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  1. Timmortal

    State of the Game?

    no, the engagement is enjoyable, I've been a pro CS player for less than a year, got some good semi-pro footing for many years, now THAT can be really boring (3h training daily), playing it just to kill time is never boring because the thrill of trying is the core of the experience itself, losing is simply frustrating. Do not mix boredom with frustration. Also, MP games are not really a good comparison subject with SP games because the experience is basically upon the interaction with other people, not as much with the Game Design itself.

    Now, BL is fine if we look at it as a project improving upon WB, but as a game, judged solely, it's ultimately boring due to multiple adding factors, from character progression, to incomplete perks narrowing playstyle, balance issues, oddities in AI behavior, lack of content, and ultimately, empty end-game stage. WB had issues with late-game too, but most of us would use mods to address that, BL shouldn't because TW had years to learn from their mistake, and learn possible solutions from what modders came up with.

    So far BL is a skeleton of the game it's supposed to be, and that makes it really boring, which begs the thing I've been criticizing their patches since day one:
    This stage of the game is meant for testing, and they are insistently creating balancing changes that make everything much slower and exacerbate the grinding necessary to reach certain stages of the game, making it pointlessly boring. Considering most of said changes will have to go or be remade once the game reaches it's late beta stages, I think that is the most questionable decision TW has made so far concerning BL, and it pisses me off.

    BL can be extremely enjoyable if you slap-in a good chunk of mods to it, to me the quintessential ones to make it more pleasurable are those that increase XP rate, kill softcaps, sometimes kill hardcaps and keeps soft caps, etc. If the progression is made smoother the game becomes a more pleasant journey, as it is it sucks, and if you want to simply create a character to test builds or (before the perks website) test perks (if they were working) it was/is a bore of a chore that made me pluck-out my eyes. The bread and butter of BL due to the missing chunks ends up being mid-late game, anything before or after that sucks, and even than, the best part of it still feels like a bore from time to time.

    As I've said, the game is in a bad shape, has been since it was released, until the fix the core mechanics and finish implementing core features, it'll remain like that, luckly there are the modding tools now, which can basically mean that someone will "fix" it, but it also means that you'll either need to stick to specific patches and avoid updates like the plague, meaning missing out on other core mechanics that were not added when the mod was last updated.

    Hopefully you get my point, you do not have to agree with me, but the guy asked for opinions, and I've simply pointed out that entertainment, when boring, is 100% a failure. Entertainment, to be successful, cannot be boring. I have a plethora of examples of games I've played that fail hard into certain aspects, but still to not hit the boring spot, same with films, music. On the other hand, everything that is boring is generally just binned and nobody even remembers those.
    i found CS boring quite alot of the time. I found the Hangover movies mindnumbingly boring, i found the Harry Potter books to be boring, something being boring to someone does not make it a 100% failure, though i do agree Bannerlord needs things added to late game, but they have always said they are planning to, there are features not yet in the game, that effects lategame, also the game is not even complete, so calling it a failure already is just not correct.
  2. Timmortal

    Absurd Conspiracy Thread (Alex Jones Approved)

    It was big in Warband for a while as well as Napoleonic Wars. We had massive battles with clans where we had to spread 600-700 players out between 3 different servers. At EA launch the multiplayer had about 20k on atleast but because of mismanagement and ignoring the advice and warnings from the community it completely flopped and has been at most 400 players at a time world wide because they ignored us. My dream was to help make the multiplayer community great and to bring it back to its glory days but I think our chance is long gone
    Lol.... long gone... the game is not even fully out yet and im pretty sure Warbands glory days were a few years after its lauch, so give it time. Their focus should really be SP atm, as thats where the main lure of Mount and Blade is.
  3. Timmortal

    State of the Game?

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone could give me their quick opinions about the current state of Bannerlord? I’ve not bought it yet, but read a lot about it in the beginning months of it’s ea release to see how it was progressing.

