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  1. Resolved [e1.5.7] Staff Disappears [INVENTORY]

    Done! My save was named 360 Vostrum
  2. Resolved [e1.5.7] Staff Disappears [INVENTORY]

    My Noble bow disappears... I don't have the quest with companies and no extracharges... But some items disappears...
  3. Resolved Game crashes when getting attack by looters on v1.5.7

    I tested it today and I think they fixed it. You can now attack or get attack by looters with a crafted item in your inventory.
    Yes there is a patch to fix it!
  4. Resolved The game crash a lot

    Thanks for the hotfix!
  5. Resolved Game crashes when getting attack by looters on v1.5.7

    It works! When I sold my craft staff, no longer crash... But we cannot craft anymore???
  6. Resolved Game crashes when getting attack by looters on v1.5.7

    This should not be marked as resolved. The crash still occurs and only people that have read this particular thread know to sell off all their crafted items. It still happens for everyone else and also, players should be able to keep the items in inventory if they want, definitely a bug, not resolved.
    +1 all my weapon and companions weapon are crafted... I cannot attack looters anymore
  7. Resolved The game crash a lot

    with the new MAJ I cannot play battles anymore... The game ALWAYS crash!!! 2021-01-18_19.10.54_04e517774379a2fb9496a2433013194b
  8. Resolved The game crash a lot


  9. In Progress 1.5.7 Game crashes when attacking Looters

    It happens a lot before battles!
  10. Resolved The game crash a lot

    I send reports three times. Each time, the crash occurs just before a battle
  11. Resolved The game crash a lot

    The game works before the update; I didn't have bugs
    I send reports
  12. Resolved The game crash a lot

    The game crash a lot! Soon before battles!
  13. In Progress Game crashes randomly

    the game crash a lot
  14. Resolved [1.5.7] Crashes on new game

    I have the same problem, often before battles the game crashe!
  15. In Progress e1.5.7 Party Speed

    In the new Beta, the bonus on party speed have been removed or I don't see the different bonus...
  16. Resolved Can't change Stewart

    Thanks it works!
  17. Resolved Can't change Stewart

    In my group, my stewart is my brother... I can't change stewart; I don't have option to remove this role and give this to another companion
  18. Resolved Autorise Heroes Death

    In campaign options, the case "Autorise Heroes Death" disappear and my heroes died all the time...
  19. Resolved New Very Strange Companion

    This new kind of companion are still in the game...
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