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  1. FrisianDude

    Zijn we terug?

    my man u zegt? :O Terecht van de oude mensen trouwens. Kutvolk. Bootjeskopende aso's.
  2. FrisianDude

    The official Goodbye thread.

    understandable, have a nice day
  3. FrisianDude

    Rate the personality of the person above you! v. II

    hey actually someone I sorta know. You used to be like really childish. No idea where that's at now. Just play it cool, it's just the internet. These aren't even real people. I rate  :party: out of  :party:
  4. FrisianDude

    The official Goodbye thread.

    racist also how the **** y'all even alive also also this awdev character sounds mighty shady
  5. FrisianDude

    Scariest Military Units

    it's a flamin' Obelix.
  6. FrisianDude

    Say Cheese v2

    Last page: invasion of the long-headed people. This page: insanity has struck.  :ohdear:
  7. FrisianDude

    I love you

    me too thanks (Jhess it's a link to the profile of the person who clicks it.)
  8. FrisianDude


    so whats it from? Glad you posted that.  :party:
  9. FrisianDude

    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    Yeah I was just gonna say. Internetnazis are never any good at debating. Which is why they don't, they just go full *****ass and will 93% of the time just call names, move goalposts and behave like total rgodfreys
  10. FrisianDude

    Rome II: Total War

    but they have two spears and are a mediocre light swordsman unit after that  :dead:
  11. FrisianDude

    Rome II: Total War

    how can you even effectively use hastati as skirmishers?  :ohdear:
  12. FrisianDude

    What pissed you off today? v. VI

    I lost a whole bunch of whatsapp messages for the third time since 11th december.  :ohdear:
  13. FrisianDude

    Weekly 2d art competition archive

    man time is weird. Also try will I. Probably will seize a uni library scanner hopefully maybe
  14. FrisianDude

    Say Cheese v2

    your mum needed a shave
  15. FrisianDude


    I dreamt I had my cap back. Probably lost in the Swedish wildy. I got a mail from the Swedish Iron Road that they hain't found it (yet).  I also dreamt I got a reply to my question when my appointment was (urhg). That reply was garbled as **** but I don't want to check irl.  :party:
  16. FrisianDude

    Have you considered being an Organ Donor?

    I have considered. I've had a 'codicil' in my wallet for like 9 years now. Not much left of the paper which is why they register it elsewhere too, but yeah.
  17. FrisianDude

    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    209 pages of thread without me or without 'about' me?  Preposterous! I shall litigate.  :ohdear:
  18. FrisianDude

    Say Cheese v2

      there's a reason for that   I do not. That is for napoleboos, hobo's and Danes.
  19. FrisianDude

    What made you sad today? v.IV

    awh ****. :/