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  1. NaglFaar

    [Suggestion] Duel Mode Improvement

    First of all I want to thank the devs for giving us a Duel Mode. But I think I have some ideas on how to improve it. I'll post my ideas here in the ocean of other ideas. After playing it for a while I've noticed that you can exploit the Duel Mode. This shouldn't be possible. When you accept...
  2. NaglFaar

    Automatic Map Downloading Feature (How does it work)

    Kind of what the title says. How does it work? How do you add custom maps into native and make them downloadable for people that don't have them? I tried adding the maps like when you do when you add custom maps to a mod but that didn't work. I tried to add just the map into the scnobj folder...
  3. NaglFaar

    Problem with dds pictures

    Quick version: I can't open them/ create them. Full version: I bought a new computer and installed win7 64 bit. My Photoshop CS4 64-bit doesn't support the nvidia plugin that we all know about and uses. I've tried all tutorials I can find on the net but it still won't work. I have tried to use...
  4. NaglFaar

    Grattis Danmark

    Grattis på nationaldagen. Låt oss nu enas genom att gräva bort skåne.
  5. NaglFaar

    Problem with implementing an animation [WB]

    So, the goal is this. When I press a certain button, a sound and anim will play ingame. It is a horn and I want it to work in MP. So far, the sound plays but not the anim. It's also compiling fine, without any messages at all. I'm wondering if anyone has the time to look at the code (provided by...
  6. NaglFaar

    In-game Battle-Horn (Help)

    Me again :D I'm working on making a scene prop that will make a sound upon activation. I'm not very successful  thou. I need to know how to change the name that is displayed when I look at it. Here is what I've got so far: Never mind the scene prop used, it's only a placeholder untill we...
  7. NaglFaar

    Help with Drowning Script [WB] [MS]

    I saw a script that HokieBT had made for his Starwars mod. I've been trying to add the script you made that makes it possible to drown/ die if you are below 150 on the Z axis. But I'm having slight problems with it and hoped that you could find some time to help me. Also to note is that I'm...
  8. NaglFaar

    Adding new scenes in to warband (MS) Need Help!

    I've been trying for the greater part of the day to add a new scene into Warband. And I'm not talking about replacing an old map with mine, but actually adding a new one that I want to add to the multiplayer map list in my module. This is what I've done so far: 1. Made a new map from scratch...
  9. NaglFaar

    [Suggestion] How to improve the scene editor.

    I don't have the SP Beta so I thought it would be propper to post it here since I have the MP. If this is posted wrong, please inform. In the Scene editor, how about a snap-to-grid function that you can turn on and off, and also change the sensibility of the snap, 2,4,8,16,32....? An...
  10. NaglFaar

    OSP Kit SP Top-Tier-Troop-to-Hero Script (Fully working but still needs a few tweaks)

    Here is the finnished(ish) "Top-Tier-Troop-to-Hero Script" thanks to Dunde: First, define 10 new heroes on , put between "merchant20" and #Seneschals : ##  ["merchant_20","merchant_20_F","merchant_20_F",tf_hero|tf_female, 0,0, fac_merchants,[itm_courser,           ...
  11. NaglFaar

    God Jul Och Gott Nytt År!

    Vill hälsa alla en riktigt god jul och ett jävla gott nytt år! Ta hand om er och ta det lugnt på nyår.
  12. NaglFaar

    Jik has taken another road!

    Jik has left us and I thought I'd post his comments on this. I choose The Forge since it's here he spent all of his time. I have to say, that it's a big blow to the community and I hope he comes back. Jiks last words to the community:
  13. NaglFaar

    Trade with Caravans?

    Hi. I just wonder if anyone knows if there is some script out there that let's you trade with the caravans? Or if anyone could help me out with making one. I'll try my best to make it, but I need some directions. Nagl EDIT I'm terribly sorry. There is already a thread on this topic. I...
  14. NaglFaar

    Einhärjar Klanen

    Einhärjar Klanen Homepage! Alla Skandinavier bör samlas och enas under en flagga. Bröder och systrar från hela Skandinavien, hör min inbjudan! Vi borde dela blod och smärta som tvillingar, och på samma sätt utgjuta det. När marken skakar av fiendens hovar, och himlen mörknar av pilar, så...
  15. NaglFaar

    OSP Modern 3D Art Modern Scene Props

    Hi fellas. I have some scene props that I made and thought that I should share them with you guys. These were the very first ones that I made so they ain't the best quality stuff, but they do their part. Feel free to use without asking. But credit where credit is due. NOTE: some of the...
  16. NaglFaar

    Kill counter and Horse Healthbar (Halfway There)

    Hi! I'm trying to implement the kill counter and horse healthbar from "Fire Arrow". I asked him and he was okay with it. I've tried for days now but I just can't seem to get it to work. My plan is to implement it in the battle presentation. There has to be some way to merge them together. I...
  17. NaglFaar

    Need Help With Tavern Recruitment.

    OP below. SOLVED! Here is the working code. Made by Geoffrey Ashe. Solution by Hokie BT. This one, below, is pasted at the bottom of the file.
  18. NaglFaar

    How to make enemies join battle?

    Yeah, it's me... Again! I'm wondering how I should do to let enemies group up against me in battle. Basicly, I'm trying to convert this TML Tweak into the MS. I know what part of code I should change, but not WHAT to change. Here's the code: SOLVED!
  19. NaglFaar

    Change the number of reinforcement waves.

    I've searched the forum but could not find anything about this except for TML txt Tweaks. What I want to do is to change the numbers of reinforcement waves each side gets during a battle. The same thing as the TML tweaks but I want to know how to do it in the module. Here is a link to the tweak...
  20. NaglFaar

    Skandinavisk Karta.

    Nu har jag blivit klar med min skandinaviska karta. Ni får använda den hur ni vill så länge jag finns med i "credsen". Inte ett måste men det hade vart schysst. Placering: Nords = Sverige Vaegir = Finland Kherghit = Kurland / Baltikum Swadia = Danmark Rhodok = Norge Städer: Bild...