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  1. RoachTr

    Patch Notes e1.0.7

    First trade perks are still broken it causes comparison colors to disappear.
  2. RoachTr

    Whole Seller and Appraiser Perk bug (First Trade perks)

    Just realized that in the first screenshot the thumbnail of the item I was trying to inspect and compare is wrong. It is a sword but it shows a thumbnail of gloves.
  3. RoachTr

    Whole Seller and Appraiser Perk bug (First Trade perks)

    Version 1.0.6 I have seen some threads about this but they were not clear to cover the issue and I think Taleworlds team is still not aware of the problem. It is a very tiny problem but it impacts the gameplay a lot. So basically when you get the "Whole Seller" perk under the trade skill, you...
  4. RoachTr

    Unsolved Gear comparison/ highlighted numbers gone?

    Now I have this issue as well If I knew I wouldn't get that perk. Valve pls fix oh wait Taleworlds it is. :smile:
  5. RoachTr

    Patch Notes e1.0.2

    Thank youuu Taleworlds pls fix more <3
  6. RoachTr

    Marriage in Early Access

    I am pretty sure we can disable those features. But we will see.
  7. RoachTr

    Wishes from Chinese players

    Loved it amazing handiwork. Greetings from Turkey and best wishes. It is almost harvesting season!
  8. RoachTr

    Which faction will you join, and who do you want to fight?

    Khuzait for sure... I mean look at my signature :)
  9. RoachTr

    Remastered Warband is coming on 31 March 2020

    I can count 40+ new features added to Bannerlord let's say 20 of them are missing in EA no problem for me. You cannot call Bannerlord a remaster of Warband it is not fair. And this is soo true.
  10. RoachTr

    31 March and 50 Bucks what do you think?

    Many of us are going to play this game 1000+ hours, so I don't think it is expensive slightest. This is a game where you say shut up and take my money.
  11. RoachTr

    Dev Blog 15/10/19

    I can't wait anymore to get my hands on Bannerlord. Haven't got the beta yet I wonder if I will get one ever  :cry:
  12. RoachTr

    Dev Blog 31/05/18

    I thought we were in finishing touches not early versions?  :cry: