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  1. Amman d Stazia

    A painting of Sikh Akali Warriors by Emily Eden, 1844

    Memoirs of Alexander Gardner
    Battles of the nineteenth c., Herbert Compton
    Six battles for India, George Bruce
    History of the Sikhs vol.ii, Kushwant Singh

    Or flashman and the mountain of light, if you are happy with historical FICTION....

    The first four are quoted by GM Fraser as sources on passages regarding the Khalsa and Akalis.
  2. Amman d Stazia

    Was fascism really that bad? [amontadillo's fascistic hideout]

    Haha, George Orwell would recognise the iPhone, that's for sure. An international network that not only tracks citizens locations, but can be activated to take photos, sound recordings, and videos of them pretty much at any time....
  3. Amman d Stazia

    Mod idea collection: I want this mod.

    jacobhinds said:
    I always thought of elves as being middle-middle class suburbanites. Dropping their kids off to primary school in 4x4s and drinking wine and whatnot.

    Sorry, blatantly breaking my own thread rule here....
    That would be Gondorian, right? Bit decadent, bit affluent....

    Elves need some sort of roller coaster psychology to go from fair minstrel to melancholy set-thy-self-adrift for the next world with a tear in the eye.....

    Anyway, nuff o that. I love the idea in principle.
  4. Amman d Stazia

    Was fascism really that bad? [amontadillo's fascistic hideout]

    There is a difference between having an opinion, even expressing an opinion, and enforcing it on the rest of your society.
    The former is what we would like to think we can all have, the latter is what so many of us fear.
    The middle option is a grey area. For some people, it is intimidating to hear opinions expressed, for others, it is reassuring to hear them precisely because it conforms that variations of opinion are allowed.
  5. Amman d Stazia

    The most interesting historical eras / periods

    European supremacy came from the coal and iron ore fields, and from the closure of the religious wars in a geographic divide of Protestant North and West, and a catholic South and East.
    The age of exploration immediately preceded the early industrial revolution. Although the religious wars of the era inflicted huge destruction, they also channeled efforts into military advances, using the technologies and new ways of thinking that were arising.  (And I include here the idea that non-aristocrats could make significant contributions to anything.)
    The Atlantic and North Sea coastal nations found themselves at peace (relatively) but with excellent military establishments, both land and naval, tactical and technological.
  6. Amman d Stazia

    Best-dressed Warrior

    I would like to know what is holding the gilded seashell in place?
  7. Amman d Stazia

    The most interesting historical eras / periods

    The thing is, there has always been stuff happening, somewhere in the world.french history in 1775 might be boring, but Spanish history of the same year are-grabbingly exciting.  If you get high on the evolution of intercultural relations then a long era of peace, trade and communication will be for you, whereas if you like gore, horror and devastation then the same era won't appeal... Quite so much.

    It's been said already, oi nose.

    I also find the macro historical trends interesting.  Compare how over the centuries China developed into a massive, multilingual and multicultural empire/nation, whilst Europe or Africa or the middle East developed into a collection of independent, often mutually opposed little countries/nations.
  8. Amman d Stazia

    Mod idea collection: I want this mod.

    What were elves? Irishpeople ( western seaboard, a bit given to melancholy, tall and red haired or blond....)
  9. Amman d Stazia

    The most interesting historical eras / periods

    The twentieth century for sure.
    In 1901' you were considered rich if you had a horse or bicycle as your mode of transport.
    Flying was limited to military spotters in hot air balloons.
    The idea that humans might set foot on the moon was something for novelists and nutters.
    A little fat lady in London ruled more than a quarter of the world by measure of population, land area or wealth.
    Holidays were holy days, and the rare national celebration like a crowning or independence day. People did not go on holiday.
    Tertiary education, even secondary education, was the preserve of the very smallest minority.
    Virtually nobody outside that same small minority, except perhaps the military, had ever been more than a days travel from their place of birth.
  10. Amman d Stazia

    General History Questions thread

    It was also the final evolution of what started as a normal, broad brimmed hat.
    The brim was pinned up on one side, a la mosquetaire, on two sides, bi corn, on three sides, tri corn, or reduced in circumference, top hat style shako...
    Then done away with altogether in the stovepipe and bell topped shakos.
  11. Amman d Stazia

    Was fascism really that bad? [amontadillo's fascistic hideout]

    Don't apologise for being off topic.
    I think any sensible discussion is better than some of the on topic crap that certain apologists brought up a few pages back.

