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  1. Attacking the walls

    I think that it would be nice if we were able to remove ladders in a siege pre battle scene like for example if we only want to attack one side of the wall and gate and leave the other side of the wall alone without ladders or siege tower or only attacking the gate and completely ignoring the...
  2. multiplayer 1v1 large battle?

    So why is there no multiplayer mod where there are basically 2 players with each having like 300 troops and going against eachother on a random map?
  3. any way to make lords have less cavalry units?

    Basically i hate how every battle with for example armies of 500 vs 500 or more soldiers have something like 100 cavalry units on each side that look very disproportionate to the infantry and archers. So i would like to ask if any of you knows any way or a mod to edit the ai party templates or...
  4. More hairstyles

    I agree, but I would prefer Slash over Lennon ?
    I would like that too, as many long hairstyles as possible would be best in my opinion I just choose Lennon as an example because I have basically the same hair as him right now and you know i would like to make my character look like me as much as possible
  5. More hairstyles

    Hello, I would like to ask if i am the only one who thinks that there should be more hairstyles especially long hairstyles something like what i have on my profile(John lennon). Thanks and sorry for my english its not my primary language.
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