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  1. The_lol_King

    Forum Levels?

    Hey Leute, Kann mir jemand erklären wie das mit den Forum-Rängen genau funktioniert? Ich kann mich so halbers erinnern, dass ich damals (also 2008/09) den Rang eines Ritters hatte, nun bin ich offensichtlich degradiert worden ;) Hat das mit der Aktivität (oder eben der fehlenden) im Forum zu...
  2. The_lol_King

    Favourite sound in M&B

    I was wondering what other ppls. favourite sound in M&B is. one of mine is the sound of breaking shields
  3. The_lol_King


    I shot crossbows in real life and it rules (even though its extremely hard to aim) But in M&B I personally can't work with em. They somehow never do as much damage as they say they should. With bows I am able to do way more damage. Am I using xbows the wrong way, I mean is there a certain way...
  4. The_lol_King

    Caravan Masters

    I came to the conclusion that caravan masters are the most useless troop in the entire game. Any comments on that?
  5. The_lol_King

    Best way to fight Khergits????

    I personally have part time trouble with fighting a khergit army. So I would like to know what your best way is to defeat them. Thx in advance
  6. The_lol_King

    Most annoying quest??

    I was just wondering if I'm the only one who hates certain quests you get. So please tell us here which quest you hate the most: P.S: If such a topic already exists, feel free to remove this one.
  7. The_lol_King

    Zendar I miss you

    Do you think it might be possible to bring Zendar back into the game? I somehow miss it.
  8. The_lol_King

    Serial Number

    Hallo zusammen Ich brauche Hilfe Ich hab nen neuen pc und will hier M&B installieren, doch leider habe ich die Mail mit meinen code verloren. An wen muss ich eine Mail schreiben dami mir jemand von Taleworlds den code nochmall zu schicken kann ??