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  1. Sasete

    Kin wages?

    Well its okay to have wages on companion but why do I pay to my kin? I have a sister, and Im paying her? Why? What I paid to her doesn't come back into my clan's treasury(which is me)? I think this breaks immersion a lot, when I wanted to take my sister and go to adventure with her only, why do...
  2. Sasete

    How to intrigue?

    I've married with daughter of Lucon in my gameplay. I was regular trader who had lucky to get some money to afford it, and am skillfull to convince her and her father. I also bought a workshop in Diathma (1 of Lucon's citiy) and worked around there a lot. Trader notables in there likes me a lot...
  3. Sasete

    Settlement Walls

    Is there any way to decrease level of setllement walls? I think there should be, maybe trough out sieges or rebellions or by governor screen. I like 2nd level walls of Vlandia more than 3rd level ones and Like Ostican really. But Can't get 2nd Level walls on Ostican since it has 3rd level ones... :D
  4. Sasete

    Big Bug (Not Game Breaking)

    There is pretty big and very funny game bug I've found, Sturgia declared war to me. I offered them peace, and auto negotiated and they demand Revyl and Ustokol Castle from me for a peace. Untill here everything is normal, weirdt part is; I said, I'll pay 1 denars, and we'll make peace he doesn't...
  5. Sasete

    BL Coding Income

    Is it hard to mod income type and change it from daily to weekly or atleast once in 5 days?
  6. Sasete

    Suggestion List

    I'll list here some suggestions: 1) It would be awesome to see if notables (and/or Lords if you are King) comes to your hall to give you quests, different than regular quests these quests might take gold, goods or supplies and give you relation + morale + happiness in towns and ruled fief. That...