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  1. Resolved PS5: Unable update the game to latest version.

    Summary: I already knew Asia Region didnt get latest version of game yet, we still stuck at 1.0.3. Want to know when we receive an latest update? How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video):
  2. In Progress Korean bannerlord user can't download 1.1 0 patch

    Hello, seriously how long we will have to wait till latest version arrive for our Region?

    I’m have to created user just for talking about this.
    The Asian region version of the game is still going through the certification process. It will be released once it passes. Sadly we don't have any control over it at the moment.

    Its been a month now. And yes i think you guys do have some control over this issue. Why i think of that? Well my experience says i do. Hows my experience says i do think you guys have control over it? Heres how.

    - I playing playstation since 2016, over 300+ games just for ps platform that i had ever played. No games ever in my experience of plays in this platform ever have late update just for one specific region like this game.

    - I have similar kinda experience like this before, back in 2017 PUBG mobile, IOS player have received late update than Android users. Devs blame Apple, and Apple blame Devs. But that one im going to side with Apple, because Dev just throw in Update that wont pass certification from Apple. So this one i assume is going for the same reason. You guys messed up an update that wont pass certification in my region that made some of us wont get an update.

    So fix it and bring us some good news. Otherwise im not going to persuade 10 more friends to buy bannerlord on ps5, and these 10 of my friends each one will tell 10 of their friends not going to buy bannerlord for ps5. So you are going to lose 100 potential buyer for your game. 😅

    edited. Just do some research, found out this Bannerlord is your first game ever that been sell in my region. So, first time right? Mistake happens. So just admit it.
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