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  1. Highlander

    [M]Star Wars: BF II - new team, new thread

    Attention: I'm glad to announce that a new team is continuing the mod. They will be using a new thread, which can be found here:,257974.msg6189043.html#msg6189043 IRC mod factory proudly presents: Some early gameplay from yesterday's playtesting...
  2. Highlander

    [Suggestion] Bandit/Soldier/Civilian colors and rules

    Well, this suggestion would change quite a lot of things. I posted it earlier, but worked out the idea a bit more: In your equipment menu or somewhere else, you can change your character's behavior to either Bandit, Soldier or Civilian. Whatever you choose, will be visible for other players. I...
  3. Highlander

    [M]Sports mod (also OSP)

    It's summer time and the weather is fine, so instead of playing a medieval RPG, play some sports. So let's play Sports mod! Download This mod is something between baseball and football. The rules are inspired by football, but classes and equipment are taken from baseball. So here we go. These...
  4. Highlander

    [M]A well documented list of changes for the next release.

    Suggestions have been made in various threads and I need to clean that up a little bit. I'll post a list of planned changes here and everyone can post their requests (if they are reasonable) here as well. Try not to repeat something that was already said in this thread. Will be done... For...
  5. Highlander

    [M] 1866 mod for Warband multiplayer v.5 - Unofficial patch for 1.132 available!

    Attention: Unofficial port to 1.132 available! Download: Thanks to swordsusa! Old Version: That's right. An early Beta for Mount&Blade Warband is available for download: v.5: If you have already installed...
  6. Highlander

    1866 Multiplayer Match (9 pm BST) This evening!

    As some have already noticed, there is a first multiplayer build available for download: In order to get a nice game with enough people, I decided we'd choose a certain time, when we open a server and everyone who is interested can join the game...
  7. Highlander

    1866 Multiplayer progress report (06.15)

    Time to tell you a little bit about what is going on on the multiplayer build. Two new game modes: Hold the Flag Rules: Two teams, respawn rules similar to TDM. There's one flag on the map. It is spawned at a random position in the beginning. Both teams have to try to capture it. The team...
  8. Highlander

    [M]Seeking multiplayer map makers

    Yes. For Warband multiplayer version of 1866 we need some playable maps. Those maps need quite some work, because they have to be (a) large, (b) beautifull and (c) they have to offer interesting tactics and gameplay. I don't want to limit the volunteers to any special themes for the maps. Those...
  9. Highlander

    [M][new mode] Hold the Flag

    Hold the Flag Link: Important: To install, copy your native folder, rename it to 'Hold_the_flag' and extract the downloaded zip into it. 'Hold the Flag' is a game mode I remember from CoD2. This mod adds nothing but this new mode. Rules: Two...
  10. Highlander

    1866 Multiplayer brainstorming

    Post your ideas for multiplayer here. We (the dev team) think about making a 1866 multiplayer mod soon. The MaB 1.0 single player mod is still in development never the less. It will probably be much easier to put up a multiplayer mod than the single player campaign. As you know, 1866 is much...
  11. Highlander

    Saloon revamp ideas collection

    I posted it in our dev only forum, but I thought I could put it here as well. I'll be revamping the saloons soon. Still looking for ideas to make them interesting. First of all, we need to decide which troops to put there. Here are my ideas so far: Barkeeper, troop for finding NPCs...
  12. Highlander

    1866 - X-Mas Release (v0.8)

    Download: MBRepository (.exe) Mirrors: Filefront (.exe) Mountfanblade (.exe) Megaupload (.7z) It has been a year since the American Civil War ended.  The fighting may have stopped back east, but it has begun anew along the US/Mexican border.  To the north, Apaches and Comanches fight to...
  13. Highlander

    Types of bandits

    Well, our world map needs more people. Please suggest some types of bandits (and other people) that should appear on the world map. Here are the ones I've thought of, yet: Vigilantes (already exist, number increased), Deserters (already exist), Stagecoaches (already exist), Revolutionists...
  14. Highlander

    1866 - Bug Fix List (v0.8)

    The feedback we got so far gave us a good picture of what has to be done. We plan to release a hotfix for most reported bugs some time soon. So we began to work on it now. To let you know how well it is going, I will put the bugs here which have already been fixed. The list is not that large...
  15. Highlander

    1866 - FAQ and Guide

    Gameplay Guide Move over there! You can order your troops to walk to a certain position by holding down the "hold this position" button for a few seconds. Warpaint As an Indian character you can customize your warpaint in the warpaint editor available in the camp menu. Ambushes Death Cam...
  16. Highlander

    Poll: Your favourite gun in 1866

    You can vote for three firearms, you can change your vote. Similar firearms (like Winchester carbine, rifle, musket) are combined to one option.
  17. Highlander


    Dragons fit to the wild west very well and have been forgotten to implement? Then suggest them. Major suggestions that might cause a lot of discussion may deserve their own topic. Feel free to create one in that case.
  18. Highlander

    1866 - v0.7 Bug Reports

    Report anything that looks like it is not intended to be here. Crashes, spelling errors, etc...  PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING ABOUT A BUG: Please read/search this thread to see if a bug has already been reported, or at the very least, check the 1866 - Bugfix Progress  thread.  We do not have...
  19. Highlander

    1866 Beta veröffentlicht

    Download: (englisch) Seit einem Jahr ist der Bürgerkrieg zwischen Norden und Süden vorüber. Im Westen der USA tobt der Krieg weiter. Vom Norden überfallen Rothäute der Apachen und Comanchen das Land. Vom Süden aus greifen mexikanische Banditen an...
  20. Highlander

    1866 - v0.7 Beta release (download link + information)

    Download Mirror - Megaupload Mirror - Mount Fan Blade It has been a year since the American Civil War ended.  The fighting may have stopped back east, but it has begun anew along the US/Mexican border.  To the north, Apaches and Comanches fight to maintain their way of life. To the south...