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  1. Diplomacy

    No its the minister that was already there when I took the city over. Do I need to fire him and put one of my companions as minister?
  2. Diplomacy

    I went to minister and didn't see any of those options. Also looked through companion options when talking to them and there are no diplomacy options. Do I need to have a certain building or something?
  3. Diplomacy

    Ok so I took over a city and a Castle from Fortriu. I am at war with 2 other factions barely. How do I make peace? Do I have to find the leader myself and talk to him? Can I send a diplomat somehow? Sorry if this has been covered already I didn't see it anywhere.
  4. How to recover vassals when taken prisoner?

    I tried a search but couldn't come up with anything. I am really surprised this hasn't been asked. Anyways I own a city and an castle. I have 3 vassals and 1 of them was just taken prisoner. How do I pay the ransom or whatever to get my vassal back? Thanks!
  5. Bug Reports: 1.251

    I just realized I have been trying on version 1.243 .  I bet that is the reason it isn't working. Once version 1.251 is finished downloading I will try that again.
  6. Bug Reports: 1.251

    It is updated. I just freshly reinstalled from steam and reinstalled the patch. Still have the same problem. Version 1.153 right? Please help this mod looks really awesome I want to play it really bad!  :D
  7. Bug Reports: 1.251

    I have a bug that is very very annoying. This mod looks really fun but I cannot even get past the very beginning. The first guy I fight won't die, and I cannot die either. I even started as a seargent with 3 other guys with me. I beat on my opponent for 15 minutes with 4 guys and he won't die...