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  1. Kakuna Rattata

    Check all the values of the armors, especially the shields, they don't make sense.

    I second this. I was about to post about it myself. I'm sure the bracers thing is wanting to maintain the Battanian aesthetic and still have their armor values be competitive, but it's immersion breaking when I have leather bracers with *no gloves* giving more armor than plated gauntlets. I noticed the issue is also quite pronounced on helmets in particular. Cloth and leather helmets can have more armor than mail coifs, which doesn't seem right.
  2. Kakuna Rattata

    Ability to Disallow/Implement Policy for "No Raiding"

    This is a great idea. Tactically, I feel like it would also make your kingdom a powerhouse without all your little punk lords grinding themselves into red paste on their failed raids, or even wasting their time on successful ones when they could be banding together to take another fief.
  3. Kakuna Rattata

    Remote Commanding

    I second this and doubly so on the caravans. The cost of delegating one of your companions with the absolute knowledge that it is inevitable the 15k caravan will get sunk turned me completely off. It would also be great if you could do the same with your clan parties, as I see them getting wiped pretty often (usually because they decide to raid deep in enemy territory).
  4. Kakuna Rattata

    [SUGGESTION] Allow us to choose a subset of troops to send forth when autoresolving

    This is not only a good recommendation in its own right, but it would make leveling medicine actually feasible and relatively painless if taleworlds isn't planning on changing how stupid it is to level.
  5. Kakuna Rattata

    400+ hours and you are not making it easier to play Bannerlord

    I agree with everything in this thread. I have seen 3 or 4 updates to the game with the skill tree still broken as hell. There is still the placeholder Charm perk. The "use any bow / crossbow" perks literally don't work along with a bunch of other perks. Throwing axes still deal "invalid" damage. There are so many glaring bugs and unfinished things it leaves a sour taste to see all the "balancing" being done.
  6. Kakuna Rattata

    The current character progression system is bad and here is why.

    Also cranking the size slider up on those is a great way to inflate price and difficulty without spending more stamina or resources. Even if you wouldn't want to use it yourself, at least scaling up the grip and blade on 2h swords makes them worth so much more xp and money.
  7. Kakuna Rattata

    The current character progression system is bad and here is why.

    I'm on my 20th game year and I don't think it is possible to athletics or riding to 100, and smithing is 100% a chore I have to spend a real life week making coal to be able to make the mst basic sword its ridiculous. and there needs to be a non join a faction way to up leadership
    I'm on Day 60 of my second playthough, and my riding is at 107 *and* my athletics is 46. I have 3 and 1 focus points in it respectively. A great way to level athletics is bandit camps and tournaments. Make sure to use footwork to give yourself speed bonuses to your attacks. Using a bow or thrown weapons levels you up pretty fast with either athletics or riding. I spent most of this time riding from town to town for tournaments and fighting every looter mob on the way.

    If you're staying put recovering smithing stamina, you're not getting overland travel xp for riding / athletics. I recommend getting a companion to level up smithing with you up to 25 so they can be your charcoal monkey. Then you can focus on forging the most expensive things you can to get levels fast. Javelins and 2h swords are best imo. I usually get at least 1 point every time, but usually more.
  8. Kakuna Rattata

    Resolved Non-solid stairway in Marunath

    Version: e1.3.1.228624 Installed community-made modifications: N/A Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 bit Version 1909 Build 18363.778 GPU: Radeon R9 280x CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) x4 860K Quad Core 3.70 GHz RAM: 32 GB Storage Device (HDD/SSD): The game is installed on a HDD in my steam...
  9. Kakuna Rattata

    The current character progression system is bad and here is why.

    Just had a thought that maybe now that there are hit locations if death chance is based on that at all. I have to wonder if headshots are just inherently more deadly than leg shots, even with the same damage.
  10. Kakuna Rattata

    The current character progression system is bad and here is why.

    You're probably right about the headshot thing. I didn't even think about the elevation, but a good portion of hits would be headshots, and most helmets suck in Bannerlord, even on elite troops.
  11. Kakuna Rattata

    The current character progression system is bad and here is why.

    I believe you, but I'm not sure what the point of hiding such a helpful mechanic vs showing a meager 1% chance would be. I too have mostly tier 5-6 and whenever I siege I end up losing more than 50% of my casualties with aforementioned 87 skill surgeon. Said sieges are dominated by the militia and recruit level garrison troops, so you absolutely know they're not dealing much damage per hit.
  12. Kakuna Rattata

    The current character progression system is bad and here is why.

    I have quite a few battles where I got around 30 wounded and 0 dead.

