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  1. Help with Mariage

    Hi! I was courting a vlandian noble and passed the 2 diplo checks without fail. After that I tried to find her father to arrange the marriage but Vlandia declared war and he was on the move constantly and I couldnt find him for some time (I dont use mods os cheats). So when I finally found...
  2. Why was Old Troop Assignment System removed?

    I see why they removed the old system for basic troops, but for heroes? Dude, I dont want a 0 leadership companion that I use for medicine or scout to be a captain of a formation. I want them to be part of my cavalry or something. Its annoying and makes no sense.
  3. Need More Info e1.6.0 - Hero busy after giving away fief

    I tried to find the save but found out I deleted it and started a new game. If I come across the same bug again I will forward this to you. Sorry for wasting your time.
  4. Need More Info e1.6.0 - Hero busy after giving away fief

    Sure, I will try to find which save that is and send it to the link
  5. Need More Info e1.6.0 - Hero busy after giving away fief

    Summary: Sent my hero to a castle as governor, but it was too far away from my main citie, so I removed said heroe and gave the fief to the kingdom, after that, the heroe is busy and I cant do anything with him, he just stays at the castle. How to Reproduce: Send hero as governor to a fief...
  6. Resolved Crash after Looting Conspiracy War Party

    If I might add. I have the same issue and even if you dont AutoBattle, the game will still crash after looting the Conspiracy War Party. I fought all the 3 bandits and the War Party on the battle map and got the same issue. Also, you cant take them as prisoners.
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