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  1. Notatroll

    Any ETA of new update?

  2. Notatroll

    Dear Callum

    Pretty much lol and new content will probably be DLC
  3. Notatroll

    Next patch when.

    When it's ready lol. Hoping for modding tools.
  4. Notatroll

    When is the next patch coming out? We need report feature ASAP

    Inb4 next week if they don't run into any bugs.
  5. Notatroll

    Petition for modding tools!

    They said in a week if they don't find any more bugs. lol you are impatient.
  6. Notatroll

    when can we expect next big update please

    It is what it is guys 1 more week hopefully.
  7. Notatroll

    So, is a major code refactor a common or normal thing?

    I guess it will be easier to mod then. The update may not be as soon as we hoped for. Sometimes you can't keep everyone happy.
  8. Notatroll

    2 weeks since the last hotfix, 7 weeks since the last full update

    We might get some information tomorrow.
  9. Notatroll

    So, is a major code refactor a common or normal thing?

    HYPE!!!!!!!!! some news is better then no news
  10. Notatroll

    Almost two months into EA. Satisfied?

    THIS 🗾 mod pl0x!!!!!!!!! Victorian era would be cool also.
  11. Notatroll

    Modding Tools Update - something that I would like to see

    Hoping for some info. Modders will save this game.
  12. Notatroll

    The Community and Myself Deserve a Refund!

    You mean alpha or tech demo right?
  13. Notatroll

    Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine

    Next month possibly. Code rework takes time.
  14. Notatroll

    Thank you

    Thank you