    I think that the exact wording may differ from era to era, or with the fashion of the day, but the IDEA that "you, the majority, can take from the privileged by force and feel OK about it" has resulted in more deaths than anything bar old age.
    Whether it's the republicanism of the Roman nobles who overthrew the Kings, or the half-promised and never delivered protection for any Kurd or Marsh-Arab Iraqi who would rise up against Hussein in 2000, the agitator's temptations have a lot to answer for....
  12. Amman d Stazia

    Strike Witches Quest Finland - an Interactive Adventure!

    B report,then help hanna get the better of a bottle of vodka.
    Who knows, maybe ethanol gives you immunity to the sledge thingies armaments?
  13. Amman d Stazia

    General History Questions thread

    His head.....

    Well, some would hide wealth there, or stick a spate Flint, or letter from home, or a half smoked cigar.
    So, anything that can be tucked into the lining, really.
  14. Amman d Stazia

    A thought about full plate armor

    A mid thigh, elbow hauberk might weigh 20-25 pounds (8-11 kg) and alone the B.A worn by a firefighter weighs that much.
    Ok nobody is naked under their mail, but you get the point ? Mail plus padding plus boots and helm, probably comes in at about the same as BA plus overalls plus fire retardant overcoat plus boots plus helmet plus waterproof over pants. And optional chemsuit for a kg or two more....
    I can tell you from personal experience that it ins possible to do cartwheels in that (chemsuit &BA)
  15. Amman d Stazia

    About Monarchy.

    There was also the Stuart invasion led by Charles the second. Yep, that was an invasion.
    And whether you consider the 1745 invasion to have been repulsed, when the invaders decided of their own accord to withdraw?

    I think e British monarchy is a great example of how immigrants can succeed in their new land, provided they have a few good connections, a bit of cash and start off at least by fitting in with the majority of the community....
  16. Amman d Stazia

    A thought about full plate armor

    They couldn't easily, because so many straps and buckles were in paces hard to reach with one hand, let alone the two that were required to tighten and fasten correctly.  See illustrations from matmohair.
    The weight s nothing.
  17. Amman d Stazia

    Was fascism really that bad? [amontadillo's fascistic hideout]

    Well, who/what allows them? I am inclined to think that in the uncensored societies of the world, it is sheer realism that keeps these right wingers within the spectrum of "acceptable".
    No politician in their right mind would table an agenda of of despotic absolutism comparable to the records of hitler  or Stalin.
    And whilst we may say, neither did they, before they came to power, there are certain key differences between the modern right wing pollies, and the actual neonazi and protofascist groups that exist in the shadows of society.
  18. Amman d Stazia

    The Original L'Aigle Thread, for the sake of history. Be ye warned.

    Docm30 said:
    No. Pistols can't currently be animated. If the new module system ever gets released I may be able to change that, though.
    it can be done, rather clumsily, by switching the model using a ti.on.weapo.attack trigger.
    Hardly a worthwhile investment of time tho....
  19. Amman d Stazia

    About Monarchy.

    He sky... I'm glad you know.  It's a myth put forward time and again, hand in hand with how England has repulsed every invasion since 1066...
    The recent docudrama on the digging up of rick the third even threw in a line about how His descendants are still On the throne today.
    Then there was a 'better together ' remark quickly parroted by a royalist " yes" campaigner, about how the Queen's inheritance is traced back to Alfred the Great and Kenneth McAlpine.... Where these turkeys get their history is beyond me.

  20. Amman d Stazia

    Das dreckige Dutzend: An Interest Check

    Legion of st George?
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