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  1. Resolved "ERROR - A problem occurred while trying to load the game"

    Summary: playing Ironman mode. Can't load my file. Any way to fix it or work around? How to Reproduce: Got a power outage at home. Saved the game and managed to close it before my nobreak couldn't support the hardware anymore. To my surprise I can't load the game regardless. I suppose there...
  2. 1.7 - Too many noble troops available

    Anyone else annoyed by how easy it is to recruit noble troops now?
  3. This is the big river you cannot cross

    Epicrotea got a map with a river you cannot cross, except through the bridge.

    They might use the same for Amitatys, eventually. If there's one thing we know for sure is how TW is slow
  4. Forest kin perk not stacking with Battanian cultural trait

    odd. It isn't working for me

    Tried switching party scouts and nothing
  5. Forest kin perk not stacking with Battanian cultural trait

    Forest kin perk not stacking with Battanian cultural trait, as title said. We get culture speed bonus, but no bonus for the scouting perk. Is this intentional or a bug? There's no tooltip stating it shouldn't work ingame Edit: version 1.7.0
  6. Which feature do you want the most?

    Just grab it at the looting-phase
    1. It's impossible to do if they are leading an army
    2. Having to keep tabs on whether a companion died or not is annoying anyway
  7. Which feature do you want the most?

    right now I'm itching for the possibility of getting armor from dead companions/family back after they die
  8. Poll: Why Does Bannerlord Still Feel Like it Lacks Personality and Soul?

    There's little suspension of disbelief. The game mechanics are constantly and transparently thrown at our faces
    I find it incredibly hard to project any imagined narrative in the game, because every single interaction is repetitive, numeric and bland
    - Too little flavor dialogue lines
    - Cultures look different, but are essentially the same. Same dialogues, same quests, same AI behavior in campaign and battles, same looters everywhere. Things that could change that like tournaments and policies aren't different enough to have any impact
    - There's none to a negligible amount of passive interaction. We can literally wait out in a castle for years until our character dies. Relations are a simple number
    - Quests are unenjoyable and feel like little chores for rep/gold farming

    (btw wanted to vote everything, but we can only choose 2 options...)
  9. Is AI formation ever gonna get fixed again?

    Back in previous patches formations were placeholders. Shield wall was meaningless since unshielded units stood in the front and there was significant bugs regarding big battles where reinforcements would cause every unit in a formation to move very slowly for some reason Then, Aug 2020 came...
  10. Why do some people want Bannerlord with Crusader Kings 3 Features/Diplomacy?

    That would be utter crap. I and the majority of steam review users are happy with the way the developers are taking Bannerlord. In that it will be a combat-oriented game, not a diplomacy simulator. Of course, there are features that are still needed in the game, and it is not yet finished.
    Like feasts, proper dismemberment, assassinations, being able to make your companions into new lords with their own clans, and some other juicy things.

    Imagine being forced to sit through a bunch heavy weight diplomacy just to get to the fight already.

    I have played Stellaris, and its biggest downfall is that there is too much build up/diplomacy and so few wars. Who would want that except for a noisy forum minority?

    Praise be to getting to the action quickly. Heck, the game is slow enough with all the world map traveling already.

    Thoughts? Feelings? No drama, only war.
    Thing is there is nothing to do in the game besides fighting. Quests are clearly targeted at early game to help the player explore the game. Whenever the player moves on to a kingdom and is at peace there's nothing to do and it could benefit from other CK3ish-like features
  11. Siege retreat - dead realism

    Bows seem to be priced in line with their effectiveness.
    not really. There's an unexplainable gap between 15k bows and slightly better 262k bows, while top tier bows also cost 200ish thousand denars

    not to mention bows aren't nearly as effective as melee weapons, which cost a lot less. They raised polearm prices because they are monstrous and they still cost less than half a top tier bow's price
  12. Siege retreat - dead realism

    Do you think it is normal for a player to retreat an infinite number of times while defending a castle?
    I simulated a situation where I with 100 archers pushed back 1.5k army, just shooting while they approached the walls, and then retreated and did it again and again until victory! From my point is total abuse and it making dead the defence gameplay.
    Welcome to the club!

    This has been an issue since forever, not only for sieges, but also for open battles. The next step when you get significantly bored and have nothing else to do with your life is defending a whole castle on your own using the same tactic. Kill all their ranged units, leave the walls, hit 4-5ish dudes in a formation while they just take your hits, watch the entire formation break and run. Bask in the glory of M&B AI! Worth every penny

    On a side note, they fixed javelin prices a year after launch (although bows are still overpriced and smithing is as bad as ever). There's hope for sieges too, I suppose?
  13. The game is actually worse. How?