    The major issues I remember reading about were poor combat ai, steamrolling issues, and constant wars. How have these been addressed if at all? What major issues are people concerned with right now? Have mods been able to fix any of this?
    The game is alot better than when EA launched... its not complete yet though, so if that bothers you I would just wait until full launch. Games have some issues still and some features are not yet fully implemented, but if you are only comparing to how it was at release, its a far better more complete game than back then, but still a ways to go.
  4. Timmortal

    Absurd Conspiracy Thread (Alex Jones Approved)

    I have heard around the watercooler that Taleworlds stole money, from players bank accounts, pretty much forcing them to play this very early pre alpha tech test game, now legend has it that these two guys SoupDad and LeastSharpened, are stuck haunting this game to the end of their days, moaning about refunds and Taleworlds being a myth invented in 2012 to steal peoples spare time.
  5. Timmortal

    do you guys want a roadmap ?

    I dont really want a road map as it might tie them to things that dont work. What they are doing atm is mostly fine, if they put out a road map and in any slight way diviated from it, some people on here would make 10 posts a day about how Taleworlds lied and ran with the money. I prefer them just giving the current indicators on what they are working on and be plesantly surprised if something more comes out. Tons of companies makes irrelevant roadmaps.
  6. Timmortal

    Shop items

    Linking prosperity to weapon tier availability is gate that we don't need. We already have weapon prices that are astronomical there is no need to restrict the player when it comes to choice of weapons and armor. I'm not saying we need all weapons and armor available from day one but there is no reason most if not all shouldn't be available to someone 400+ days into a campaign whose a lord of several castles/towns.
    Atm it would be too easy to get the best gear then, takes 2-4 hours to have a few hundredthusands and that was not really even trying, but in the long term they do need to find a balance i guess. For when smithing economy is fixed and lord looting is fixed.
  7. Timmortal

    Starting age - 18 to 21 is more appropriate

    30 years old with 0 skills, while your 25 year old brother is an expert at many combat skills and social/trade while he's also charming AF.... wow wow wow wow wow
    Pretty fitting if you compared me and my older brother, under most older laws my brother would still have stood to inherit everything.
  8. Timmortal

    I made a new castle, hope you guys like it :)

    To make it more realistic the big bridge should be atleast 1/3 less wide, also a draw brigde should be added, also a real life thing they did, that would reduce its artistical look is a "snake" or zigzag bridge that made it harder for a besieging army to bring in siege equipment and made them have to expose their flanks to archers when doing so. heres a link to a screenshot of what i mean in smaller scale: https://gyazo.com/5e0d8791eda3e5f69c8ba25c5bda151a
  9. Timmortal

    Development after EA

    Many pepole on the forums have been guessing when the EA will end, with varying time periods, from 6 months to all the way to 3 years. This is of course due to the diffrent visions of what Bannerlord should look like at the end of EA. My question--Is EA the end of the line for Bannerlord development? I've been thinking it wouldn't be bad to realse the game in 6-7 months where it's in an "acceptable" state(no game breaking issues, all perks, EA promises delivered), and continue development after EA in a diffrent format of giving a major update once a couple of months(the feasts and diplomacy update,the bandits and mahunters update, etc.) to give the community all of what they excepted from bannerlord. That is of course if Taleworlds would prefer that kind of development format.
    Im pretty sure they have said that after full release (which they said would take about a year from ea release, said before we really knew how Covid would effect the world, so i think it might be postponed a bit because of that) I think a possible naval DLC was mentioned, but im not sure how oficial this is, i dont think they wanted to talk indept about future ideas before they actually had the game fully out, which i respect.
  10. Timmortal

    I Got the "Pureblood" Horse Legitimately.

    I just assumed they got married, took their spouses gear and got them killed by bandits, just like I do!
    My bro sis never have good gear besides the horse chain armor though. Their weapons/armor are junk, might depend on culture though. I've seen videos where vlandian lil bro had great armor! The chain horse armor is still inferior to the horse armor I gave them from my dead husband collection though.
    armor on mine were not great, helmet was the best. 22 armor i think. but onehanded sword and shield as i remember it were around 5k each. (not a 100% but think it was around there.) and then they had the good horse and horse armor in the 40ties as i remember it. they do seem tricksome those siblings though, i would not put anything past them. like them trying to get us killed by being "abducted" by murderous assassin bandits. We never see them with the bandits though, they clearly are staying in a city near to the whole thing, Its clearly a trap to get us killed.
  11. Timmortal

    Workshop income

    Is it just me or is workshop income low. As in... Really, extremely low?
    its not the highest no.
  12. Timmortal

    So, how could the main quest be salvaged?