    If you look at the % "casualty survival chance" given in your medicine stat for saving a troop, what does it say? I hired a surgeon who has 87 in medicine and the bonus provided says +0.9 %. Forgive me, but I think there are other confounding factors contributing to your "30 wounded."

    1. Does the enemy have mostly blunt weapons? Maces and the like have 0 chance to kill, only wound. The Aserai in particular are fond of arming their troops with maces.

    2. Companions can only be wounded (unless you turn on character death).

    3. There is a base chance, too. In Warband it was 25%. According to the game itself, the medicine skill is only helping around 1% of the time. Meaning, if 100 of your troops were to otherwise fail their chance at being wounded, your surgeon will only save one of them.

    Being early access, it's possible that medicine is giving more chance than it says it does, but I doubt it would be that significant.
  13. Kakuna Rattata

    The current character progression system is bad and here is why.

    I think the idea of a hard cap on skills is really bad, make it a crawl by all means stick the rate to something low like .25 or less but flat out stopping any progress due to finite resource of focus and attribute points is annoying.

    Yeah I think this is probably a good route. Or even do something like you gain 1 SP (the thing that levels you up) passively per day. So you'd be getting about a level per year where otherwise your leveling is totally stunted.
  14. Kakuna Rattata

    New Minor Faction Troop Changes

    Did Beni Zilal get swapped from horse archers to melee cavalry? Am I crazy?
  15. Kakuna Rattata

    Team Deathmatch

    This is exactly what I'm hoping for. I just want to play TDM with no King of the Hill style capture points. I'm sick of objective only game modes. I liked playing TDM in Warband. I also don't care one way or another if there is friendly fire, only that it has consequences for excessive cases.

    I want to actually use different parts of the map than the 3 spots you have to fight over. I want to respawn more than 2 or 3 times. Such short breakdowns turn troop type composition into a game of rock paper scissors, trying to counter the enemy with your limited spawns and incredibly brief 5 minute rounds. I don't want to think about that. Sometimes I just want to play what I want.
  16. Kakuna Rattata

    The current character progression system is bad and here is why.

    I thought if you had none assigned it just used your own character's stats. Like, I've not got a surgeon assigned but I can still see a surgeon bonus in the health recovery popup.

    That proves my point further. That makes your companion skills useless until you do assign them a role, which means you won't get xp for it. It also means you need to be a jack of all trades, master of all, which takes a long time. You also didn't address my point about "Governor" perks. I'm pretty sure those just don't work unless the character is assigned "Governor," which you cannot be as a player.

    I am basically saying I wish things would go back to like in Warband where you had some "Party" skills that only the leader could use, but most every other skill just used the highest level character's stats. That was simple, but effective. I want to hire companions to be specialists so I don't have to, and yet not be punished for doing so by losing xp.
  17. Kakuna Rattata

    The current character progression system is bad and here is why.

    Another thing to point out that I don't see mentioned yet is that tying clan roles to experience gain unfortunately creates an incentive to shuffle around roles so you can micromanage skill gain for the party/clan. Especially because all skill points count the same toward leveling up and clan roles provide experience for those rarely used low level skills.
    That's one of the most grating things I've encountered with the roles system. Furthermore, the fact that many perks don't apply unless you have a certain role assigned means that only 4 companions can ever, ever, benefit from these, and only some of them, and only after extreme leveling. It would be different if you had more control over what sort of perks you choose between. Right now it just feels bad skipping past those governor only perks as the character etc.
  18. Kakuna Rattata

    The current character progression system is bad and here is why.

    Perhaps something that could help a bit is making focus points generate not from your "player" xp but from the skill point xp that tracks when you level up a skill by 1? Like once your skill is high, you have to use the skill a bunch to level it up, but you could still be gaining focus points meanwhile.

    Maybe another thing that could be helpful is making focus points also provide a little boost to your skills? Like maybe just bump your skill up by 5 or 10 in addition to the cap increase. That could help get you off the ground for skills like trade and tactics that are difficult / costly to level from low numbers.
  19. Kakuna Rattata

    New Minor Faction Troop Changes

    I really don't understand why so many of them appear to be heavily nerfed now. I thought the point of these special troops you can't easily recruit on your own was that they were really good. Eleftheroi having worse stats as a tier 4 than a tier 2 cav unit? Worse equipment too? I noticed many of...
  20. Kakuna Rattata

    Resolved "Enemy are fleeing" not actually fleeing.

    Summary: I recently was fighting a big army vs army battle, around 700 vs 600. We were at a standstill, with their forces only having around 70 troops left and I was scouting around to find a good attack angle to finish them off, when their leader charged my line by himself. Soon after he was...
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