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  1. Create ur own culture

    Unfortunately, I think it runs in contrast of what the game is and what the player’s role is in the game.

    You are trying to navigate the world that is there, and new systems should make that world more immersive and intriguing. Making your culture wouldn’t be immersive at all, it would just be power gamey nonsense. You wouldn’t have a unique style, players would just take whatever options give you the most powerful stuff. It what I’m saying isn’t what you would do, they you’re already a player that is fine using armies of nothing but Sturgian or Aserai troops and you aren’t too concerned with this feature. Instead you find a mod that deepens the playable troop roster deeply
    So you are saying that it is not logical that a king will alter the equipment of his own army, yes, I think I do not know what the lack of logic is and not all platforms have included mods so i dont see how can ruin the contrast 🙄
  2. Create ur own culture

    I know that many of us want bannerlord to implement a system to create your own culture by becoming king, it would be what makes the most sense, right? That's why I created this post to see if the people of TaleWorlds, seeing the support, create this system, added to that as an idea I would like...
  3. Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    Is the update available on xbox? I just update my game but i dont see any change
  4. Create custom or alter troop lines once you become a ruler.

    It would be amazing dude
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