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  1. Grimnir777

    Solved Serial Key Recovery?

    How do I retrieve my serial Key for Viking Conquest RE? My hard drive failed and i had to purchase a new PC. Thank you. Best regards, Daryl Ps. I went to this URL: After 3 tries, all I get is this: "Support: Couldn't post your support request!" ??? Also...
  2. Grimnir777

    How do I? Modify the Nobility Titles?

    How do I modify the Nobility Titles? For example, I would like to change "Count" to "Duke" or "Baron", across the entire game, instead of having the title 'count' in both Rhodock & Swadian lands. Where would I change this? Any help is appreciated & thanks.
  3. Grimnir777

    The UK mainland's first fully intact Viking boat burial site has been discovered Viking Buried With Axe, Sword and Spear Found With Fully Intact Viking Boat Burial in UK: The UK mainland's first fully intact Viking boat burial site has been discovered by archaeologists...
  4. Grimnir777

    New Faction? Problem.

    Greetings Calradians, My apologies if this has been asked before, I did not find a query in a forum search to answer my question. Setting up a new faction: I have a right to rule of over 66, honour of 80, renown of over 1700, I renounced my oath to King Ragnar and am now a free agent. I sent...
  5. Grimnir777

    Stanford scholar finds the origins of Western poetry in troubadours' songs.

    Of Interest: Stanford Assistant Professor Marisa Galvez has written a book about medieval songbooks, pointing to troubadours as the models for modern poets.
  6. Grimnir777

    Music Folder

    Greetings fellow Calradians, Within the [Program Files\Mount&Blade Warband\Modules\Native\Music] the text file states: "You can place your module specific music files in this folder"; I've done so with no joy. Also have converted the files to .ogg (no joy) and even tried .wav (no joy either)...