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  1. .Brandis

    [Captain] Damage Done + Damage Received

    This would remove the need for the 'assists' and 'score' column. Damage done should NOT count shield damage, because no actual damage was done. Damage received should count shield damage, because the damage was blocked.
  2. .Brandis

    Competitive Bannerlord Discord Server (Skirmish+Duel+Captain)

    Hey -- If you're interested in competitive Bannerlord whether that be Skirmish, Duel, Captain, or any mods or modes down the road (Battle??), I resurrected the Discord server for it: The goal is to provide a convenient place on Discord to announce tournaments and streams...
  3. .Brandis

    In Progress Warmup glitch causing mouse input to not register

    In MP, if you join warmup at the same time that the warmup ends, you can lock your mouse input while in game. It still works in menus like if you press Esc but not in game.
  4. .Brandis

    Voice lines play from random directions

    This has to be near the bottom of my personal list, but I figured I'd make a thread as I haven't seen one yet. And maybe different devs are in charge of sound design compared to combat/equipment/classes/ect. Some of the voice lines are confusing because they sound from predetermined directions...
  5. .Brandis

    UNAC Compiled Stats

    Yesterday I merged the stats from UNAC 1, UNAC 2, UNAC3, and UNAC 4. You can find the outcome here: UNAC1-4 Compiled Stats I plan to add some additional things, but nothing (immediately) that involves browsing through the 561 players I have listed. Please let me know if you see anything...