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  1. SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13

    Hello! First of all, amazing job! I'm considering installing this mod. Is it compatible with saves (I'm around 500th day if it matters)? I've read that v13 isn't. Would it help if I installed v12 first, make save in it and then add v13? I'm a total noob when it comes to installing, games etc. Can I play a while and then uninstall it if I want to go back to vanilla keeping all the progress I'd make in balance mod? I edited a save to get Morrigan back - it doesn't matter, I can still play balance mod? Can I also edit save to make Bodo back since he "died" during story mode and then install balance mod without any harm? Also, did I understand well - I'll be able to throw feasts (I'm a female character), and I don't have to marry a lady in order to do so? I've also read that I might learn traits - I'm past level 13, have berserk trait - if I already have it, I'll be able to use this option of learning other traits too? I'm amazed how much work you did and for the first time during playing MB I really want to try a different mod. I'd appreciate any help.
  2. Bug Reporting HQ

    First of all, I would like to thank you for your work and apologize in advance for all my mistakes (English is not my mother tongue).

    I have Warband v1.173 and Nova Aetas v.5.0. I've seen my problem isn't new but I couldn't find any solution for it (my abilities of searching informations in forums are rather low). The thing is... at least three lords are missing and one of them is my husband, so you can see where the problem is.  :lol: I've asked other lords where they are, they told me that they are 'in the field, they should be close to Agostinei/Padria at the moment. I swam all the waters around multiple times and I couldn't find them. I succedded in finding one of them, he really is close to Padria. Keeping on swimming into the board, not moving. I swam to him, we had a little chat but none of the options works - I told him to follow me, to go home etc. He agrees but then he's still stuck in the board. Anything I can do with that?

    Other thing - a smaller one I guess. I've noticed one of my heroes (Jejayra exactly) has some strange kind of weapon while fighting on a horse. It's long, gold and does not make absolutely any harm to the enemies. I've seen her chenging it to regular sword a couple of times but I'm not sure whether she kills someone at all. It's not the matter of equipment, I've changed all of it. Any ideas? I've tried to look for it too but couldn't find anything like 'strange long weapon during fight'.  :lol:

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