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  1. Oodle

    [NC 16] North America

    TEAM NORTH AMERICA CONTACTS ROSTER INFORMATION CAPTAIN: oodle oodle                 VICE-CAPTAIN: Arys Arys oodle [97] Arys [6] Tito [21] Troubadour [19] Aporta [10] Jeffrey [92] Vinny [74] Lagstro [71] John [7] Guacc [12] Cru [17] Achilles [72] PPK157 [1] Fatso...
  2. Oodle

    NA Council

    From the fires of Calradia, have the deadliest warriors been forged. Their skill with the blade surpasses all others, their dueling prowess passionately sought after by many clans. The commoners, clanless, find their odds impossibly low against such men. The great factions vying for control of...