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  1. Jance

    Suggestion General Custom XSD schemas don't appear to be loaded in 1.6.4

    I have a similar problem. My mod added a new settlement type that is read from xml and with the new xml validator it cannot be loaded because it's not in the xsd schema.
    We need way to load custom types without changing the local xsd schema.
    Here's a patch btw that will disable the validation and allow you to use your settlement type again until they implement a better solution:

    [HarmonyPatch(typeof(MBObjectManager), "GetMergedXmlForManaged")]
    public static bool SkipXMLValidationPatch(string id,
        ref bool skipValidation,
        bool ignoreGameTypeInclusionCheck = true,
        string gameType = "")
        skipValidation = id != "SiegeEngines";
        return true;
  2. Jance

    Suggestion General Custom XSD schemas don't appear to be loaded in 1.6.4

    We're now experiencing this in the 1.6.5 editor as well.

    [13:31:02.879] opening ..\..\Modules\KingdomsOfArda/ModuleData/items/arm_armours.xml
    [13:31:02.880] opening ../../XmlSchemas/Items.xsd
    [13:31:02.882] Error: The 'hitpoints' attribute is not declared.
    Node: hitpoints  Value: 6
    Line: 6

    I'm guessing this has something to do with the xml validation changes that were implemented?
  3. Jance

    Suggestion General Custom XSD schemas don't appear to be loaded in 1.6.4

    So our mod has a few custom xsd schemas for adding attributes to items (eg. we have added a hitpoints attribute to armor that provides bonus health). As of 1.6.4, our schemas are no longer detected for some reason. I've been manually diffing every related class, but am having a hard time finding...
  4. Jance

    Suggestion General Allow us to select a blood particle system on hit

    Just a note here as well that the following change has been implemented with v163 in response to this request:
    • Damage Particles are now moddable. A new GameModel named DamageParticleModel has been added. By creating and using a new model class inherited from DamageParticleModel and overriding needed functions modders can choose damage particles very precisely according to collision properties.
    Even better, much appreciated!
  5. Jance

    Open Letter to Taleworlds - Mod Custom Servers

    Jance, who was previously in the Kingdoms of Arda team
    Oof, looks like I've been fired ?

    On a serious note though, F for all the multiplayer mods out there that are waiting patiently to have something to work with, hopefully TW will get something for you guys to work with soon.
  6. Jance

    Suggestion General Please make the voice_definitions xml file overrideable with mbproj/xslt

    We're trying to override the battle shouts and voices of our units within our own module, and it doesn't seem like it's possible right now as the voice_definitions file isn't loaded via the mbproj file, and therefore xslt doesn't seem to modify the native voice_definitions properly before they...
  7. Jance

    Suggestion General Allow us to select a blood particle system on hit

    For anyone wondering about this, HitParticleResultData was made public as of 1.6.1 (thanks!)
  8. Jance

    Resolved Scene Editor Granite warning/error spam, and crash using custom campaign map

    Can you send us the scene data?
    Please RAR/ZIP the scene files and upload the RAR/ZIP to upload.taleworlds.com. Please also include the URL of this topic to the description box as well. There are 2 folders located under the below paths with your scene name:
    • WOTS\Modules\SandBox\SceneObj
    • WOTS\Modules\SandBox\SceneEditData
    I already uploaded our scener's module and gave that to Dejan (as we're not ready to release it publicly), I can do this as well after work today though (y)
  9. Jance

    In Progress General Worldmap compressed_shader_cache

    Just noting that the issue being described in this post is the same one in this ticket (NPC is developing our map :grin:)
  10. Jance

    Resolved Scene Editor Granite warning/error spam, and crash using custom campaign map

    Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
    Sounds good, thank you! ?
  11. Jance

    Resolved Scene Editor Granite warning/error spam, and crash using custom campaign map

    Dump upload: 2021-07-08_18.10.45_3750681dc7c6903ca1c68e89ecbc5693 Summary: When playing a campaign on our custom campaign map, granite spams our logs with warnings such as: Granite Warning: W1005: Performance warning: A tile needs to be uploaded to a MipmapStreamingTexture with more than 256...
  12. Jance

    Suggestion General Please implement proper exception handling in the modding tools/editor

    The Bannerlord editor is extremely finicky/crash prone in its current state. Our sceners estimate that ~50% of their time spent working with the editor has been dealing with crashes, and scenes frequently get corrupted to the point where they can't even be opened to be fixed. Half the time...
  13. Jance

    Suggestion General Please expose/explain AI Behavior weight calculations

    Several modders (including myself) are interested in changing weapon prioritization methods and other AI-related behaviors. As far as we know, these methods that interpret the provided (very vaguely named) weights are contained within the engine binaries and are inaccessible to modders. We are...
  14. Jance

    Suggestion General Tournaments

    I'm pretty sure you can control which units (and hence their armor) are spawned in your Cultures.xml:

          <template name="NPCCharacter.man" />
          <template name="NPCCharacter.man" />
          <template name="NPCCharacter.man" />
          <template name="NPCCharacter.man" />
          <template name="NPCCharacter.man" />
          <template name="NPCCharacter.man" />
          <template name="NPCCharacter.man" />
  15. Jance

    Suggestion Resource Browser Request for access to shader files

    I too would like to edit shaders at some point, is it possible we could get some information about whether this will be possible or not?

    Edit: It does look like there is a decent amount of shader params you can tweak with the shader inspector, but I don't see a way of modifying the source files as suggested by OP
  16. Jance

    Suggestion General Dynamically populated UI VM's

    I'll take a look at these, thank you for the report!
    Thanks for the quick reply. In addition:

    - You should add a default brush in MultiplayerLobbyClassFilterFactionItemWidget when there isn't a brush found matching the current query:
    this.Brush = this.Context.BrushFactory.GetBrush(this.BaseBrushName + "." + this.Culture[0].ToString().ToUpper() + this.Culture.Substring(1).ToLower());

    - The code for populating the culture selection VM is deeply nested in the Character Creation code, so the virtual method approach might not be useful for fixing that. Instead, I would recommend making the culture selection screen scrollable, and add an xml attribute to cultures (eg. is_playable) which can be queried dynamically
  17. Jance

    Suggestion General Dynamically populated UI VM's

    Currently, several screens (CharacterCreation and CustomBattleMenu for example) are populated using hard-coded static fields. Here is an example from CustomBattleData.cs: public static IEnumerable<BasicCharacterObject> Characters { get { yield return...
  18. Jance

    Suggestion General Allow us to select a blood particle system on hit

    Here's the code that currently determines which particle system is used on hit (in mission.cs): private void DecideAgentHitParticles( Blow blow, Agent victim, ref AttackCollisionData collisionData, ref HitParticleResultData hprd) { if (victim == null ||...
  19. Jance

    Suggestion General Please format xml files

    This suggestion is pretty self explanatory. Even if the xml files are auto-generated, it's very easy to run them through a tool like this. Thanks!
  20. Jance

    e1.6.0-v1.2.0 Modding Adjustments & Access Modifiers Changes

    This is a fantastic start! This will open up alot of doors for modders :smile:
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