    I think it's funny someone deleted my post here stating they can't move forward because of utter lack of direction, stepping backwards every time they feint stepping forward and when I come back there are 4 more pages of people doing the same
  14. Are TaleWorlds bad at programming?

    FYI: This is not a critique, take it as an honest question

    Are TW bad at programming? I feel like many answers to suggestions etc., are not "we wont do this", but rather "it is too complicated" or something similar. Meanwhile modders are doing it in a couple of weeks. It's really the first time ive heard a game studio often answering that something is too complicated.

    All in all, it just feels weird and a bit suspicious that a small team of modders can implemented stuff in a matter of days/weeks, meanwhile TW takes months to implement it, if they even do it.

    I'm not a programmer myself, i literally know nothing about it, but how hard can it be to implemented manhunters, feasts, more life to taverns like drunks, civil wars etc.?

    again, NOT a critique, just an honest question if there is something i dont know.
    the complicated part is probably how they manage their thing, instead of simple programming. It was made clear throughout early access there's no cohesive line of thought. They pump archers up, then nerf then, then pump them up again. They tune cavalry behavior, then decide that's not how they want it. Make a whole patch fixing formations, then decide to make adjustments that break the whole thing. Tune some armor values, then change it again.

    There's so much back and forth and mismanaged workforce it's comprehensible the game got minor quality of life changes since it came out and I don't think we should expect any different in the future
  15. Horse master perk bad game design?

    The whole perk thing is bad game design. It makes no sense they use the same system for both the player and companions with lots of redundant or unattainable perks for both.

    That said, horse master has little impact overall. By the time time you get to it, damage bonuses from both archery tree and speed make most bows deadly on horse.

    On other aspect, being a melee foot soldier used to turn the player into a far more reliable whirlwind of death in the battlefield than trying to do the same on a horse, but I haven't played the game since they nerfed on foot speed scaling

    I thought Nintendo had standards
  17. Fixed spear issue, when?

    Fixed spear issue, if?

    There, OP. FIxed the title for you

  18. Take your time Taleworld

    No one said anything about hype except you. I bought Cyberpunk because I really enjoyed the Witcher 3 and expected Cdpr would deliver something just similar with Cyberpunk, which was naive of me perhaps in hindsight.

    As long as they fix sieges before release and provide proper mod support+custom servers I will be content with Bannerlord. It wont be a great game as is but, it will be a decent enough battle simulater that modders can build upon and inject their own interesting diplomacy, rpg and campaign ideas onto, something that Taleworlds themselves have failed, refused or simply cannot implement in time for a release anyways.

    True. I'm just too salty about this game and the pandemic, easily jumping into verbal aggression for no reason and for that I'm sorry

    Problem is this particular EA seems like a scam. Development has been going slow as ever and when a patch comes out, they usually break something(s) when they fix another, not necessarily fixing it later. EA is allegedly a time for testing and finetuning some things in games, but it could be anything. There's no legal parameters that actually define when a game is in early access and TW just seem to use it as a shield from criticism while selling their overpriced and underdeveloped game.
  19. Take your time Taleworld

    Another person claiming the ridiculous argument Cyberpunk 2077 didn't live up to the hype, so somehow we should take it easy on Taleworlds because whatever-logic-is-behind-it
    Bannerlord so far is a mediocre game worth 20 dollars at most with no signs it will be anything greater than it is. Next
  20. Were our expectations to high?

    This is a genuine question for all those who loved the Mount and Blade series. Yesterday i was going through the interwebs and found that in either 2014 or 2016, Paradox Interactive made the decision to allow their subsidiary companies to split. I think at first glance this wouldn't seem like such a big deal. Looking back now i can say that i think this was a terrible move by Paradox. While Paradox has some of the worst DLC policies in the industry they actively talk with the community and engage with people on forums (HOI4, CK3, City Skylines).

    We were also given an amazing demo by TW in 2018 during gamescom that showed a siege actually going correct with ai using all the right pathfinding. Immeditaely my expectation for this game went through the roof as I was saying "if the game looks like this then 2020 must be better". And then you have youtubers like Resonant who during the initial release of dev blogs and staged gameplay hyped this game up for thousands of people only for it to fail at launch.

    All in all our expectation for this game following the 2018 gamescom demo were extremely high. From the release of weekly dev blogs, to vides made by TW that showed gameplay and talked about upcoming features (some that never happened because they were too complex) and youtubers hyping the game up for simply views and subscribers aka Resonant.
    No. They built that hype, then sold us what they had as "early access" while they could.

    It's showing they can't make a game of the promised scope, taking warband to "the next level". They take too long to try and fix or implement something no one asked for, while breaking functioning features in the process. This is a broken indie game with inappropriate price
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