3 modunu da oyuna kurmak istiyorum acaba nasıl yapabilirim?
  2. could not get acces from your platform service

    Im using 1.4.1 beta version but I can not acces Multi why?
  3. Few Features

    I have took a crash only one times at MP but in SP I havent get yet but at during weeks ı havent play bannerlord because I finished one game Im in Empire and we took all settlement and I havent play again SP because there arent any new features .all patch and update are about fix. Are there any...
  4. Patch Notes e1.2.1 & Beta Hotfix

    I have took a crash only one times at MP but in SP I havent get yet but at during weeks ı havent play bannerlord because I finished one game Im in Empire and we took all settlement and I havent play again SP because there arent any new features. all patch and update are about fix. Are there any plans about EA when taleworlda add new features or dialogs?
  5. Give Opinion about late game

    Guys I have 117 soldiers in my army and ı have 3 castle and one city. There is only one remaining kingdom(except kingdom that dont have any castle or city) and ı can not choosen for revoting city because game always give city or castle other clans. What can ı do at the late game ım bored. Im try...
  6. Choosen for Castle or City(please help)

    I conquered many castle and city but game doesn't give that me. All city or castle goes to who has many castle or city. How can ı enter the voting?
  7. Klan Liderini Krallığıma Katmak

    Eğer bir klan liderini krallığıma katarsam tüm klan bize mi katılıyor?
  8. Im gettin negative effect at Fame

    When I joined South Empire. Rhagaea take me to senate as legislator(ı don't know what name it is in game). And it effected my fame it takes -2 point. In real life, if you are in very important, status people want to know you but in game it happens opposite why it is happening?
  9. Special Game

    Guys, do only fast game give xp? When I finished game at special game(2.second choose match scale) game doesn't give any xp why?
  10. Some Suggestions

    1)Crossbows price should be decreased 2)Tournaments should give good gold and we have to fight with same clothes 3)Train camp should be in game 4)More RPG dialog and feature 5)When we are merchanery, leave kingdom selection doesn't give negative opinion 6)We can salary every week not every day...
  11. Fame

    In fame bar it doesnt show anything but my fame is decreasing why does it happen?
  12. How can ı become lord

    In empire kingdom we are 2 clans one of them as mine clan(sorry for my bad english). My clan level upper than 2 less than 3 but ı haven't any villiage. How cam ı become lord?
  13. Salary

    No. They will adjust prices and pay accordingly. It's a simple matter of the cycle, it's not more. Don't you get how frequency in a new economy is not simply "harder?"
    I dont wanna game easy but when ı want to do something in game after a few days ı need money so ı can not go anywhere ı must find gold for my army. I am giving 355-400 gold for my 40 soldiers and ı dont think they can beat other parties. So gold is loosing quickly
  14. Salary

    In warband we pay salaries to our army every week but in bannerlord it does every day. It making game too hard. It must be fix ı guess. What do you think about?
  15. Train Army

    In warband we can train army skill or train camp(?). So except try to catch bandit, how can ı train my army?
  16. Bandit Cave?

    It doesn't matter how many armies do we have. If you loose in cave with your six or seven maybe more or less soldiers but never close to your real army size. If you loose, they capture you. I think, if we attack the cave and lost some soldiers, other our soldiers in our army must join this...
  17. Resolved No Played Game Problem

    I played least 2 game but in main menu table says, u havent any played match. Why is happening?
  18. Tournaments?

    In Warband, all members of tournaments figth with same clothes or swords. But in Bannerlord, all lords or soldiers use their own equipment. I think this is so hard. What do you think about this?
  19. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Tartışma Konusu

    M.ArdA_TaleWorlds said:

    Selamlar Kalradya savaşçıları!

    Gamescom’u geride bırakarak herkesin dinlenmeye biraz vakit ayırıp işlerine dönmelerinin ardından oturup, bu yılki fuardan çıkan temel konularla ilerleme fırsatı bulduk. Bazı konuları ilerleyen haftalarda yayınlayacağımız bloglarımızda detaylı bir şekilde açarak açıklamayı planlıyoruz ancak bu hafta, etkinlik sırasındaki röportajlarda bahsedilen bazı şeylere açıklık getirmek istiyoruz.


    Yaz ayında kapının önüne kar düşmüş kale fotosu bir geliştirme sürecinde mi yoksa böyle mi kalacak?
  20. Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord - Tartışma Konusu

    oyun güzel lakin savaşmak kelimesinin oyundaki etkeni biraz değiştirilmeli bence.
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