    All mainquests suffer from this, if they are good you play once or twice and forget about it in new playthroughs (just like i have some 5000 hours in skyrim but only finished the mainquest some 2 or 3 times), a sandbox mode in needed for people that don't want any sort of mainquest or are tired of it.

    another reason it would be better if they focused on more side quests, companions and lore bits that aren't tied to the mainquest.
    Making a main quest often make them make innovations for the regular quest system though. So it could be a benefit if it leads to better quests.
  13. Timmortal

    So, how could the main quest be salvaged?

    I felt like VC main quest was good for a play through or 2 but I didn't really want to do it after that because even though it had plenty of branching paths I just didn't want to go do it all over again.
    I tired on the quest fast because i had to redo the first hours of it several times because of how broken it was the first 6 months, but i dont mind VC or Bannerlord having a quest, so long as theres a sandbox mode, it adds to the game.
  14. Timmortal

    So, how could the main quest be salvaged?

    I could be wrong but wasn't there confirmation a while ago that they are planning to include a "sandbox" start for the game when its finished which starts the game without the main quest?
    Im not sure its been confirmed, but i think there was a sentence somewhere that at lauch there would be a sandbox mode.
  15. Timmortal

    So, how could the main quest be salvaged?

    One of the few things Warband did better was the main quest. There wasn't one, you just had the optional tutorial with the merchant. Otherwise you did what you wanted. More sandbox, less restriction, not Bannerlord.
    you can ignore the quest in Bannerlord aswell, so whats the difference?
  16. Timmortal

    The election of a new king!

    This is from way back in the Diplomacy thread.
    Im pretty sure i remember reading a post about clan rebellions ages ago, but im not a 100%. This does not exclude it as i read it, but it does seem a bit weird, city rebellions could be a fun system aswell i guess, though it will be more of a slight annoyance to a kingdom, than am actual threat to it. Having a rebellion already happening at the start of the game (3 empire factions) it would feel a bit wierd of them to not implement similar things for the other kingsdoms, more so on ruler death, though an arguement could be made for a system like that, making the empire situation less special, and would the 3 empire factions also be able to have "mini" rebellions in them, that would also be a question. guess we could try asking a dev @mexxico if theres any new/clarifying info about this.
  17. Timmortal

    So, how could the main quest be salvaged?

    I dont think its about changing, i think its about adding...
    The talk with 10 nobles should lead to you being able to join one of them in rebellion (similar to the rebellion you could help the claimant do in Warband) or support the king when the other lord rebels, would be a great way to introduce players to a rebellion mechanic.
    The sibling quest just need to continue and work as an introduction to you building up your clan, joining a faction, starting your noble house, finding a wife, getting a nemesis, maybe add a few "named" companions, like the bandit you can choose to execute or let go, the let go option would lead to him joining you. You should meet other companions like this aswell.
  18. Timmortal

    The election of a new king!

    This is from the 1.4.3 patch notes:


    I think rebellions will work like this: when security goes below a certain amount there will be a chance for militia to rebel against your garrison. At least that's what I remember from code digging. This could be a older draft of it too.
    When you do the Folly quest and talk to the lords, you will find the king who talks about his actions in the battle and you will find a lord who talks about how the king failed in the battle, so im guessing that will tie into rebellion aswell, meaning theres likely to be a faction of clans, or atleast one clan joining the rebellion, or likely leading it. My guess is that a faction like Vlandia might have more of these potential rebellios clans when its implemented.
  19. Timmortal

    The election of a new king!

    There is some code in the game that would appear to allow for the election of a new king. I am not sure if it is all working or not.

    Has anyone ever seen the election of a king? Have any of you ever been elected as king of an existing faction?

    There is some interesting stuff in this game, unfortunately it seems like you need dnSpy to see some of it. Some of it is just stubs for pieces not currently in the game or perhaps even cancelled. The king election thing appears to be mostly or entirely there.

    If the election of a need king is working... I have some interesting ideas regarding the future of Vlandia..
    Im guessing its tied to the rebellion feature they said they wanted to implement.
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