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  1. Triari

    [WRL] Mentoring

    Added you. Feel free to contact any of the above listed mentors.
  2. Triari

    [WRL] Suggestions

    Please keep the discussion civilized and without any insults, thanks.
  3. Triari

    [WRL] Suggestions

    That's the reason why we have not just one or two admins. Some of us got years of experience in the administration and, as we have done already in an other case, we will exclude those admins who can't be objective on a specific decision. Yes, we've played this game a really long time and know a...
  4. Triari

    [WRL] Suggestions

    You are warned, not banned. You say you'll behave in the tournament like you always have and that's just perfect - you are welcomed here. I don't get why you are that angry about it and why you have to insult us right away.
  5. Triari

    [WRL] Mentoring

    Added, thank you!
  6. Triari

    Warband Revival League Announcement & Signups

    Honestly, if you want to earn 12 € you probably shouldn't play a game for ~ 10 hours a week for 2 months. There are better ways. Is it that hard to simply appreciate the wonderful people in this community who are willing to give their hard earned money to buy you a t-shirt?
  7. Triari

    [WRL] Captain Map Vote

    Captain Map Vote As listed in the Map Information thread, the tournament administration has selected 6 maps, which could be added to the current map pool. The maps in each category will be voted on by the team captains. They will be able to pick one closed map and one open map from...
  8. Triari

    [WRL] Map Information

    Map Information Closed Maps Open Maps Tiebreaker Bairteas Castellum Winterburg Fort of Honour Frosthaven Mountain Fortress Reveran Village San'di'boush River Village Verloren Waterfall Legacy Town Ruins
  9. Triari

    Warband Revival League Announcement & Signups

    I don't see how the divisions split the community. All they do is try to bring teams with equal skill levels together for the official matches. You can play with teams from any division if you so choose, nobody prevents a division A team to fight a division B team for training purposes. It's...
  10. Triari

    [WRL] Mentoring

    Mentoring This thread aims to be an open invitation to all those new to the Warband competitive scene. Over the years many skillful and experienced players with a broad understanding of the game and it's mechanics emerged and past tournaments have laid the foundations for how we play matches...
  11. Triari

    Warband Revival League Ankündigung & Anmeldungen

    Warband Revival League Der Sommer hat begonnen und die ganze Welt wird immer noch von Covid-19 heimgesucht, welches unsere Leben und die gesamte Gesellschaft auf den Kopf gestellt hat. Mit dem Release von Bannerlord hofften wir alle mit dem Spiel, was wir am meisten lieben, in eine...
  12. Triari

    Community Chronicles

    Have fun Tardet! If you need any input I would be honored to help anytime.
  13. Triari

    Nations Cup 2018

    Viel Erfolg an alle Beteiligten !
  14. Triari

    NC 18 Deutschland

    Ja, alles was damals passiert ist. Er hat lange Zeit Server angegriffen und mit seiner unendlichen Sammlung an Keys ununterbrochen Server terrorisiert. Damals (Naja, so lange ist das ja jetzt auch nicht her.) war IG_Battlegrounds noch ein wenig populärer und eigentlich täglich down. Will...
  15. Triari

    NC 18 Deutschland

    Mit Arni als Admin definitiv nicht, ein Witz ist das. Aber viel Erfolg trotzdem, falls ihr ein Team macht und irgendein anderes Land auch.
  16. Triari

    [BCM] Livestreams & Information

    Thanks for streaming us! I don't know how much experience you have with streaming matches so I thought I can help you improving with some feedback. In general you did a really good job on commentating and you seem to be informed about the teams and the maps. The video and sound quality are very...
  17. Triari

    [BladeCast] Teams Showcase (2/5)

    Well done Tardet  :)
  18. Triari

    Purzelblume - Native M&B: Warband | NEW Team Intro for Frontline Tactics

    Best of luck with your streams, looks wonderful so far :)
  19. Triari

    Nations Cup 2017

    Kannst du ihn nicht muten? :D In all den Jahren ist ja leider noch nie was produktives bei der Sache rausgekommen und so oft wie er schon seine Bans in diesem Forum umgangen hat, wäre das sowieso nur fair. Habe dieses Jahr leider keine Zeit dafür aber ich wünsche dem zukünftigen Team schonmal...
  20. Triari

    How to get better - video tips topic.

    You got a good feeling for the blocking system and the range of your weapons. That's definitely a good start if you want to improve further. You move your mouse way too much. Every time you want to block up or down you litterally look to the ground or sky, this is not neccessary, confuses you...