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  1. SanicK

    Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine

    Thanks a lot for the statement! Best of the wishes! Keep up the good work!
  2. SanicK

    Where's the patch, TW.

    Thanks for the reply!
  3. SanicK

    Are my children going to grow up?

    LOL! Congrats for the patience. It's really cool that he can follow you around. Thanks for the reply.
  4. SanicK

    Are my children going to grow up?

    Wow! I couldn't reach these. I didn't have the patience. Can you please test/confirm if they will became adults? I will wait your reply.
  5. SanicK

    [Dev responds] No patch for 2 days

    Thanks a lot to the feedback! People overreacting are annoying, and these things calm them down.
  6. SanicK

    Patch Notes e1.1.2 & Beta Hotfix

    +1. My thoughts exactly.
  7. SanicK

    Patch Notes e1.1.1 & Beta Hotfix

    Thanks for your efforts to reply the questions. The people on the forum just needs to chill out. It's a ea after all. The team is doing a great job with all these patch. But the changes might be in beta first although, see if it's working as intended and after that goes to main patch like people...
  8. SanicK

    Beta Branch Patch Notes e1.2.0

    Thanks for the reply!
  9. SanicK

    Beta Branch Patch Notes e1.2.0

    Amazing! Thanks a lot!
  10. SanicK

    Patch Notes e1.1.0

    Yeah, these problem was in the beta too, and was reported too. They didn't fix to the main patch too.
  11. SanicK

    Patch Notes e1.1.0

    Thanks a lot for the reply!
  12. SanicK

    Patch Notes e1.1.0

    Yeah, for MP is better to stay in main. I think there isn't server to beta.
  13. SanicK

    Patch Notes e1.1.0

    You need to opt out. It'll updated to lastest patch, i.e. 1.1.0.
  14. SanicK

    Patch Notes e1.1.0

    Good job TW! Thanks!
  15. SanicK

    [Guide] Optimising single-player performance - Stuttering? Got 8gb RAM? This might help

    How much did you put in pagefile? Did really make difference?
  16. SanicK

    Fixing font in Bannerlord?

    Bumping for you get help. I think you better ask on the modding section through. Good luck.